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   Chapter 19 What A Coincidence

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With an impersonal face, Andrea said awkwardly, "That wouldn't be necessary. These are what the servants should do. I just happen to have a desire to taste your cooking, this would just be a one-time thing."

"Okay." Ivy answered awkwardly.

She didn't know where she bumped into Andrea's high-pressure electricity again. She was fine just now, but now it turned out to be like this. A sense of frustration arose from the bottom of her heart. Ivy could only sit here and forced a smile.

After lunch, Andrea suddenly asked, "Are you free tomorrow?" Andrea was very clear about this.

"Of course I'm free. What can I do for you?" Ivy swallowed the food in her mouth, raised her little rosy face and smiled with her clear eyes.

"Nothing. There will be a family dinner tomorrow. You go back with me." Andrea said in an unquestionable tone without any room for negotiation, "Since you are with Max, these things will happen sooner or later. You should adapt in advance, in case of any mistake in the future."

Andrea kept his mouth shut for the sake of Ivy, but his words were full of dissatisfaction with her. She deeply felt that such a scheming woman didn't deserve her excellent son.

"Okay, it's up to you." Ivy agreed without hesitation, not as arrogant and domineering as Lisa said on the phone.

However, no matter what, Andrea had made up his mind that neither she nor the Hua family would allow a woman with ulterior motives to stay with him. He must let him leave the side of Max, which was only a matter of time.

Since Max didn't have the heart to drive her away, let her be the bad guy.

Before leaving, Andrea, who had always been proud, didn't tell Ivy what kind of clothes to wear at the party on purpose. He wanted to take this opportunity to embarrass her, but he didn't expect that as soon as this woman appeared in front of everyone, she immediately became the focus of attention.

"Who is that woman? Why haven't I seen her before? When did such a beautiful woman appear in Yunyan city? "

"I've met her before. Isn't she the eldest daughter of the Song family? It is said that the president of Hua Company took her to a dinner party a few days ago. "

"I remember it. Yes, it's her. I didn't see her real face at that time. I didn't expect her to be so elegant. In the whole YY City, I'm afraid only Miss Song's temperament can match the president of the Hua Company, right?"


For a moment, the hall was bustling with noise and excitement. Everyone had different opinions, and they all admired Ivy's eloquence. Andrea also heard the noise here. His friend Mrs. Xu next to him just took a slight glance, and couldn't help smiling. "Andrea, look who's coming?"

Mrs. Xu didn't remember that there was such a woman in the upper class of Yunyan City, but this familiar face made her familiar and strange, but she couldn't remember where she had met her.

Ivy was dressed in a green dress. The color was mature and steady, but it was lively and dignified on her. The emerald green color made her beautiful skin fairer.

There weren't many decorations on Ivy's body, except the golden and soft jade inlaid on her neck. After careful carving by the craftsmen, the unique pattern was presented on it, and there was a circle of fine gold threads around it. If it weren't for the skilled craftsmen, they wouldn't have done such an effect. At that moment, all the gold and silver jade weapons were overshadowed by this gold inlaid soft jade.

In order to attend this family feast, she

had made great efforts. She had practiced every step, and the blisters in her high heels had been rubbed out countless times. She had a straight waist, slender steps, and an elegant figure, just like a woman walking out of a painting.

What she didn't know was that Andrea had prepared a banquet for her.

"Mrs. Andrea, I'm sorry. I'm late." Ivy came to Andrea gracefully and apologized, "last time I saw you like drinking the tea at home, I brought you some tea, which were carefully chosen by me. After the banquet, I will tell the servants how to make it." Her soft voice was like a feather brushing the face, slowly seeping into the heart of others.

It was just a small box, and one could tell at a glance that it was carefully packed.

"That's very kind of you. Just leave it to the servants. The family feast is about to begin." Andrea lowered his eyes and looked at it carefully. Although it was small, it was sincere. It didn't taste bitter at all. Instead, it expressed the words "politeness is more important" incisively and vividly.

Andrea didn't say anything, but Mrs. Xu praised her, "Andrea, your daughter-in-law to be is really extraordinary. She has won so many people's hearts as soon as she appeared. You will be relieved in the future. I hope that our son can find such a wife in the future. Then I will burn incense."

Mrs. Xu kept looking at Ivy, as if she was not Andrea's daughter-in-law, but hers.

Andrea didn't know how to refuse her, so he had to agree with her awkwardly, "Yes, I have no objection to the future daughter-in-law, and it's my fortune."

At the beginning of the family feast, everyone took their seats. [林静宁] came up with a good idea to embarrass Yan, "long Cassandra, you've been in the Hua family for such a long time. You should pay more attention to Hua group, so that you can better help Courtney and secure the position of [少夫人] in the future. In the past, all of us who were present came here?"

Andrea said so in order to tell Cassie in secret that although she was the choice to be the wife of Max, she still needed some time to be the mistress of the Hua family.

Besides, Andrea added the last sentence on purpose. After all, all the people present were experienced people, and it was easy to arouse everyone's sympathy.

Sure enough, three women made a scene, and a table of women made a scene.

Mrs. Xu, in particular, joked about the sad past. "Yes, when I first married my husband, he just took over the company. He was busy every day and was eager to use one day as two days."

"Although Max has taken over the company for many years, she still needs a virtuous wife. Do you have any plan, Cassandra?" Andrea's soft voice sounded like an elder's concern. In fact, every word he said was distrust of Cassie.

"Auntie, don't worry. I've already became one of the members in the Hua Company and worked as an assistant of Max. Although I can't be alone with the company's affairs, I won't be too unfamiliar with it." Since she asked this question, Ivy had to answer it patiently. Her answer was brilliant and her humble attitude won another good impression.

Andrea's face darkened with displeasure. He had planned to expose Cassie's ignorance, but he didn't expect that it would be a wedding dress for her. With a stiff smile on his pretty face, he asked, "assistant? What could she learn from serving tea and water? You should learn more about the core business of the company, or there will be no one to discuss business with Max in the future. "

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