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   Chapter 16 The Hero Saves The Beauty

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"Miss, if you are here to make friends with me, I am very happy to meet you. If you are here to insult and provoke me, please leave." Although Ivy's tone was not very good, her humble attitude was very polite.

Lisa thought to herself, 'I haven't seen Cassie for a few days. She is getting more and more adept at acting. Does she seduce Mr. Max in this way?'

"Remember, I'm Lisa An. We are sworn enemies." Lisa sneered and pretended to take the red wine glass on the table. She whispered in Ivy's ear, gnashing her teeth.

Sworn enemy? If they were sworn enemies, shouldn't they stay away from each other in such an occasion? Why did she bother coming here to say hello? She seriously suspected that the woman in front of her was insane.

Lisa An? The eldest daughter of the An family?

She didn't remember that she knew this girl... Wait, even though she didn't know her, it didn't mean that Cassie didn't know either, in her diary... She vaguely remembered that there was such a name, and her evaluation of her was really wonderful. Compared with the woman in front of him at the moment, it was more than enough.

"Oh I see, you are the Lisa An?" It seemed that he just remembered it and couldn't lie at all.

"You finally remember? Not planning on pretending any longer? " The irony in Lisa's words was clear. She wanted to embarrass Ivy.

"No. should I remember? Are you important? " Ivy blinked her innocent eyes and seemed to answer casually.

In Lisa's eyes, this was a silent provocation. Her undulating chest showed the woman's unhappiness. "Cassandra, don't go too far." Angry from embarrassment, Lisa raised her hand and was about to slap Ivy.

When the slap was about to land on the woman's delicate make-up face, she had clearly felt the palm wind. Suddenly, a big hand with distinct joints appeared on Lisa's arm, tightly holding the arrogant woman in front of her. She couldn't move her hand. "Lisa An, if you are smart, you'd better know when to stop."

Who was talking? Her face didn't hurt at all?

The little woman slowly opened her eyes and saw this ingenious scene. Lisa raised her hand and looked at the man in front of her with fear. Her cold handsome face was full of anger, as if she was enduring the impending cruelty.

"Mr. Max, why... Why are you here?" The woman who had been arrogant and domineering before was too frightened to say a word.

Wait Wasn't this man talking about business on the other side? Why is he here? And how could he see this scene?

"Shouldn't I be here?" Max shook off Lisa's arm in disgust, picked up a piece of tissue and wiped it elegantly. Then he threw it into the trash can and said word by word in a low voice, "if I didn't stop you, are you really going to slap her in the face?"

The woman's delicate skin was almost squeezed out. If she was really slapped by Lisa, she would not be able to go out for ten days and half a month.

At the thought of this, the coldness in his eyes became more somber. The coldness in his eyes slowly seeped into every inch of Lisa's skin, almost devouring her.

The coldness in his tone almost made Lisa gasp. Although he had been cold to her in the past few years, it was not that bad. It was all because of Cassie that Max treated her like this. Lisa silently added a lot to her heart.

She wouldn'

t let go of it easily.

"No, no... Mr. Max, please trust me. I was just kidding. I don't really want to hit her. Barstow... " Lisa's tearful look was even worse than her arrogant and domineering look just now. She looked like an abandoned woman from a rich family.

"I was there just now. Are you doubting me? Or are you doubting me? " Max didn't want to cause too much noise, so he lowered her voice deliberately. A hint of cruelty flashed across his aggressive black eyes. If that slap really hit Ivy's face, he really didn't mind giving Lisa another slap.

He pressed her step by step and she had no choice but to admit her mistake. "I, I didn't mean to do that. Mr. Max, I just made a mistake. I really didn't mean to do that." Lisa looked really pitiful.

It was inevitable for Ivy to feel pity. She pulled the corner of the man's clothes carefully and said with a pinch, "Forget it, Max. She didn't hit me any way."

As soon as this move was made, both Max and Lisa were surprised. If it was in the past, Cassie would have stirred up trouble if she had found such an opportunity. But now, Cassie interceded for her. Was she still her rival?

And just now, Cassie turned a blind eye to her repeated provocation, which was even more annoying in Lisa's eyes.

In consideration of Ivy's pleading, Max didn't want to lose his temper again. Holding Ivy's waist, he said coldly, "Cassie is my fiancee. Before doing anything, you should consider her identity first."

His words undoubtedly showed Cassie's identity.

Hearing this, Lisa staggered back with a sad look on her face. But in a few seconds, the pain on her face disappeared and was replaced by a vicious look.

"Cassie Song! I will never let you go! Never! " Her strange words attracted many people's attention. Lisa couldn't stand people's scornful eyes, so she left in a hurry.

On the way back, the faint smile on the woman's face was very annoying. "Were you the hero who saved the beauty just now?"

When she was distracted, she would think of the dangerous scene just now. She felt that the whole world was filled with pink bubbles of love. She didn't expect that the cold and ruthless man would meddle in such a trivial matter. A trace of warmth inexplicably rose from the bottom of her heart.

"What do you think?" A touch of indescribable tenderness appeared on the unruly handsome face of Max. He slowly moved the corners of his mouth and asked with interest.

"Isn't this how they act in TV dramas? The hero always stands out at the last critical moment to save the beauty. " Ivy inadvertently recalled what happened just now and was still in a state of shock. "That scene was so dangerous. If you were a little late, Lisa would have slapped me in the face."

Looking at the woman's furious face, how could he not stop until half of her face was swollen? If he was really slapped, the palm print would not recover in ten days or half a month. Thinking about it now, Ivy still felt a little scared.

"So? Are you going to offer yourself to me as a thank-you? " The man's dark and deep eyes were filled with expectation, and the hopes seemed to be a little cautious.

"What?" At that moment, Ivy's innocent face was full of confusion and doubt. What did this man say just now? She hadn't had an auditory hallucination, had she?

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