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   Chapter 79 A Recurring Nightmare

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"That's good." Joe's eyes darkened. Ivy probably wouldn't need him anymore, would she? After all, there was such an excellent man beside Ivy.

"Maybe it's because the baby is a boy, so it's a little active. Maybe it's a naughty boy when it grows up." Ivy's eyes were full of expectation.

No matter what the child would be like when he grew up, Ivy would probably never see him again.

"Well, take good care of yourself these days. I'm going abroad and I'm afraid I won't come back in a short time." A touch of bitterness flashed across Joe's lips, but he could only keep this feeling in his heart. His smile was its funeral.

"About the Lin family?" Max raised his eyebrows with an unruly smile. Did Joe take over the Lin Group?

"Max, don't blame me for not reminding you. You are an idler now. Even if I take over the family business, I'm afraid that you won't be able to help me." Joe stood up in a casual manner, and his black eyes were as thick as a pool of ink that could not be melted. "Don't forget what I have told you, Cassie."

Joe took a meaningful look at Max and then left.

Max was a little jealous. 'is there any secret between them?' "What did he say to you?"

At this moment, Ivy's heart was more complicated than that of Max. "He has talked a lot to me. Which one do you want to hear?"

"What did he say?" Max's long and narrow eyes squinted slightly, and his dark and deep black eyes were like whirlpools, making people fall down accidentally. "Or, I want to hear every word of you."

The woman just smiled without saying anything.

On the Maple Road, Joe's car whizzed past with the last cold air in winter. There was a cotton swab in his pocket, which had just wiped the wound of Cassie.

Joe narrowed his eyes and frowned. What went wrong? Joe's heart raced uncontrollably. Finally, he couldn't help but make a phone call. " Have you had any results lately the woman I asked you to investigate last time?"

"I haven't seen much recently. But I met Mrs. Cassie a few months ago. I didn't expect such a poor person to know a big shot like Mrs. Cassie." The man on the other side of the line chattered on and on, saying a lot

What a coincidence? As soon as Joe went abroad, Cassie had a nightmare again. What did he say to her? What kind of dream was this?

Joe prevaricated with a few words about what had happened before. Fortunately, Cassie didn't continue to have nightmares. It's no big deal to Max. But now, why did it happen again?

"Nothing. I just don't have a good rest these two days. I'm a little tired. Have you forgotten? I haven't had nightmares for a long time. " Ivy forced a smile on her pale face

"Did he kick you again?" Thinking of this, Max's cold and hard lines were covered with a layer of soft light. His slender big palm gently touched the prominent lower abdomen, and the pampering between his eyes and brows was clear and delicate.

"Yeah, maybe it's because the baby is getting bigger and bigger, and it's almost fully developed. Recently, the baby's strength is getting stronger and stronger, and sometimes it's so painful that I can't help it." The happiness was shown on Ivy's face.

"How can this be?" Then Max bent over and whispered to Ivy, "boy, do you know how hard your mother is pregnant with you now? If you want to live a luxurious life after birth, you'd better please your mother from now on. Do you understand? "

"Are you kidding? The baby is still so young. How could it be... " Ivy was amused by Max's action. Before she could finish her words, her smile froze on her face, "Max... The baby moved just now. "

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