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   Chapter 18 How About I Fry An Egg For You

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As expected, she didn't deserve her son. "These were all done by servants. After all, you are a lady from a famous family. How can you do these things in person?"

Everyone could see that it was a vulgar drama that the mother-in-law of a rich family made things difficult for their daughter-in-law, but Ivy didn't care about it. Her black eyes, which were not like autumn's watery eyes, were bright and bright, "Mrs. Andrea, you are right. But you are an elder, and this is the first official meeting between us. This cup of tea should be made by me."

These generous and decent words made Andrea speechless, as if he had punched cotton, which made him feel humiliated.

She handed the tea to Andrea and said, "I learned some cooking skills from the tea expert here before. If you don't mind, you can have a try. If it doesn't taste good, I'll ask the tea expert to make another tea for you." Ivy's thin lips were as red as red sand, and her noble expression was naturally revealed in her every move and smile. Her whole body was shining with elegant and elegant light.

Although her eyes were indifferent, they were straightforward and peaceful as well. However, at the thought of this woman's means, Andrea felt uncomfortable all over. In an elegant manner, he picked up the teacup, put it to his lips and took a sip. His every move showed more charm.

"The tea is good. I wonder how you cook. It's almost noon. I'll leave the lunch to you."

Andrea said casually, noticing the expression on the other side of the table, as if he was not embarrassed as he had expected. If she remembered correctly, Lisa had repeatedly told her on the phone that cooking was the last thing that Cassie was good at.

She just wanted to embarrass her and find an excuse to drive her away, so that she could shrink back from difficulties. Otherwise, did she really think that everyone was so easy to fool? He was easily fooled by her?

Unexpectedly, Ivy agreed without hesitation. Although her almond shaped eyes were just indifferent to people, they were indescribably clear. With a smile on her face, she asked, "Mrs. Andrea, what would you like to eat?" She asked with a light smile.

The man in front of her was itching to have a try, which made Andrea unconsciously have an illusion? Was the information Lisa gave her wrong? How come? Andrea muttered to herself.

After thinking for a while, Andrea felt that it was a trick played by Cassie's bluff, and she had an inexplicable confidence in her heart. She was determined to make it difficult to the end. "Oh no, I don't have a preference. You can cook some of your best dishes, and let me see your cooking."

"Okay, please wait a moment, Mrs. Andrea. It will be ready soon." She couldn't wait to go to the kitchen to show her skills. After two steps, she turned around and said, "Mrs, if you feel bored, you can watch TV, and there are fresh juice and cakes in the kitchen. You can also..." Ivy seemed to remember something and stopped abruptly. Her voice sounded a little embarrassed.

"Go on. Why don't you tell me?" Andrea didn't show any displeasure. His frown revealed an indescribable charm, and a subtle aura flowed in the air.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. I didn't mean to steal the thunder. You must have lived here for a longer time and know more about this place than me. I was so anxious that I forgot everything just now." The feeling of chagrin filled every inch of Ivy's breath. Although she had been very careful, she still stepped on the thunder zone.

"That's nothing. Just go." Andrea turned around and took a sip of the tea on the table. The clear liquid was flowing and shaking i

n the cup. It had to be said that Ivy was good at making tea. It was the first time that the tea tasted so unique after drinking it for decades.

Dozens of minutes later, Andrea heard a sweet voice, "Mrs. Andrea, the dinner is ready. You can have a taste." Ivy had been properly cleaned up. There was no smell of mess on her body, and the soft hair on her forehead added a trace of laziness.

"Then let's go." The woman who was over fifty years old next year was actually Mrs. Xu. Time did not leave a trace on her face, but a charm. Every move of the woman was a royal model, naturally showing a sense of generosity of a rich family.

Ivy finally knew why Max was so noble. She could tell from Andrea that she was indeed a descendant of the Hua clan.

When they arrived at the table, Andrea was too surprised to say a word. How could she not know how to cook? It was obvious that her cooking was too exquisite. Even the aunt at home did not have such exquisite cooking.

Ivy's bright eyes twinkled with clear light, like a clear spring. She stood beside Andrea and considerately introduced the dishes, "There are four dishes in total, one soup, three hot and one cold. The soup is tomato and beef brisket soup. Although it's summer now, hot soup is the best for your health. Besides, tomato's taste is sour and can also be appetizer. "

"Well, what's the white one?" There was no superfluous expression on Andrea's calm face, and Ivy couldn't see any clues, except for the stunning glance just now.

"It's a cold dish with bamboo shoots. I added some lemon juice in it. It's crispy and can get rid of greasy. The green one was raped, with some letinous edodes and minced meat in it to improve the taste. The dark color is eggplant with special flavor. It's my best dish. There are few peppers in it, and the taste is light. And the square one is a tofu box, in which there are fungus and fish. The soup outside is suitable for salting. You can have a try. "

Ivy explained everything to Andrea, including the ingredients and tastes.

At first glance, it seemed to be suitable for this season and for Andrea to eat. A small crack rarely appeared on her face, but for the sake of her face, she asked, "did you really cook these?"

A table of steaming delicious dishes was placed in front of Andrea. She didn't believe it or not, but it came so suddenly that she didn't know how to accept it.

Ivy was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. Why did the mother and son speak the same words? She asked cautiously, "Should I fry an egg in front of you?"

Thinking of that, she remembered that she had conquered Max in the same way last time.

"No, thanks. I don't think you dare to lie to me." Andrea sat elegantly on the main seat, looking at the well bred lady.

As soon as she picked up the chopsticks, her daughter-in-law to be had filled the soup and rice neatly in front of her. "Aunt, I don't know what you like to eat, so I have made all kinds of dishes. If you come next time, please tell me in advance. I'll go to buy the ingredients and cook what you like to eat."

Ivy's grape like eyes were particularly black, like two rare black pearls in the vast sea.

Different from the hypocritical Lisa, she just thought that Andrea was an elder. She didn't fawn on Andrea for she was Max's mother. Her sincere attitude was worthy of deliberation.

Andrea chewed slowly. Sure enough, every dish was full of sincerity and just at the right time. If she didn't have that phone call, she would definitely be satisfied with Ivy for one hundred percent. But such an excellent woman was so scheming that she couldn't keep her.

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