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   Chapter 3 Provocation

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The servant, Jill, looked at her seriously and said, "Mrs. Hua, this is really the master bedroom for you and Mr. Hua. We clean it every day, waiting for you..."

Wait... This was her and Max's room?!

She looked at Jill disappointedly and asked, "Is there really no other room? None for just me?"

Jill shook her head firmly under Ivy's pitiful eyes.

Looking around the room again, Ivy could only sigh and accept what was being given to her.

She put her things down and fixed the room up a little. She also unpacked her bags and arranged her things in their proper closets and drawers. It was almost evening by the time she was done.

She went downstairs and came to the kitchen. It was time to prepare dinner.

However, by this time, there was a cook in the kitchen already preparing dinner. It was a medium-built woman about thirty years old. She frowned slightly when she saw Ivy come in.

Thinking of what Lisa had said to her before she left, she squinted slightly and said, "Mrs. Hua, maybe you shouldn't get involved in such a messy place like this kitchen."

Looking at the fresh ingredients, Ivy somehow wanted to have a try. She said to the cook, "Don't worry about me. Just do your own business. I actually like here!"

The cook, Ava, looked at Ivy with a look of disgust. She was convinced by Lisa right now. Her hostess was trying to win her support.

With an evil smile on her lips, she said, "Mrs. Hua, if you have nothing else to do, perhaps you could help me with this..."

Looking at the potato on the ground pointed by Ava, Ivy walked over and was about to pick it up.

At this moment, a basin of water, which was originally placed on the stove, fell and spilled out the water it contained at the discreet touch of Ava.

Ivy couldn't dodge it and was drenched from head to toe.

Ava looked at Ivy who was like a drowned rat, with a successful smile on her lips. If Lisa knew that she had helped her make a fool of Ivy, she would definitely be rewarded with a better position in the house.

After her grand delusion, she pretended to come to Ivy's aid and asked, "Mrs. Hua, are you okay?"

The water that drenched Ivy was so cold that her lips turned a little blue, but she still managed to smile. "It's okay! It's my fault. I guess I was being careless."

Ava looked at Ivy with a sneer. 'Does this woman think that she can win my support by such a trick? Yeah! You wish!'

Ivy wanted to go upstairs to change her clothes, but the cook pushed her gently behind her back.

The floor was still a bit flooded with the spilled water. Although Ava just used a little strength, Ivy lost her balance and fell to the kitchen floor.

"What the hell are you doing?!"

A voice with great anger rang in the kitchen. Ivy raised her head and saw Max's handsome face.

"I fell down by accident," said Ivy in a low voice.

She had thought that the man would leave with only a sneer after hearing this.

But to her surprise, he squatted down and picked her up.

His long arms were strong and powerful. Even through the suit, Ivy could feel a burst of heat.

She struggled stiffly and said, "Don't mind me. I can do it myself."

"Huh, by yourself? And fall down and repeat this absurdity all over again? I don't think so!" Mockery was obvious in his tone.

Ivy's eyes widened. How could this man spit out such rude words? She pouted and said, "Can't you at least be nice and use some positive words?"

"No matter how pretty the words are, they can't beautify the stupid things that you have done!" said Max without any kind tone, taking a slight glance at her.

For a second, a mad thought came to Ivy's mind. She really wanted to bite this hateful man to death!

The cook beside them stood frozen in shock. Was her trick exposed and directly seen by her master, Max?

She couldn't believe what was going on in front of her. Lisa made it clear that Max didn't care about Cassie at all, but now it see

med that it was the opposite of what she said. Did Lisa make a fool of her?

The cook was trembling. She couldn't calm down until the couple was leaving, thinking that her master didn't find out her trick.

But just as Ava was about to completely relax, Max suddenly turned around to stare at her. There was an astonishing coldness and cruelty in his eyes, which made the cook suddenly break out in cold sweat.

After changing her clothes, Ivy went back downstairs and found that there weren't too many servants in the villa. She looked at Max who was sitting on the sofa and reading a newspaper. She didn't know what happened before she came down.

At this moment, Jill was about to walk out with her luggage. Her eyes were red and puffy. Evidently, she had been crying. Seeing her drag her things across the room, Ivy asked Max, "Is she leaving?"

Raising his head, Max took a slight glance at Ivy, and then he said to the servant, "What are you doing? I didn't fire you. You may stay here keep working for me."

Jill was stunned for a while and looked at Ivy gratefully. "Mrs. Hua, thank you!"

Being thanked for no reason, Ivy was also confused.

After dinner, Ivy helped clean up the dining room a bit, and then went upstairs quietly. Since he was so mad at her today, he would definitely not let her sleep on the same bed. She'd better take her own things to sleep on the sofa.

She went into the bedroom in darkness. The dim environment made her unable to see clearly. She walked towards the place where she remembered she had put the suitcase. Soon she found it. Then she picked out a pair of pajamas and was about to step out quietly.

But when she turned around, she bumped into someone's hard chest.


Max turned on the dim light at the bedside.

Touching her nose which was hurt by the collision, Ivy looked up and saw that Max was standing there with an unhappy face. He seemed to have something to ask, but he just took a look at her coldly, without saying anything.

She quickly raised the clothes in her hands and said consciously, "I'm just here to take my pajamas. I'm getting out right now!" Afraid that she would infuriate him again, Ivy turned around to leave the room.

Hearing what she said, Max was a little sullen. He directly pushed Ivy on the bed, landed on top of her and held her in his arms and wrapped her with his slender legs and feet. Was this damn woman pretending or not?

Ivy was tightly hugged like a pillow by this narrow-minded and childish man.

Although Max's hug was cold, the gesture of it was unexpectedly warm. Ivy rubbed her head against his hard chest and found a comfortable position to relax and close her eyes. She comforted herself in her heart, convincing herself that it was just a rabbit pillow she was hugging, not some mean man's rock hard chest.

She didn't expect that self-hypnosis would work, and she fell asleep soon and even began to snore.

In the dark of night, Max opened his eyes and looked at the sleeping woman in his arms. His eyes were deep. What magic did this woman have that could affect him like this?

He held Ivy tighter. No matter what, she was destined to belong to him since she had already made him change his opinion of her! No matter what!

Ivy, who had thought that she would have nightmares, actually had a good night's sleep. The next morning, she opened her eyes. She was stunned for about three seconds, and then she suddenly screamed as she almost jumped out of the bed. What happened?

The warm touch from her hand and the strong smell of blood made her scream louder as she trembled in horror. She lifted the quilt and saw that Max's abdomen was soaked with fresh bright red blood.

"Max! Max Hua! Don't scare me! What's going on?" Ivy's voice pierced the air with unspeakable fear.

Her whole body trembled, not knowing what to do. She just wanted to know if there was anything wrong with this man and if this was even real.

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