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   Chapter 9 The First Time To Work In The Hua Company

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Hearing that, Max took a deep look at Adrian. With a cold smile at the corners of his mouth, he held Ivy in her arms and took her away.

Both the manager and Eva were confused about the development of the company. Didn't Mr. Max want to punish her? Why was there something wrong?

When Max left and the cold air in the meeting room disappeared, the stunned manager came to the assistant and asked, "Mr. Assistant, what's going on?"

"What is going on?" The assistant's voice was also a little chilly. He took a look at the fat manager. It was all this crap's fault. It seemed that he finally knew the reason why their CEO had been very irritable the whole morning.

He glanced coldly at the manager and Eva, and said with a false smile, "Please settle the salary of Mrs. Hua and transfer it to this account as soon as possible."

After saying that, he turned around and left, ignoring the manager who was sweating.

The manager was still in a daze. Seeing that the assistant wanted to leave, he subconsciously stopped her. "Assistant, then our business..."

"Mrs. Hua is gone. Do you think our CEO will still spend money in this damned company? Manager, take care of yourself! " Looking at his pale and fat face, the assistant felt his eyes burning. She didn't know how Mrs. Hua could bear it, so she quickly followed the pace of Max and left.

Both Eva and the manager were in great panic. Cassie was actually the wife of Mr. Max! Thinking of what they had done to Cassie, they felt that they were about to die.

A meaningful smile played at the corners of Adrian's mouth. Since when had Cassie become the lady of the Hua Company? It was getting more and more interesting! He squinted his charming eyes, touched the corner of his mouth rubbed by Max's fist, and slowly walked out.

When the pale manager saw Adrian, he said with difficulty, "Mr. Qin, so we..."

"I think you should know my conditions. Without Cassie Song, we can only cooperate next time."

The manager and Eva's faces were as pale as ashes. He had never thought that he would fire such a great master! But it was too late to regret now...

How lucky was Cassie? It was not enough that Adrian had spent money for her, but she was also the wife of the president of the Hua Company? The wife of Mr. Max? The man standing at the top of the Pyramid?

'My my, how did I not see that? Before she came to work, she must have been admired by the Buddha. How could she win the hearts of two such excellent men all of a sudden...'

"I... where are we going?" Ivy was so nervous that her heart was about to explode when she was dragged out of the company by Max.

Then for no reason, she was roughly packed and put into the car. Then, Max drove at a high speed all the way. If she hadn't had time to fasten the seat belt, she would have thought that he had taken her to the reincarnation.

She had no choice but to start a conversation.

However, she didn't expect that she would receive a cold and stern look from Max, which made her heart almost jump out of her chest. "Why don't I remember that my fiancee is a stutter?" The pleasant voice was somewhat cold.

A stutter? He thought she's stammered? She spoke fluent Mandarin Okay? It was easy for her to give a free speech in front of everyone in college.

If it weren't for his cold eyes, how could she stutter?

"Where are we going now?" Ivy rolled her eyes helplessly. What's more, she had to do it secretly. If her behaviour discovered, the temperature in the car would probably freeze.

"Go to the place you should go." Holding the steering wheel in one hand, the meticulousness on his face seemed to have magic, making people

unable to take their eyes off him.

…… This answer made Ivy speechless.

"Then where should I go?" The strange environment made her confused. It seemed that she had never been here before.

"Your questions are getting more and more stupid." But it didn't hinder Max's good mood. "We are going to the Hua Company."

With the wind whizzing outside the car, they finally arrived at the Hua Company, to be exact, it's almost like they flew there. Even if she couldn't remember anything, she was sure that she had never taken such a fast car before. She cherished her life very much.

Standing in front of such a magnificent company, Ivy felt that her eyes were not enough, so she could only sigh. The White House was just so so... Such a magnificent building belonged to the man in front of her. She unconsciously glanced at his back. At first glance, she felt that his thin figure had become much stronger. She didn't know how it feels to touch it...

"Wipe your saliva." Reminded by Max kindly, he almost handed her a piece of tissue.

"Okay, thank you." The absent-minded Yan reached out to wipe the corner of her mouth, but it was not as wet as she expected. She suddenly realized that she had been out of control just now!

"Can you stop making fun of me like that?" Ivy's beautiful almond eyes were wide open. Although she was angry, she looked incredibly cute.

"Do you think I have time to make fun of you? You think too highly of yourself. " Hearing that, Max raised his eyebrows. His angular side face was just right. Without hesitation, he turned around and walked straight inside. Thinking of the woman's coquettish appearance, he couldn't help smiling.

This man was so arrogant! How arrogant he was! How arrogant he was!

Ivy was stunned and stood still. The bewitching look of Max just now was a little sexy, which was unforgettable.

"What are you waiting for? You want to climb the stairs? Why didn't I know you have such a hobby? " He strode into the elevator and was about to press the button, only to find that the little woman behind him didn't follow him. Instead, she was stunned like a sculpture. Well done! This woman was getting more and more playful.

"Who, who said that?" Ivy stepped into the elevator in panic and almost got her feet clamped. She didn't know whether the man did it on purpose or not. He threw a glance at her unhappily and said in a low voice, "if we really take the stairs, it doesn't feel bad. We can also take a look at the whole view of this place by the way. It's just a sightseeing trip. What a good deal!"

Such a magnificent Hua Company, from the tall landing glass window all the way, is perfect. I believe it must be not bad inside?

Ivy silently pictured the interior of the Hua Company and didn't notice the number showed on the elevator. It was high enough for her to cripple her legs and became a level two disabled person if she fell.

"If you want to go downstairs now, I will fulfill your wish." Out of kindness, Max wanted to press the elevator button for her, but the woman who had been thinking about something just now immediately stopped her.

"No, thanks. We can have the tour later." Ivy smiled stiffly. How could he be so willing to help others?

Ivy carefully glanced at the number on the upper right corner and thought, 'Oh dear...' The 109th floor? If she went upstairs on foot, she would break her leg wouldn't she? Since she had that time on earth, why didn't she leisurely climb the Great Wall and look at Shanhaiguan? It would be so stupid if she came here just to climb the stairs and go sightseeing here. She must have lost her IQ in her mother's womb when she was born.

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