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   Chapter 2 Distort The Facts

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"What have you done? Do you really want to know? What kind of messed up memory do you have?

How dare you ask that question!" Max was so furious. His eyes flared as if ready to kill someone.

Feeling her legs go weak, Ivy shook her head and stammered, "No, I don't want to, not anymore."

Her life was the priority over knowing what she had done. She could find out on another day. For now, it was more important to stay alive!

Seeing the frightened look on Ivy's face, Max's angular face brushed against her tender face and slid over. His thin lips slowly pressed against her earlobe. He said in a teasing voice, "Curious? Let's talk about it next time."

Then he turned around and took a step forward. "Take your things and let's get out of the hospital!"

Annoyed, she glared at Max who was walking in front of her. She felt like a useless slave that had to walk a few steps behind this bossy man.

She was the patient who was just discharged. However, she was carrying all the bags, while he, the boss held nothing in his hands.

Ivy felt a little depressed, because contradictory to her imposing manner, she was in reality, Max's little eunuch, a servant whose ball had been cut off. Nothing could be lower than that except scum.

"Cassie..." Max suddenly stopped in his tracks, turning around.

Ivy, who had obsessed too much with her thoughts, just stared at Max in a daze. Then she realized that he was calling her and snapped back to reality. She only mumbled, "What?"

Watching her behave strangely, Max forgot what he wanted to say.

Actually, Max just really wanted to pry into her mind to know what was going on in her head.

Ivy also found that she had made a slip of the tongue. Being stared at by those handsome and deep eyes, she just wanted to find a hole in the ground to hide in.

She desperately tried to change the topic. "I wonder how the child I saved is doing right now..."

However, under the sharp gaze of Max, the smile that she tried to ease the atmosphere with, abruptly turned into a hollow grin.

"The child you saved?" echoed Max in a cold voice.

His question, although mouthed with a faint voice, reached Ivy's ears, as if it had stirred up a huge wave. Why did he sound like something was wrong?

"Yes, I saved..."

"Wow Cassie, you haven't changed at all!" Glaring at Ivy with disgust, Max sneered, "Now you want to distort the facts just for the sake of your reputation again?"

"Distorted the facts?" Ivy looked at him in surprise. She knew that she did try to save that child How could he accuse her of distorting the facts?

"Don't even think about it! Your lies won't go unnoticed. Although there was no surveillance in that area, there were many witnesses." Looking at the surprised look on Ivy's face, Max felt the disgust brewing from the bottom of his heart.

Turning his back to her, he shrugged. "Don't get involved in this matter anymore. I'll handle everything."

Ivy followed his receding figure with dagger-like looks. Then she suddenly felt confused. The only memory that she could come up with was the scene before the car accident. How could it be? Was she making it up? Was her brain fooling her to create fake memories?

He took her back to his villa in Yunyan city. When they arrived at the gate, he called out to her as she got out of the car, "You go inside by yourself. I have some errands to run. I'll be back soon."

Looking at the petite figure walking towards the villa, Max drove away with complicated emotions in his eyes.

Ivy felt a strange sense of fear as looking at the huge villa in front of her.

But where could she go? She had no choice but to stay, even though this was her opportunity to run away. She didn't want to end up like a stray dog on the streets. She walked up to the grand main door of the villa and knocked.

Shortly after, a coquettish female voice came from behind the door. "Is Mr. Hua back?"

As soon as Ivy heard it, the door opened.

A woman with exquisite makeup appeared in front of Ivy, and the strong smell of perfume rushed up her nose.

The moment Lisa An saw Ivy and realized that Max wasn't there, the joy on her face disappeared.

She leaned against

the door with her arms crossed over her chest and said sarcastically in a cold voice, "How dare you come back after irreparably embarrassing Mr. Hua?"

With some hesitation, Ivy looked back at Lisa An and asked, "This is Max's villa, isn't it? May I ask who you are?"

Her simple yet biting reply rendered Lisa An speechless.

'I haven't seen her for only a few days, but she has already learned to use such vicious and sharp words. If it had been in the past, this woman would have beaten me up. How could she be so calm today?'

Lisa An gritted her teeth and glared at Ivy. "Cassie, don't think it's a big deal that you're Mr. Hua's fiancee now. I was the one who's been with him while you were in the hospital!"

A smug smile appeared on her face.

It suddenly occurred to Ivy how she was on tenterhooks in front that arrogant man.

This woman was with him every day? How could she stand that? Ivy then replied sincerely, "Then it must have been really difficult for you!"

"You! Cassie Song!" Lisa An's face turned red. Looking at Ivy's unmoving demeanor, she suddenly felt that this woman was getting more and more difficult to deal with.

Seeing this beautiful woman's face become pale white, Ivy was slightly worried about her. Remembering that she had been ill and shouldn't stress herself too much, it seemed that she had to stay away from this awkward situation as soon as possible.

With this thought, Ivy merely smiled at Lisa An and entered the villa.

Getting inside, Ivy noticed that the villa was designed and decorated in cold colors and tones. She inevitably thought of Max, whose style perfectly fit the atmosphere of the villa.

With the things in her hands, she didn't know which room she was supposed to stay in. She approached one of the servants who happened to be walking by. "Excuse me, which one is my room? Do you have any idea?"

The servant was a little frightened and was about to apologize, but she heard something she wasn't used to hearing - kind and polite words. She raised her head with her eyes wide open and looked at Ivy in disbelief.

Ivy was confused by the surprised look and asked again, "Do you know which room is mine?"

"Yes, Mrs. Hua! I'll show you to your room upstairs right now." The servant came back to her senses at once. Thinking of what her hostess had done to her before, she slightly trembled and began to help Ivy with the bags and other things she was carrying.

But Ivy simply smiled and said, "You don't have to bother so much. Just tell me which room is mine and I'll go there myself."

The servant's face turned deathly pale. 'Is Mrs. Hua going to fire me? Am I not needed there anymore?'

Trembling, she could only reply in a meek voice, "It's the third room after the stairway."

After getting the answer, Ivy smiled gently and said, "Thank you."

The confused servant could only watch Ivy who was going upstairs. Did she hear it wrong just now? Did her hostess just say 'thank you' to her?

It was just... Was there something wrong with her ears?

Lisa An, on the other hand, watched the scene coldly. Damn it! How did Cassie learn how to win people's support after that dreadful car accident?

Her eyes sank deep as she sneered.

Meanwhile, Ivy went upstairs and counted two doors after the stairway. When she got to the third door, she pushed it open with her luggage.

To her surprise, the door was locked. She tried again, but failed.

"Mrs. Hua, what are you doing there? That's not your room. This one is." The servant was still worried so after hesitating briefly, she followed Ivy upstairs.

Embarrassed, Ivy scratched her head and said, "I'm sorry. I made a mistake."

"Mrs. Hua, Mr. Hua specifically says that no one is allowed to enter that room," the servant plucked up her courage and said, seeing that her hostess was much easier to talk to than before.

As soon as Ivy entered the room of 'hers', she was shocked.

Was this really her style?

Looking at the room decoration that was almost all-black, she found it hard to feel at home in it. She silently put down her own things, turned around and asked the servant who followed her, "Well, is there any other available room?"

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