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   Chapter 81 One Wave After Another

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"What?" At the thought that Cassie might leave Max, the pain was uncontrollable, and the critically ill notice in his hand kept trembling. "Cassie, I only want Cassie, and I must ensure her safety..."

It had never occurred to Max that he would kill his own child one day. It was his child, the child of him and Cassie. A few months ago, he had clearly felt the existence of this child, but now the child had to be separated from them.

If this was a joke of fate, then it was really not funny at all

"Wait!" At the moment when Max finished writing, a familiar voice came from behind, "Both the adult and the child must be saved."

It was Joe. Only Joe dared to be so determined at this time.

Every examination report of Ivy was carefully studied by Joe. No one knew better than him about her physical condition. She was depressed... Joe's heart was as clear as a mirror.

"I'll take care of her."

"Joe, Cassie... Don't let anything happen to her. " Max said, holding Joe's arm tightly.

"Everything will be fine, no matter it's Cassie or the baby." Joe patted Max on the shoulder to reassure him.

Ten minutes, twenty minutes... One hour, two hours... Two hours and forty minutes had passed. It seemed to Max that centuries had passed. Then the baby's crying sounded.

Max's tensed nerves seemed to be relaxed all of a sudden. Stumbling back a few steps, the corners of his eyes were wet again, and her eyes were blurred. "That's good. That's good..."

Joe walked out of the delivery room with a serious look on his face. It seemed that Max didn't notice Joe because Cassie was still in his mind. "Where is Cassie? Can I go to see her now? " Max's expectant look almost stung Joe's eyes.

"Wait, Max." Joe grabbed Max's arm. Joe wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought, which made Max uneasy. "I have something to say."

"If you have something to say to me, just say it later. Now that Cassie has just given birth to the baby, she must want me to be with her. I want to see her." Max gently pushed Joe's

just look at you like this. One day, one day, and then one day, it's all over, but you still haven't woken up... "

"Yesterday, mom said that she went to see our child. It was a lovely child, but I don't know, because I haven't seen him yet. If you want to blame me, just blame me. Stand up and loudly scold me that I am not a good father and let you down. But, Cassie, you haven't woken up. How can I see our child?"

"You know what? Everyone is saying that I'm crazy. I'm staying with a woman who doesn't know whether she's alive or dead. I don't even want the company and my son. Do you also think I'm crazy? Maybe, when I fell in love with you, I was abnormal. But why didn't you open your eyes and look at me? "

What else do you want me to do, Cassie?

With a click, the door of the ward was opened, and Max didn't even raise her head.

"Still not awake?" Joe brought the breakfast. He had never known that such a strong man was also a spoony man. Except for the woman in bed, no one seemed to be able to affect Max's mood.

"The same." Max gently pulled the quilt on the woman's body, carefully looking, as if the woman on the bed was only asleep, and the quiet appearance made people not want to disturb.

"Don't you care about the company and your son?" Joe couldn't help saying.

"Do you think they are important?" Max smiled bitterly.

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