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   Chapter 10

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"Come back to the cloud mountain with me later. You have plenty of time to appreciate it in the future." Said Max in a low voice. It seemed that it was not a big deal.

"What do you mean?" As soon as she asked this question, she regretted. Ivy hesitated in silence. Did he say that a little bit wiser?

Now she was the fiancee of Max Hua. If everything went well, she would naturally become the wife of him Hua and the lady of the Hua Company. Time to appreciate... It seemed that there were a lot of them.

"Work in the Hua Company from now on." His cold voice didn't sound abrupt in the elevator.

"Ding!" the elevator door opened at the right time. After saying that, Max walked out of the elevator gracefully. Sure enough, this man's every move was faint and noble, making people unable to move their eyes.

Ivy, who had just arrived, suddenly looked up and felt as if she had returned to the cloud mountain and entered a bedroom. This color and style were so coincidental.

"Am I being poached?" Ivy murmured to herself as she walked forward and looked at this floor from three hundred and sixty degrees without any blind angle. "Ouch, hey, my head." She was so careless that she bumped into the arms of Max. The ambiguous look on her face was irresistible...

Not sure what was going on, Ivy frowned slightly. She had to say that the man's muscles must be very strong, and her head was painful.

"Throwing yourself at me?" Seeing that, Max frowned and stared at Ivy with great interest. If it was her, this strange feeling... Not bad.

"What?" The ignorant Ivy looked innocent.

"Do I need to poach you?" Max's casual tone was not annoying at all. Instead, He managed to make it sound like something for granted.

That's right. There are many talents in the Hua Company. Every year, the outstanding students of various schools, even highly educated and intelligent overseas returnees, all try their best to enter the Hua Company.

In the eyes of Max, talents were always picked up by him.

Even though Cassie graduated from the Yunyan city and was the best in this industry in Yunyan City, he wouldn't think highly of her just for that.

"I don't think so." Ivy thought silently for two seconds and made a rational judgment.

"You have a clear estimation of yourself." It was not difficult to find that he was in a good mood from his handsome face. There was a crack on his calm face, which surprised her as if she had found a new continent.

By Max's lead, Ivy was very nervous and inevitably a little uneasy. Through the spacious and quiet hall, the CEO's office was right in front of her. This style was really in line with this man's temperament.

It had to be said that the Hua Company's employees were very dedicated. The two of them walked all the way, but none of them looked up. Therefore, Ivy blocked them automatically.

When she arrived at the office door, she looked up and was surprised to find that there was not a single word on the door sign! 'What, is it like a wordless tablet or something?

Well, even if nothing was written here, no one would make a mistake.' Who would get themselves in trouble with this man? If there was any they must not want to live long enough.

While thinking, 'ah --' someone seemed to bump into something again, and this time it was his chest. "It hurts..." Ivy rubbed her head carefully.

"Repeat the same trick? Hmm? " The corners of his mouth lifted into a mysterious smile.

"No, I am not..." Ivy thought this question was a bottomless hole, and it would only be more and more difficult to explain, so she decided not to explain.

"I don't mi

nd rehearsing with you in the office." The devil's voice sounded again.

Why did she feel that she had been insulted? Not only in terms of IQ, but also mentally and psychologically

After entering the office with Max, the panic in Ivy's heart was growing. She hesitated and said, "So, ahem, Max, can we rehearse for that some other day? My head really hurts. " Said Ivy without any scheming.

What was in this woman's mind? "Mr. Du is still here. I don't have the habit of doing it in front of others." The moment he turned his head, she clearly saw the corners of his mouth rising.

The assistant, Mr. Du, whose original name was Kendal Du, was a standard male workplace. He was meticulous and was the right-hand assistant of Max. Back when he made a self introduction to Max, even the cold face of him couldn't help showing a gap.

He could bear to call Du by his name even if his name was Dick. But Kendal? It must be because his parents were too irresponsible to when they were choosing names. Therefore, for the sake of the company's image, with a stroke of the pen, the name of Kendal Du became Ken Du.

Ken, who was called, calmly greeted Ivy, "Hello, Miss Song. My name is Ken Du, and I'm the assistant of Mr. Max. We've met just now. If you have any problems in the company in the future, you can let me solve them directly." Ken finished it in one go.

Without further explanation, she knew that this was a great privilege. Before hearing what Ken said, the only person in the world who had the right to do so was Mr. Max...

"Oh, nice to meet you. My name is... My name is Cassie, and I'm the fiancee of Max Hua. " With a slight smile on her face, two light dimples appeared on her face. Her natural and graceful behavior was not like the other misses with their big temper at all, but won a little bit of a good impression of Ken.

"I need an explanation for what happened just now." The sudden low and deep voice of Max, who was left aside, was like the low and melodious sound on the cello, sexy and pleasant, but it still frightened Ivy who wasn't paying attention to him.

"What happened just now?" The innocent Ivy thought he was talking about the two "hugs", "I was just careless just now. Are you really going to make it a big deal? Seriously? Why should you care about such things? I haven't said anything about my head getting hit. " She defended herself in a low voice.

"I'm talking about what happened between you and Adrian in the company." Hearing that, Max frowned unhappily. There was no warmth on his cold handsome face. He wanted to know how she would explain.

"Adrian and I are just..." Before she could say the three words "I don't know", she thought of the diary and lost her confidence. "We have nothing to do with each other. It was in the past. As for why he cooperated with that company, it was his business. I don't know why."

There was no falsehood in her sincere tone and sincere eyes. He just wanted to hear her say it personally. "Well, your office is just next to yours. Go and have a look. If you are dissatisfied with anything, tell Mr. Du. He will solve it for you."

"Okay, I guess I'll see you guys later." Ivy nodded and left obediently. In fact, she couldn't wait to leave this man as soon as possible. How many years would she lose if she stayed with him?

After Ivy left, Max remained silent. After a long while, he asked in a low voice, "What's the result?"

"Miss Song's examination report shows that she has been diagnosed with amnesia, a common sequela of car accident." Ken thought carefully about what the doctor said today and didn't hide anything.

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