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   Chapter 13 are these delivery food

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However, in just a few seconds, this idea was firmly denied by Ivy. It was natural for her to miss her fiance. How could it be lovesickness?

But she didn't even know who she was. Was it really suitable to be with him? Ivy was deeply troubled by this question.

"What are you thinking about? You are so obsessed that you don't even know I come in. " As soon as Max came to the living room, he saw a little woman in a serious daze.

When she raised her head by accident, she met his cold eyes. She felt a chill on her spine unconsciously, as if she had done many bad things behind his back.

"What? I'm not thinking about anything. " Ivy smiled awkwardly and two dimples appeared on her cheeks. Her shy appearance made people feel a strong desire to protect her.

"You seem to be doing this a lot recently. What's wrong? When did you have this hobby again? " She picked up the warm tea cup on the table, put it to her mouth and pursed it, with a mocking smile on her lips.

Ivy knew that this man wouldn't stop teasing her every day. If he didn't do that, she would feel that the flowers were not red. She deeply felt that the world was full of malice.

"What? I'm just being idle. Do you understand? " Ivy argued strongly.

Glancing at her indifferently, Max didn't say a word. She sat quietly on the sofa and read the newspaper. She exuded the domineering aura of a king, as if a king was ruling the world.

Ivy puckered her lips in disappointment. Her pink red lips were so attractive that people couldn't help but want to have a taste of them. A little embarrassed, Max asked, "Is there anything else?" He deliberately ignored her and stared at the newspaper in his hand absentmindedly.

"Let me prepare lunch for you. I made breakfast for you last time, but you didn't have it in a hurry. You must try my cooking this time." The little woman smiled with excitement. Her eyebrows were like spring mountains, her eyes were like autumn water, and her pink lips were pursed into a thin line.

"What?" Hearing this, Max's face turned pale with fright. He tried to hide his surprise and asked, "Why do you suddenly think of this? Is the food cooked by the chef not good? "

"No, it's not that. the food cooked by Ms. Tien is very delicious. I just want you to taste my cooking." It was hard to hide the sadness on her face, but it seemed that Max had no intention of making a concession.

"We could always try it another day." Was it really just a taste? He was afraid that he wouldn't be able to see the sun tomorrow after he tasted it. Pitifully, he had no son. Who was in charge of the big Hua Company? This question was too serious. No, no

"You don't have to change the day. You usually go to work and rarely have a rest at home. Let's go today." While she was speaking, Ivy, who was too excited to hold herself, stood up and said, "Jill, go to the kitchen with me."

"You, go with them. Don't let them make any trouble." A pair of thick black eyebrows frowned unhappily. Max told a servant beside him went to 'monitor' her and whispered to remind her to take good care of that girl.

"Okay, I'll do it right away." The servant nodded and left with a serious look.

In the spacious living room, only Max was left. He rubbed his temples wearily, lazily and elegantly, like a noble Persian cat. In the past few years, Cassie had tried countless times. Every time she didn't blow up the kitchen, Max would burn high incense in the kitchen. He didn't expe

ct that she would come back again. Was she stimulated?

Especially when Cassie put the dish in front of him and asked him to have a taste with expectation, he was on the verge of breaking down.

He was so busy every day fighting with these old foxes in the company. But when he came back home, he was poisoned to death by this woman's food. Wasn't it too unworthy?

Amidst the uneasiness of Max, there was really a delicious smell coming from the dining room. Surprised, he put down the newspaper and followed the smell to the dining room. Looking at the delicious dishes all over the table, he could only return to silence.

"Why are you here? I was about to call you. Four dishes and one soup. These are all my specialty dishes. Have a taste. " Seeing Max's surprised face, Ivy felt very satisfied.

Ignoring what she said, Max asked in surprise, "These are not delivery food, are they?"

Cassie was so bad at cooking that she couldn't make such delicate things. Besides, these were definitely not cooked by the chef, so the only explanation was that it was the takeout.

Thinking of this, Max was slightly displeased. His dark eyes became deeper and deeper, and she did not say anything, which gave people invisible pressure. A cold handsome face seemed to have an irresistible chill.

Max could tolerate Cassie's cooking skills which were not presentable, but if she fooled him with a lot of take out food, it would not be easy to solve the problem.

"Take out? Why could it be a take out? The food won't taste good until it's freshly cooked. I don't like the taste of take out. Come and have a taste. " Ivy didn't think about the meaning of what Max said. She just casually took off her apron.

'What a hypocrite!' At this time, she could still say "I don't like take out" calmly.

His eyes suddenly turned cold. "Even if it's a take out, as long as you tell me, I can reluctantly accept it." He was ready to lose his temper, which showed that the man was very unhappy and could not help reminding her.

She used to order takeout as a routine, and for this reason, she even remembered the phone calls of several good hotels. But now she said she didn't like the taste of takeout.

Was it also one of the effect of amnesia?

With her bright black eyes, Ivy was not used to the uncertain emotion of Max's. Her bright eyes seemed to be filled with tears. She explained aggrievedly, "Do you think I ordered takeout? There are so many eyes looking at me. How could I possibly deceive you? Is everyone helping me to fool you? " She looked a little angry.

"Mister, all the dishes are made by Miss Song. We are just helping her look for ingredients and wash vegetables. Miss Song is the only one who makes them."

Last time, Ms. Tien, who didn't know how to behave properly, overheard Lisa's words and almost lost her job. Fortunately, Ivy was generous enough to forgive others, so this time Ms. Tien was the first to take the blame. Regardless of the angry Max, she spoke to testify for her.

"Yes, Mr. Max. Miss Song made all these things by herself. We all saw it with our own eyes." Jill's face turned pale. She pursed her lips and couldn't help but speak for Ivy.

Every cell in Max's body was filled with inexplicable fear and coldness. With waves in his deep eyes, she said doubtfully, "Fry another poached egg for me."

He was sure that Cassie couldn't do it. He remembered clearly that she couldn't even cook noodles, let alone fried eggs.

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