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   Chapter 7

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The manager, together with Eva Xu, adjusted the smile on his face and said to the man sitting on the host seat with a flattering smile, "Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Qin."

Hearing the voice, Adrian Qin raised his head slightly. When he saw the two people coming in, she frowned imperceptibly and said, "Uh-huh." With the same smile on his face, he looked at Eva, who was behind the manager, and asked, "Are you Miss song?"

Hearing this, the manager skillfully dragged Eva out from behind him and introduced, "No, no, no, Mr. Qin, she is not Cassie Song. She is Eva Xu, who is more experienced than Cassie."

Hearing the manager's introduction, Eva raised her neck high and nodded at Adrian Qin as if she acquiesced. She looked like an arrogant swan.

But who was Adrian? He had seen all kinds of people with his background. In his eyes, Eva was like a duck pretending to be a swan, and her pretending was disgusting.

The smile on his face didn't fade away. He just ordered his staff indifferently, "Clean up and prepare for the next one."

As he spoke, he was about to leave with his assistant without even looking at the manager and Eva.

The manager was flustered when he saw that Adrian's action was not fake. The previous orders of the Zhang Company wouldn't have much chance to get even without the disturbance of Cassie. He was worrying about his own performance, and there was an invitation from a big company here. How could he not pay attention to it?

Although there was one condition that made him disgusted, so he restrained his dissatisfaction and brought Cassie with him, but she made trouble at this critical moment!

The manager hurried forward and stopped him, "Mr. Qin, it's easy to talk about it. Let's sit down and have a talk, okay?"

The smile on Adrian's face was still amiable, but somehow it was a little scary. "I want to have a talk, but you?" After a pause, he glanced at the manager with his charming eyes and asked, "Do you remember my requirements?"

Eva, who was ignored, looked a little embarrassed. She raised her head and came to Adrian. "Mr. Qin, Cassie is just an intern in the company. I'm the most experienced employee in the company. Why can't I be qualified for the job? Is there anything shady between Cassie and Mr. Qin? "

"Eva!" The manager pulled Eva aside and interrupted her.

Although Eva's words were interrupted, she was still indignant. Ever since Cassie came to the company, many orders had been taken away by her. She was just a newcomer. How could she compete with her? It must be because she had done something shameful behind her back that she had such a result!

After hearing Eva's words, Adrian stopped and looked sharply at her. Although he had a warm smile on his face, Eva had a cold feeling that she was in the severe winter.

He approached Eva slowly, "Do you think Cassie is not as good as you?"

His voice was as hoarse as the sounds of nature.

Listening to this magnetic voice, Eva was fascinated for a moment. She nodded subconsciously. Cassie was just a random girl who graduated from some unknown University. She herself graduated as a top student of Haiping University. How could Cassie deserve to compete with her?

Looking at Eva who nodded her head, the smile on her face became deeper and deeper. "Xu Ying? Graduated from Haiping University? "

Eva raised her neck and nodded arrogantly.

"Do you know Cassie Song from Queen's College?" Adrian said slowly.

Did Cassie Song from the Queen's College have anything to do with this? Eva looked up at Adrian and asked, "Mr. Qin, you are not trying to say that this is the Cassie from the Queen's C

ollege, are you?" She didn't believe it at all!

With a smile on his face, Adrian looked at the pheasant who was pretending to be a phoenix and said, "So what if you don't believe me? That's the truth. To be honest, she is the reason I'm here. Since she's not here, we have nothing to talk about. "

Although the manager didn't quite understand what they meant, he also understood that it was impossible for him to reach an agreement without Cassie Song. He walked over to stop her and said, "Mr. Qin, everything is fine. Wait for me to call Cassie over right away!"

Eva still couldn't believe it. How could Cassie be a graduate from Queen's College? That was where the elites of their industry came from. They must be lying!

The manager sighed and said to Eva, "Hold on. I'll fire her after I take this order."

Eva's eyes suddenly lit up. That's right! If Cassie really had such a good talent, how could she condescend to such a small company? There must be two different people! She smiled and decided to wait for Cassie to make a fool of herself.

At this moment, a receptionist rushed over.

When the manager saw it, his eyes suddenly became sharp. "Why are you running here without standing at your own position?"

The receptionist didn't care about the manager's accusation. Her face flushed with excitement. "Manager, he! He! He is coming! He's going to make orders in our company! "

"Who?" The manager frowned when he saw her dance with excitement.

The receptionist pointed at the wide LCD screen outside the French window and said, "He! Mr. Max from the Hua Company! "

The manager trembled with fear and almost fell down. He was so excited that he didn't know what to do. After three circles, he said to Eva, "Hurry up! You must make Mr. Max feel much welcomed! "

Eva's eyes lit up. She took out a small mirror and looked at herself. Then she started fixing her makeup faster than ever.

Looking at the two more excited people than her, the receptionist hesitated for a moment and said, "Mr. Max specifically named Cassie to receive..."

As if a gust of cold wind blew, Eva was stunned, and the expression on his face became extremely ugly. Why was it Cassie again!

The manager's face stiffened for a moment, but soon he hesitated and looked relaxed for a moment. He smiled at Eva and said, "Hurry up to receive Mr. Max. I'll take Cassie to apologize to him later."

Apologize? Eva's eyes lit up. She looked at the manager and nodded, "Okay, I will try my best!"

However, in her heart, she had long been laughing happily. Who was Mr. Max Hua? He was a person who could even shake the business circle with his fingers. That Mr. Qin was nothing in front of him! If he was offended by Cassie, she would be digging her own grave without knowing how her game ended!

She glared at the receptionist who made her worried for nothing and strode to the other side.

The manager also followed her. He said to the receptionist who was standing at the front desk with an anthomaniac look, "Go and ask Cassie to come here!"

Ivy hid in the bathroom for a long time before she came out. Thinking of the man just now, she wanted to cry. How could that scumbag Adrian know that she was here!

Covering her face with her hand, Ivy was speechless. She almost wanted to cry when she thought of what happened last night when she was forced by Max to go through everything that happened again. She was suppressed again and again because of him. Now she still had a lingering fear when she thought about it.

Last night, she specially went through Cassie's old diary to see if there was any clue about that man, and then...

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