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   Chapter 17 Mother In Law's Deliberate Embarrassment

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"Why didn't you try to dodge that?" Max was curious about her answer. His deep black eyes flickered with an unreadable light, and his angular side face was full of carelessness.

If it was in the past, Cassie would have shown mercy to Lisa if she hadn't returned all the viciousness. But now, she just closed her eyes quietly? At that moment, he really wanted to see the magic brain circuit of this woman.

"What's the use of hiding? She just can't get through to me. What can I do? Besides, if she slaps me, I will become a victim. In this way, I can find you to support me aboveboard. " A bright smile appeared on Ivy's face. The sunny smile was very lovely. She said it frankly, but she was still feeling lucky because of his protection.

When Max turned his head casually, she was moved by the quiet and beautiful scene. She squinted slightly at Cassie, who was slightly drunk under the black eyebrows. There was no doubt that she was unique and full of fatal temptation.

But at the same time, she had already offended Lisa. Lisa hated her so much that she might have already regarded her as a thorn in her flesh.

After returning home, Lisa was busy. She rushed to the Hua Company as if she was the wife of the Hua Company's CEO.

However, things didn't go as she wished. Every time [安媛媛] went to the Hua group, she was either stopped by Rachel, or ignored by the Hua family, or she was stimulated by the interaction between the two people in the office.

"Ken, I've been here many times. I'm sure you know me. I'm here for Mr. Max." Lisa tried her best to get to the top floor, but was stopped by Ken.

"Sorry Miss, bad timing! Mr. Max is on a business trip. The date of his return is uncertain. You can't see him here. How about you come back in a few days?" The dutiful Ken answered Lisa in detail. His respectful attitude made her hard to tell whether she was wrong.

Before Max left, he had told others that the An Group was a partner of the Hua group. Although it was not a big business, the rules of business were always that there was no need to quarrel with each other as long as they had one more friend.

"Business trip? Why don't I know about that? " At this moment, no matter how delicate her makeup was, it could not cover her domineering face. The woman's resentment had already been full of jealousy in her heart.

She knew clearly that these were all excuses to prevaricate with her. As the chief assistant of the Hua family, Ken knew everything about the whereabouts of the Hua family. The air tickets, hotels, and even schedules of Max's were all arranged by him. How could he not know when Max would come back?

But she was more clear that she must have a good relationship with Ken. There were many cases of the An Company that needed to rely on the Hua Company, and these small projects would not be handled by Mrs. Hua. They were all operated by Ken. Lisa kept it a secret.

"Miss An, it's our company's business, and it's our CEO's private business. It's normal that you don't know it." With a disdainful smile on his respectful face, Ken said in a cold voice, trying to make Lisa retreat from difficulties.

After all, Max had given an order. he didn't have to save Lisa's face. And Ken just did as the superior ordered him to.

Lisa suppressed her anger and pretended to be friendly. "What about Cassandra? Since Mr. Max is not here, it's the same for me to look for her. " The stiff smile on her face was particularly stiff, and there was no beauty under the heavy makeup.

Without the protection of Mr. Max

, Lisa was sure that Cassie would suffer losses once they meet again.

"I'm sorry, Miss An. Miss Song is our CEO's personal assistant. Our CEO is on a business trip. Miss Song has already arranged a leave. If you want to see Miss Song, why don't you have a try in cloudy mountain?"

Lisa still felt the irony in his words.

Try? What did he mean by 'try'? 'Do you think I can't even get into the cloudy mountain?' How ridiculous!

"Really? As luck would have it! It seems that I have to go to the cloudy mountain in person. " Lisa gritted her teeth and spit out these words. As soon as she turned her head, her originally gentle face immediately became ferocious, and her high-heeled shoes, which were more than ten centimeters below her feet, clattered.

Stepping out of the Hua Company, Lisa stared at the strange and familiar scene in front of her with mixed feelings. Her heart was torn apart by hatred. Suddenly, an idea came to her mind. Cloudy mountain? How could she go there? But she couldn't let Cassie off so easily.

"Hello, is that Aunt Andrea? It's Lisa. " Sitting in the car, Lisa's fawning face was disgusting. Disdain flashed in her contemptuous eyes, and her bright red lips slightly raised, revealing a strange arc. No one knew what she was plotting.

The scenery of the cloudy mountain was very beautiful, especially the winding corridor. This relaxed and happy place was like a secluded paradise, attracting people's attention. Ivy liked to spend her spare time in this place. She had just learned some basic cooking skills from a gardener and couldn't wait to have a try.

"Miss Song, Mrs. Hua is here. She is in the living room now." Through the nervous look on Jill's face, Ivy knew that this lady came with evil intentions. It was said that mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were difficult to get along with, and she didn't know if her words had worked on her.

But last time they met at the banquet, she thought this lady was not difficult to get along with. She was just too arrogant. She handed the tools to the gardener and hurried back to the living room with Jill.

"Let's go and have a look."

"How wonderful. You have never taken me seriously before you married into the Hua family. If you really marry into our family in the future, what will you do next? Where is Cassie? I haven't seen her for so long. Call her here. I want to see her... "

Before Ivy entered the living room, she heard Andrea's sharp voice with a strong sense of displeasure. Although she felt like swearing, it was hard to hide the elegance of Andrea.

"Hello, Mrs. Andrea. I'm Cassie." The woman's handsome little face had a delicate smile, and the appearance of a lady from an eminent family was difficult to find fault with.

"It's you?" Andrea was suddenly enlightened. He didn't expect to think of the banquet last time. It seemed that she was a smart girl. However, as expected, a person should not be judged by his appearance. The innocent and harmless girl was actually a scheming woman.

If it weren't for Lisa, she would have been deceived by her innocent appearance.

"Yes, Mrs. Andrea, we have met each other." While they were talking, the two sat face to face. Ivy skillfully fiddled with the tea sets on the table, and the antique tea sets one by one were more charming in her hands.

With Lisa's slander on the phone, Andrea didn't like the hundreds of women in front of him. There was a trace of disdain in his noble eyes. He glanced arrogantly, and a hint of displeasure appeared on the corner of his cold mouth.

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