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   Chapter 80 Marrying Me as Soon as Possible

Love Order From CEO: Stay With Me By Qing Cheng Characters: 7643

Updated: 2020-09-23 00:02

After leaving Harry's house, Shelly was in a state of emptiness. Her mind was in a mess. She was forcing herself not to lose her temper, because she had lost the right to do so.

Holding her hand, Jay felt like holding a puppet. She didn't cry, smile or make any noise. She only followed her master obediently.

He put her in the car and fastened the seat belt for her.

"Shelly?" Jay said worriedly.

"Jay, marry me and take me away, okay? Let's leave A City and live in another city, okay?" Shelly's tone was like a plea, and she looked at Jay with blurred eyes.

With a self-mocking smile, Jay lowered his head. 'Shelly, you love him so much that you need me to take you away. It's pathetic for all three of us.'

He thought it in his heart, but he

deed, Jay had never promised her to keep the baby.

She kept silent for five seconds on the other end of the phone, and then said calmly, "I have to keep the baby. It's your business whether you want it or not, but he is now in my belly, and you can't decide his life."

"Well, as I said, this child has nothing to do with me. If you insist on not listening to my advice, just give birth to him."

"Jay, when did you become so cold-blooded? Do you still remember how warm you were? Just because of that woman, you have the heart to abandon your own child. Are you still a human being?" Tiffany roared excitedly.

Jay hung up the phone. He had nothing to talk to Tiffany now. If it weren't for the past relationship, he wouldn't have answered her phone.

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