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   Chapter 6

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Lisa glared at her angrily, "Of course. Don't you see yourself? Do you really think Mr. Max likes you? If it weren't for... "

"Lisa An! Watch your mouth! "

She didn't dare to spite anything more out.

Lisa turned her head in surprise and immediately saw the sullen face of Max. With just a slight glance, Lisa had no intention of resisting.

After speaking harshly to Lisa, Max turned to look at Ivy and said coldly, "Don't get in contact with those indecent people!"

Then he dragged Ivy away.

Indecent? Hearing what Max said about her, Lisa stiffened. How could she become like this?

On their way to the center of the party, Max asked Ivy to go to work at the company tomorrow.

Entering the hall of the banquet, Mrs. Andrea, who was sitting in a high position, saw Max at a glance as he was striding into the hall.

But when she saw Ivy beside him, she only felt very uncomfortable.

Mrs. Andrea's happy face faded. She said to the woman next to her, "This is my son. How do you like him?"

Although Ivy was a little far away from them, she could still hear Mrs. Andrea's voice. She became energetic. Is it true that Mrs. Andrea's going to help Max find a wife? Did that mean she could finally be relieved?

She thought with interest, as if she wanted to have a fight with someone. She had more energy than ever.

It was not until Max saw her like this that he restrained his breath a little bit. She knew what was more important. Although he did not like her, he was still very happy to see that she cared about him so much.

As soon as Mrs. Andrea finished her words, many so-called ladies from big families came up to her.

Without any hesitation, she said to Max, who was standing beside her, "Max, come and see if anyone could meet your satisfaction."

With a long face, Max took a look at Ivy.

Under the sharp sight, Ivy felt a sense of mission and immediately stood out.

Mrs. Andrea frowned slightly. Did this little girl still stand out to object? But could she still stir up trouble?

Seeing that, Max's eyebrows and eyes became a little relaxed. He hated the entanglement of these women the most, but it seemed to be good to have this excuse.

However, Ivy just walked over. She came to Mrs. Andrea and looked at her seriously. "Mrs. Andrea, you are choosing a wife for your son. How can you be so casual? Look at this chin. The triangular eyes don't match Mr. Max's face."

"Look at this tiny butt. It's said that it's easy to raise a child if a woman has a nice butt. Don't you want to have a grandson with such a small butt?"

Hearing what she said, the corners of Max's eyes twitched. He didn't expect her to be so eloquent. He had underestimated her before.

Mrs. Andrea looked at Ivy with a long face. Her words almost denied everyone. She didn't know how could she be so eloquent!

She asked coldly, "Then, at your point of view, what kind of woman deserves my son?"

Mrs. Andrea just looked at her like that. If she heard her shamelessly claim that only she was good enough for her son, she would definitely strangle her to death on the spot!

Under the deep gaze of the crowd, Ivy was not afraid of the stage at all. She pointed at the last person of the group of women and said, "Mrs, look at that one there. She has a round face and a big butt. She is the first choice for the daughter-in-law of the Hua family!"

Mrs. Andrea looked at Ivy with hesitation, "Is s

he really helping me to choose a wife for my son?"

She couldn't figure out what was on this Cassie's mind.

Seeing that Mrs. Andrea didn't take any action after a long time, Ivy was anxious. Didn't she believe what she said? She was genuinely looking for the most suitable candidate for him with all her heart.

Although she felt guilty of pushing others into a fire pit

But it seemed that they liked it very much!

So she felt less guilty.

Looking at Cassie, who was talking about a strange woman, the blue veins on Max's forehead bulged slightly. What the hell was this woman doing?

He turned to look at the woman that Ivy had been fond of. Her chubby face was not as good-looking as Ivy's delicate face. Big buttocks? It seemed that her buttocks were not small...

Wait, why did he always think of that woman? Thinking that, Max's face darkened.

He strode forward and pulled the woman who was still persuading him out.

When she was taken outside, he put her down with a dark face. "Wait here!"

Then he turned around and walked in.

Ivy nodded her head, indicating that she would wait here.

When the figure of Max disappeared, an interesting laughter suddenly came.

Ivy looked in the direction of the laughter and saw a face as gentle as the sunshine in March.

"Who are you?" Cassie paused.

The man's steps were a little stiff. "Don't you remember me?"

Ivy nodded seriously.

The man didn't expect that Ivy would be so straightforward. He didn't know what to say next.

He reached out and touched her forehead, "Can you remember now?"

Looking at the dull Ivy, Adrian shook his head slightly and said, "Just wait!"

After saying that, he turned around and left.

At this time, Max also came out. His face was a little dark. He walked straight to Ivy and said, "You are the wife to be of the Hua family! You'd better remember your identity. "

How could she be so intimate with him!

Ivy was also confused. Was it because of that man?

Taking a deep look at Ivy, Max didn't say anything else and directly drove her back to the villa.

The next day, Ivy was directly packed and sent to the company she worked for. It was said that she's supposed to use it to have a try. It was said that no one in this company knew her identity.

It was said that she got all these information from the driver of Max.

Ivy was a little embarrassed. How could she accept this test just to work for Max? 'Dear handsome driver boy, are you sure you are not saying the opposite?'

She accepted the job because she wanted to escape from being with Max!

She walked into the company where she worked, and nothing happened.

But soon, she was assigned a task.

When she arrived at the meeting room.

There was already a man sitting on the host seat. The thin sunlight shone in, reflecting little light spots on his body. He slightly squinted at his eyes, with a refreshing smile at the corners of his mouth. He was like an elf that had fallen into the mortal world, emitting a warm smell all over her body.

Seeing the familiar smile, Ivy felt her scalp tingling. She staggered and said, "Manager, my belly hurts. Excuse me for a moment!"

The manager didn't look good and glanced at her. He just stared at her with disgust and said, "Hurry up! Don't make a fool of yourself here! "

All Ivy wanted to do now was to leave here as soon as possible. She literally ran away from here.

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