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   Chapter 12

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There was no extra decoration on Ivy's pale and tender arms. There was only a red lady's watch, which was very old and clearly showed the time. It was eight o'clock in the morning.

Being ignored all the way, Max was a little flattered. He didn't want to make Yan suspect, so she lied, "Uncle and aunt miss you very much. Go to accompany them earlier." It was a perfect excuse.

"I haven't seen them for a long time. I really miss them. You are so considerate." Ivy was on the verge of breaking down. She didn't know the two "family members" she had never met. She didn't even have the script and rehearsal. How could she play a good play of father daughter relationship and mother daughter relationship with them?

Seeing that she was preoccupied, a trace of inexplicable worry appeared on Max's face. She glanced at her through the front mirror intentionally or unintentionally and couldn't help saying, "It's my fault. I should have taken care of the relationship between you and your parents." There was even a trace of guilt in his words.

"No. you have taken good care of me these days. Thank you very much." She meant it.

To her surprise, she found that she had been accustomed to staying with him. Even when she went to the place called home and met the parents, she was as calm as water without any joy.

The two members of the Song family saw how well Max took care of Ivy. They kept it in mind and felt happy for their daughter.

To marry a second generation of an ordinary group would already fulfilled the mission Cassie's parents gave her. She didn't expect that her daughter, who was so ambitious, could marry a branch of the Hua family. This was the rhythm of his family's future development in Yunyan city.

Seeing the intimacy between the two people, the corners of Cassie's father, Rick's mouth had been rising. "Max, Cassie's so lucky to have you by her side, you are so busy with the accident and hospitalized. You have taken Cassie to your villa to take care of her. You are so considerate."

"Cassandra is my fiancee. It's my duty to take care of her." Squinting his long and narrow eyes, Max restrained herself a lot from his usual arrogance. Rick was more satisfied with his humble attitude.

"The Song family and the Hua family have been friends for generations. Now you have such a good relationship with Cassandra. It can be said that they are more closely related. Our two families are well matched." Rick intentionally or unintentionally shifted the topic to the marriage alliance. It could be seen that old foxes were very sophisticated.

"I'm still a junior. I have something to ask you for advice in the future." Max said.

"Ha ha, that's great. We'll be family from now on. Why wouldn't I tell you what I know?" Rick laughed with satisfaction, "Now that you're here, go to the study with me. Cassie and her mom haven't seen each other for a long time. There must be a lot of gossips for them to talk about."

Max whispered a few words to Ivy by ear. Then he followed Rick upstairs.

As soon as the two men left, Mrs. Song, Laura, came up to them intimately. Laura's loving look was inexplicably kind, but in the eyes of Ivy, it was still indescribable alienation.

"Cassie, your father was here just now, so I didn't ask much. I just want to know if you have a good time these days? How was he to you? "

Laura had heard of the temper of the Hua family and the Song family. The Hua family and the Song family were married for commercial purposes. In the past, Cassie had tried every means to please him, but t

here was no result, not to mention that now she was just doing it for interests? She loved her daughter so much that she didn't want to lose her daughter's happiness for the rest of her life because of business.

Laura was used to the marriage in such a big family. But now it was her daughter's turn, then everything couldn't be mentioned in the same breath.

"Mom, don't worry. He treats me very well. He loves me and takes good care of me. I'm very happy." Ivy tried her best to put in a good word for Max, with a faint smile at the corners of her mouth. "And this time, she was injured because of the care of Max."

"Well, you look much better when you are with Max. I'm just worried about you. Since you said so, I have nothing to say." With a smile on her face, Laura held Ivy's hand and couldn't let go of her hand. Her beautiful face showed that she paid attention to maintenance at ordinary times. Although she was already more than 40 years old, she was still charming.

Although she had tried her best to get used to it, she was still not. "Max, he is a good man."

"Yes, you are right. He is so smart and accomplished at such a young age. In Yunyan City, there are few men as excellent as Justina. It's very rare for Justina to treat you well." Both Rick and Laura highly recognized the son-in-law to be, Max Hua.


After chatting with Rick and Laura for a long time, the four of them bounded a lot, the relationship between Laura and Ivy was more like that between mother and daughter.

The night fell in the entire Yunyan city. The lights of thousands of families were on. A silver grey Limited Edition Lamborghini whizzed past, like a spirit in the night. The man and the woman in the car had their own thoughts.

Hearing that, Max turned her head by accident and met with Ivy's smiling face. "What makes you so happy? What did Laura talk to you today? " He didn't really want the answer. He just wanted to talk to her.

"Well, what did you say to my father?" Ivy was already very easy to call the two people. She was not as awkward as before.

"Your father seems to be very satisfied with my future son-in-law."

It was a lavish investment for the beauty of the Hua family. In the study upstairs, Max had secretly promised Rick a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars. As her future father-in-law, she was very happy to cooperate with him. This kind of cooperation was no different from sending money to her own pocket.

"What a coincidence! My mother said the same thing. You did a good job and won the hearts of the two as soon as you came out." Ivy praised him without any restraint.

"What about you?" Hearing that, Ivy didn't answer. But she clearly felt that her face had turned red and hot, and her heart skipped a beat.

When they arrived at the cloud mountain, Max found that he had been doting on her. Beauty appears in the eyes of the beholder. Now, in the eyes of Ivy, there was always a faint dignity and elegance in Max, which made people unable to take their eyes off him.

As the saying goes, a handsome man is playing golf. If it were a slovenly man, playing golf would also feel like digging shit.

One day, on the cloud mountain.

The man had disappeared for the whole morning on the excuse of business. Four hours, two hundred and forty minutes later, Ivy began to miss him already, and the thick and mellow coffee on the table tasted tasteless.

Ivy couldn't help thinking, 'Am I longing for love? She clearly felt the sudden change in her heart and was shocked by her own thoughts.

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