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   Chapter 80 Save The Adult Or The Child

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"You said... What did you say? " Hearing what Ivy had said, a layer of softness covered Max's eyes. He couldn't believe what she had just said. Staring at the woman's round belly, he asked, "did he really move?"

Ivy nodded her head heavily. Tears welled up in her eyes, and the corners of her mouth curved into a smile, as if she was happy. "It's true. I really felt it just now. He moved, really moved."

Max's eyes trembled in disbelief, and his smooth and white face seemed to be filled with joy that he hadn't seen for a long time. "Good boy, if you hear me, move again. Be gentle, don't hurt Mommy."

Max's fair palm gently touched Ivy's lower abdomen, waiting quietly. Even Ivy could not help holding her breath.

"Ha ha ha..." Max's voice echoed in the bedroom, joy, excitement, and a trace of complexity, unspeakable. "I know, Max's child is really different."

Looking at the happy face of Max, Ivy was infected unconsciously. "Yes, your child must be excellent in the future, right?"

"Of course, his parents are so smart. Their child must be good." Max stretched out his long arm and held Ivy beside him in his arms. His nose gently stroked the woman's soft hair. "Since I have discussed with this child, I guess he won't make trouble again. Go to sleep."

Pregnancy was indeed a sweet burden. As the expected date of childbirth approached, Ivy's hands and feet began to swell up, and it was inconvenient for her to move. In the past, when Ivy went out, she had to be accompanied by someone. Now, she had to be accompanied by Max. This was the new family rule of Cloudy Mountain.

The weather was getting warmer, but there were still some cold wind sometimes. Lying on the bench, Ivy quietly looked at the new sprouts in the backyard and said, "this child was born in a good season. It's not too cold or too hot, and I won't suffer too much, right?" Ivy's lips slowly raised, bringing a hint of a young woman's smell, but her little face without any makeup was still beautiful.

Max sat beside Ivy and massaged her swollen arm. With a doting tone, he joked, "Mrs. Cassie, how long

d waiting for the result.

Finally, the door of the delivery room opened, but they did not hear the expected the cry. "Who is her family?"

Max stepped forward, a little staggered. "It's me. What's wrong? Is she... Is she okay? " Still, Max couldn't ask...

"The pregnant woman was a little depressed during pregnancy, and their bodies are seriously swollen. The situation is very bad now. You have to make a choice, save the adult or save the child?" The doctor explained the situation seriously and the critically ill notice had been handed over to Max.

At that moment, there seemed to be no sound in the world. "What are you talking about? What are you talking about? She was fine when she did the prenatal checkups. Why do you ask me to sign it? Go inside now. Both the mother and the child must be saved. Do you hear me? " Max could feel the warmth of the two elements flowing along his cheeks, which almost scratched his face.

"How could it be..." Mrs. Andrea covered her mouth tightly and couldn't help crying.

"Mr. Max, please make a decision as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the more disadvantageous their situation inside will be. At that time, I'm afraid that both the mother and the child will be unable to survive." The doctor's expression became more and more serious. Although this kind of thing had happened many times, every time he felt it exceptionally heavy.

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