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   Chapter 14

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It was hard for her to defend herself, but she didn't want to be misunderstood by him. Although she didn't say anything, she still walked to the stove.

She took the eggs from the cupboard, stirred the egg liquid skillfully, and then cooked and poured oil. It seemed that she was familiar with these steps. There were a few onion rings in Ivy's hand. She put them into a heated oil pot, making a crackling noise. Ivy stood still calmly and poured the egg liquid into the onion ring.

Her calm expression showed everything. Ivy shaved It seemed that it was not the first time for her to do such a thing. At last, Yan turned the pan gently, and the egg was turned over too. The fried egg was golden and bright, looking very appetizing.

"Done." Ivy carefully took out several eggs, neatly stacked them on the plate, and proudly handed them to the man. "Now you believe me, don't you? You saw it with your own eyes. Is it a take out? " It was obvious that she was a bit angry.

The feeling of surprise and joy filled Max's heart. He took the plate gracefully, with a touch of embarrassment at the corners of his mouth, and sincerely apologized, "Okay, it's my fault. I'll be punished to eat all the food you cook today."

"I'll go upstairs and have dinner downstairs later." There seemed to be a trace of helplessness in his low voice. Since Max had apologized, she could not vent her anger.

Without hesitation, he took her hand and said, "I've already apologized." Was this woman still upset? The man frowned in an instant, and there was a faint displeasure in his tender eyes just now.

"I know. I just want to change my clothes." Ivy pulled her clothes in disgust, with a playful look on her face. She stuck out her tongue and said, "I fried an egg just now, and the clothes were full of the smell of oil and smoke."

"Go ahead." Embarrassed, Max withdrew his hand and pretended to leave calmly. For a moment, Max thought she was angry, but he didn't know how to explain.

Sitting at the table and looking at the delicate four dishes and one soup on it, he suddenly had a warm feeling in his heart, which was a strange feeling that he had never had before. It seemed not bad, and he did not resist at all.

During the dinner, Max casually mentioned to Ivy, "There is a banquet next week. You are going with me."

In the past, Cassie would always beg Max to take her with him to those fancy parties. Yet he would rather ask his assistant to find a female companion for him than take her with him. Now, he hoped that she was the one standing beside him.

"A banquet?" "Actually, I don't want to go to this kind of place." Ivy said, with her mouth full. She still remembered what had happened last time, and her bright eyes flashed with disappointment.

If she did it again, she was not sure whether she could still be calm.

"Why?" Hearing that, Max raised his eyebrows in surprise. The doubts in his eyes disappeared in an instant. He was looking forward to her explanation.

"People at the party are too hypocritical. Clearly none of them act or talk like this at ordinary times, but they just choose to pretend in front of others. I can't do it." She just felt it was inconceivable and tired to think about it. She didn't understand why there were so many people who went after it.

With a charming look in her eyes, Ivy pouted. If it were her, she wouldn't even go when someone paid her to. Of course, if the price was really high, she could consider it.

"I often attend banquets like this, so do you think I'm hypocritical?" There was a special warmth in his gentle starry eyes, and a faint smile appeared on his lips

. He seemed to be looking forward to Ivy's response.

For a moment, he was lost in thought. 'Is the woman sitting in front of me really Cassandra?' he wondered. What was this strange and familiar feeling?

Ivy swallowed the food in three or two mouthfuls, and teased, "You? You are so domineering. Do you need to be hypocritical? " She clearly remembered that this man had acted in his true color at the banquet last time.

She had lived under the same roof with him for so long, and she had never seen him with a few good faces. He had a gloomy and handsome face at the banquet.

People who liked to talk to each other would only talk a few words, while people who didn't like to talk to each other would pretend not to see their arrogance.

"You have a good taste." Amused by her exaggerated expression, Max deliberately didn't dig into the meaning of her words.

Time flied. Soon it was the day of the banquet. Ivy was still a little hesitant, "Do I have to go?" Thinking of the pitiful clothes in her wardrobe, she deeply felt a headache.

"Your dress is in the lounge. Try it on." She knew her size by visual measurement. That dress was one hundred percent suitable.

"Dress? You ordered a dress for me? " Ivy was surprised. Her eyes were filled with excitement and her eyes were filled with tenderness.

Last time at the banquet, it seemed to be the first time for her to wear such gorgeous clothes. Although the price was terrible, it did feel good to wear it.

"Go and have a look. There are still a few hours before the party. If it's not appropriate, ask assistant du to change it for you." In Max's mind, he had imagined for countless times the way that Cassandra wore that dress. It was rare to look forward to it.

"I know it would be very suitable." Ivy nodded excitedly and suddenly realized something was wrong. She explained in a hurry, "Well... I didn't mean that. I mean... I mean, you picked it. Why wouldn't it fit? I... I... I mean... I'm going to try on the clothes. " Ivy felt that the more she explained, the worse it would be. She ran into the lounge and closed the door tightly.

After pondering for a while, Max thought, "Cassie, do you really lose your memory, or do you pretend to be innocent?" If she was pretending, then she would pretend for the rest of her life. Her calm lips suddenly raised an inexplicable smile.

A few hours later, the banquet hall was overcrowded. There were many famous people in the Yunyan city. Some of them were business tycoons, and some were politicians. They came to this kind of banquet not to show up in public.

The party was about to begin. The hall, which had been quiet before, began to be restless. Everyone was whispering.

At the other end of the red carpet, a beautiful woman was holding the most powerful man in Yunyan city. She stared at the crowd indifferently and walked slowly on the red carpet. A casual glance would be the eye-catching headline of Yunyan city.

At that moment, the beautiful Ivy was like a blueblood lady from a famous family. Compared with her, the real daughters of the big families were a little inferior. Even the beauty of the 50s, Marilyn Monroe, was inferior to her by three points.

The man beside her was as if he was in the world. His angular side face was as exquisite as carved. Under his cold eyebrows, his deep eyes seemed to be about to draw her into his eyes. The man was dressed in an elegant and black windbreaker, and his ironed and neat black trousers revealed his slender figure completely. There was also a pair of soft black leather shoes, and a black suit even highlighted the king momentum of Max.

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