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   Chapter 11

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"Amnesia?" There was no surprise on the calm face of Max Hua. His white, slender fingers gently swept across the corner of his mouth. It was beyond his expectation. If it weren't for that face, he would have believed that it was a disguise.

But now, Cassie was much more of a delight than before. Could it be that memory loss had such a function? It was really puzzling...

"Yes, the doctor also told me to say not to let Miss Song know anything related to the car accident in the future to avoid being stimulated for two times. In addition, if Miss Song is given enough rest time, she may have a chance to get her memory back. "

Ken knew the relationship between Cassie and Mr. Hua, so he would tell him in detail.

Regaining memory? It never occurred to Max that he preferred the new Cassie. "Okay, I see." His deep eyes became deeper, and his low voice slowly overflowed from his cold lips, making it difficult for the ginseng to understand what he was thinking.

"Do you want to continue the marriage with the Song group?" Said Ken cautiously.

This was an open secret. Even if they broke up at this time, it would not cause any sensation, let alone have any impact on the Hua Company. It would not cause any butterfly effect.

"Everything goes on as usual." "Go to the next room to see what she needs. Try your best to satisfy her." He was not used to calling her by her name.

"Yes, sir. I'll do it right away." Ken answered and left.

"Click," with a dull sound, the door of the office was closed. Sitting lazily on the chair, Max sighed.

Adrian Qin... Was it really not a threat to him to keep this man?

For a period of time after that, they went to work together in the morning, had lunch together, and came back together in the evening, just like a happy couple.

Under the careful care of Max, Ivy recovered quickly. Her face became ruddy and energetic, as if she had just been released from somewhere.

"Max, you're making a mountain out of a molehill. It's just a bruise from the car accident. You don't need to change the dressing every day." The weak Ivy was carried all the way in and out like a chick by Max.

Was it just a bruise from the car accident? What else did she want? Frowning, he looked really serious and a little scary.

"Why don't I know when you become so strong?" In the past, when you were bitten by mosquitoes, you wanted everyone to know it, but now it turned out to be a small matter. "Remember, from now on, your body is not only yours, but also mine."

At first, Max wanted to say something more, but then she thought it was too ambiguous, so he swallowed it back.

"Okay, I know." Ivy followed him and chuckled secretly. Although this man looked fierce and arrogant all day long, what he said could often surprise her.

"After a while, when you are fully recovered, I'll take you home to visit your parents. They are very worried about you." Holding her in his arms all the way out like protecting a child, Max didn't want anyone to touch her. Even his usual cold tone was rare gentle.

Ivy had an illusion. Was such a dazzling man really her fiance? Why didn't she remember anything? Not even a slight trace, there was nothing.

"Yeah, it's time to go back and see them." Ivy tried her best to hide her embarrassment.

Parents? Cassie's paren

ts? What about her parents? A touch of imperceptible sadness flashed across her clear eyes, but it disappeared in an instant.

"How about this weekend?" Early in the morning, Jill, the nanny of the Hua family, had told him that his mother, who was anxious to stir up trouble, would come to the villa of the cloud mountain this weekend.

His mother, Mrs. Andrea, had always been at odds with Cassie, so it was not a good thing for her to come here at this time. In fact, Max didn't think that his mother came at this moment to help him manage the wedding. He hadn't forgotten the absurd daughter-in-law selection at the banquet last time, and this woman's performance was really eye opening.

Anyway, the two women couldn't meet each other!

"We all have to go to work. How can we go on weekends? Why don't we wait for a holiday? " Said Ivy thoughtfully.

"I will arrange it." As the president of the Hua Company, Max would have a holiday whenever he wanted. Since he had this privilege, why didn't he use it in vain?

Ivy recovered very quickly. She had recovered before the weekend, and the scar left by her wound had faded a lot. If you looked carefully, the wound was still faintly visible.

"What are you looking at?" It was rare for Max to have time to go upstairs and ask Ivy to have dinner. She happened to find that Ivy was staring at herself in the mirror.

With a distressed look on her face, Ivy looked at Max with pitiful eyes. Her watery almond eyes were full of tears, as if she could squeeze out a large handful of tears in the next second. "There are two scars on my waist. How ugly!"

"I don't think it's ugly." A tall and straight figure stood behind her. The match of talents and women was indescribable harmonious. Max's powerful arm unexpectedly wrapped around Ivy's slender waist.

The moment his slender hand touched Ivy, he could clearly feel the woman's stiff figure.

After struggling for a while, Ivy found that it was difficult to get rid of the shackles of his arms. She could not hide her unnatural expression. "Max, let go of me first." The subtle voice was like a guilty conscience, making people itch.

"What are you afraid of?" Max tightened his arms slowly and held Ivy even tighter. He could clearly feel the irregular tremble of Ivy, who was afraid.

"Nothing, nothing." Ivy hastily escaped from Max's arms, "didn't you say that you would visit your parents today? I'm going downstairs for dinner. "

She ran downstairs as if she was running for her life. If she didn't leave this embrace, she would probably fall in love with him. This man was impeccably perfect, which was irresistible.

Standing still, Max looked at his empty arm helplessly and felt a little sad. Weren't the two of them on good terms? How could she be so scared.

After breakfast, they left in a hurry before Andrea came. Mrs. Andrea, who was in high spirits, never expected that her son would play an empty city trick with her.

The Lamborghini sped all the way out of the cloudy mountain. The morning mist had not completely dispersed, and everything was a little hazy and beautiful. Ivy looked at the beautiful scenery of Fenglin Road. It was really beautiful. She didn't find this problem several times before. "Isn't it too early for us to go there now?" It just occured to her.

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