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   Chapter 5

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"Me? To prepare?" Looking at Ivy, Max asked, "Then what do I need you for?"

Ivy looked at Max with eager eyes. How could he have the nerve to take advantage of her when she was so weak?

Judging from the expression on his face, she knew that he did and had every intention to do so...

People had to keep their heads down under other people's roofs. She had no choice but enduring it!

Seeing that Ivy walked into the kitchen, Max's body was a little stiff. He looked at the figure who was busy in the kitchen with deep meaning in his eyes.

Could a car accident really make people change so much? She had never been to that kitchen before.

But even if she went into the kitchen obediently, Max couldn't be praised by her cooking.

He raised his wrist and looked at the time. Then he said to Ivy who was walking out, "Let's go."

"Go? Since we are leaving, why do you expect me to make breakfast? Isn't it a waste? " Ivy put the simple breakfast she made on the table and argued with her father.

Max's thin lips curved slightly. "Are you sure that what you have done is not to murder your own husband?"

As he spoke, he took a look at the things made by Ivy with disgust. But to his surprise, the things she made this time looked good.

But thinking of her previous attempt, Max still kept a distance from the food.

Murder her own husband? When she heard this word, Ivy was still in a daze. But looking at the man who stood up, she said, "I never asked to be your fiancee."

"What did you say?" Max glanced at her indifferently.

Ivy immediately stood firm and said respectfully, "Nothing. Take care."

Thinking of his strength last night, she was still a little scared. Ever since she had lost her memory, it was the first time she had been so close to a man.

"Shut up and follow me." Looking at Ivy who was eager to see him disappear at once, Max was furious.

She didn't know where she had offended Max. Pointing at her own nose, she asked, "Am I expected to come with you?"

"Don't you like this kind of party the most?" Urged Max, casting a glance at her. "Hurry up!"

Without any room for rejection, Ivy was dragged into the car of Max.

They drove all the way to the urban area. Ivy got off the car with Max. She looked at the luxurious design shop, acted as if she was a countryman entering the city, and asked, "What's this?"

"You are the frequent visitor here. Why do you ask me?" "I'll wait for you here. Hurry up." Said Max.

Seeing that Ivy had walked into the fashion design shop, Max looked at the time, and realized that he had to wait for at least an hour. He frowned tightly.

Normally, he would ask his assistant to do this kind of thing. Why did he bring her here himself today?

Max couldn't figure it out, so his face darkened.

He stared straight out of the window, with a breath of distance.

Standing outside the window, Ivy didn't know whether she should get in or not.

After thinking for a while, she finally chose to open the door.

All of a sudden, he came to his senses. He quickly turned his eyes to the door, and his pupils shrank at the first sight.

The woman in front of him was just a little tidied up, but she had a kind of pure charm, not like the disgust brought to him by the heavy makeup before.

Taking a look at Yan, [深深] asked, "are you done?"

Ivy fiddled with her hair and nodded, "yes."

After all, she was weak when she went in, and the price inside was simply unbelievable. There was even a moment when

Ivy suspected that she was blackmailed.

Costing thousands of dollars just to comb her hair? Why didn't they just call what they do rubbery?

Of course, she wouldn't Max what she thought. She did all these by herself. Noticing that Max's face was getting longer and longer, she decided not to tell him at all, ever!

"Look, Max is here."

There was a commotion in the originally quiet banquet.

As the overlord of the Yunyan City, Max had attracted a lot of attention as soon as they showed up.

"Look, who is the woman next to Mr. Max?"

"Who the hell is it? Whoever that is, she is so lucky to be favored by Mr. Max!"

Those women began to guess Ivy's identity, and their jealous eyes almost drowned her.

Ivy was like a thorn in the back. She wanted to let go of the hand that was holding the body of Max, but it was not allowed by Max at all. She tightly held her hand in her arm.

Ivy could feel that those women's eyes were almost tearing her apart

She secretly looked up at him. He must have done it on purpose! How could this hateful man think of such a mean way to revenge her!

Fortunately, not long after, Max's business partners found him to talk about business. Yan finally got rid of him.

She found a quiet corner and started her main purpose here. Eat!

Although the portion of the food was not enough, it tasted good. She ate with relish, but she didn't know that her actions were completely seen by others.

As soon as Mrs. Andrea Hua entered the banquet hall, she saw her daughter-in-law who was eating fiercely in the corner.

Although she gave her a different impression today and the food was not bad, she looked down upon Cassie at the thought of the way she forced her son to get engaged to her.

But now was not the right time to deal with her. As soon as Mrs. Andrea turned around, she walked into the banquet with the crowd around her.

Lisa, who had planned to cotton up to Mrs. Andrea, couldn't fight her way over the group of women at all. She looked at Mrs. Andrea who was walking away, and then looked at Ivy, who was alone.

If Mrs. Andrea hadn't looked in that direction, she wouldn't have found that it was Cassie, because she was too low-key, completely different from the flamboyant version of her before.

Although she had become more ordinary, there was a kind of irresistible brilliance on her, which made Lisa feel a sense of crisis.

She walked quickly to Ivy.

Ivy was tasting a pudding. When she saw Lisa, she smiled and said, "Hey, it's you. Why did you leave yesterday?"

She ended up almost scared to death when she was used as a pillow by that man for the whole night.

Thinking that way, she looked at Lisa sympathetically. She thought that maybe Lisa was the one who had been making a pillow for Max...

Lisa suddenly felt that Ivy was looking at her with sympathy. She got in a bad mood. How dare she even asked why she left yesterday. Was she showing off to her?

Thinking of this, Lisa narrowed her eyes and said, "Do you think you can be liked by Mr. Max by pretending to be someone else? You wish! "

Ivy immediately got the point. She didn't even have the time to eat the food in her hand. She looked at Lisa happily and said, "Do you really think that Mr. Max won't like me like this?"

Lisa was choked by Ivy's words. Her expression didn't match her question. Was she happy or asking in reply?

She was almost confused by Ivy, but according to Cassie's character, she must be demonstrating with her!

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