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   Chapter 30 The Worst Meal

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After walking out of Harry's office, Shelly Gu was in a dilemma. Should she tell Jay not to tell Harry about their relationship? But in this way, it would be the same as if they were cheating on each other. What would Jay think? But if Jay spoke it out by accident, Harry would definitely hate her to death. This was obviously a banquet of evil intentions!

It was almost lunch time, so Shelly Gu didn't have time to think too much. She'd better give a heads up to Jay. It was easy to persuade Jay, but Harry, if he knew their relationship, she would definitely die miserably. In a hurry, she habitually took out her mobile phone from her bag and looked for it for a long time. Damn, she forgot the fact that her mobile phone was lost. She really had a bad feeling nowIt seemed that she wouldn't die because of her phone.

What should she do? Shelly Gu was thinking about how to inform Jay. If she had, she could send an e-mail. She quickly wrote an e-mail and sent it to him. Now she was begging God to bless Jay to see this e-mail.

"Jay, the boss of our department saw us chatting outside today. He is positive and doesn't like gossip during working hours, so he is a little dissatisfied with me. He inexplicably invited the two of us to lunch this noon, but I didn't tell him our relationship. I hope you don't spill it out. Keep it a secret for the time being. Reply to me as soon as you receive the e-mail.".

After sending the e-mail, Shelly Gu stared at the computer desktop. Finally, a minute later, Jay replied, "Okay, I see.".

Hearing this, Shelly Gu felt happy secretly. It seemed that the God had closed the door and opened a window for her.

As soon as the lunch time came, Harry came out, followed by Shelly Gu in a hurry.

"Mr. Li, where are we going for dinner?"

"Staff canteen."


Harry looked back at her and asked, "is there any problem?"

There were so many people in the staff canteen. What if they met people from the design department? Everyone in the design department knew her relationship with Jay. She could keep it a secret, but she couldn't let everyone in the design department listen to her. What if some gossiper accidentally spilled the beans?

"Oh, I'm thinking about it. There are so many people in the staff canteen. It would be so embarrassing if others see me having dinner with two managers." Said Shelly Gu

"Then let's go to the private room." Harry thought about Shelly Gu's words. What she said made sense.

"But But... " Shelly Gu hemmed and hawed, not knowing what to say.

Harry glanced at her impatiently and said, "say it quickly. Don't hem and haw."

"My phone is broken. I haven't contacted him yet."

Harry took out his phone from his pocket and handed it to her, "is it ready now?"

Shelly Gu looked at him gratefully, and then looked at him with a puzzled expression.

He said, "don't worry. I have his number."

Damn it! How could he know that she was thinking about this? It felt bad to be seen through, Shelly Gu roared in her heart.

"Hello, Jay, it's me. Our boss invites you to lunch today. Are you free?" Shelly Gu pretended not to know

"Okay. Where?"

"Oh, in the private room of the staff canteen, Mr. Li, which one is it?" Obviously, the last sentence was said to Harry


Judging from his tone, he had already arranged the dinner.

Harry was indeed a thoughtful man.

"It's in A310. We'll be there soon." Said Shelly Gu

When they arrived at the staff canteen, Shelly Gu found that there were a lot of people today. She also met Nana, who was about to greet her with a plate, but as soon as she saw the person next to her, she left dejectedly. But her eyes told her, "what's your relationship with Mr. Li? Have dinner together in the canteen?

Perhaps it was because Harry was so handsome that everyone's eyes were focused on him. Without looking back, Harry walked straight into the box.

"Wow, Mr. Luo." A scream broke the silence.

Everyone's eyes immediately shifted. Harry had entered the private room. As soon as Shelly Gu was about to enter, she heard someone calling Mr. Luo. She turned her head to look at the person, and then entered the private room as well.

Everyone's eyes moved along with the steps of Jay, and finally, everyone was stunned.

What's wrong with the Huipu group today? The two most handsome managers of the company came to the canteen for dinner. All the women were satisfied, and all the men were disdainful, but they also had a little inferiority complex.

After Jay sat down, Shelly Gu felt that the atmosphere today was very strange, and there was a trace of murderous will hidden in the air. Harry ordered a lot of delicious dishes, and Shelly Gu's mouth was watering, but seeing that the two people sitting opposite had no intention of eating, she could only rub the hem of her dress helplessly.

"Mr. Luo, I've heard that 'Star lover' is a jewelry designed by you when you were in college." Harry said at first

"You're welcome, Mr. Li." Said Jay with a gentle smile.

Shelly Gu found that Jay could smile gently to anyone, but there was a hint of hypocrisy hidden in his smile. Not everyone could see it.

"Come on, let me propose a toast to you." Harry picked up the glass gracefully.

"Mr. Li, your hand is injured. You can't drink." Shelly Gu hurriedly stopped him.

"A minor injury is nothing." Harry scolded.

Shelly Gu felt that she was like his little wife now, and he was an unreasonable husband.

"Mr. Li, what she said makes sense. Let's drink less." Jay agreed.

Drink as much as you can. Cheers!"



The two of them just drank one more glass for 1.5 hours. The company clearly stipulated that drinking was not allowed at noon, but these two bosses had obviously exceeded the standard.

Was drinking a game between men?

"Mr. Li, stop drinking. If you keep drinking, you won't have to go to work this afternoon." Shelly Gu advised.

"No need to go to work. Let's get hammered." Said Harry

"Good idea." Said Jay drunkenly.

Shelly Gu was going crazy. The two men began to drink as soon as they met. They didn't even quarrel, and it was very quiet. Why did the two men drink together? She really couldn't figure it out.

In order to prevent the two from drinking again, Shelly Gu quietly put away the wine bottle had never drunk and looked at good dishes. What a pity! Fortunately, she ate a little at the beginning, or it would be strange if she could eat after seeing them drink. She really felt that she had no appetite.

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