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   Chapter 29 Disturbance Caused By Self Criticism

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On the second day, Shelly Gu got up tiredly and had a quick breakfast. As soon as she went out, she saw Harry standing at the door of her house.

"Hey, what are you doing here in the early morning?" Shelly Gu asked in confusion.

"I need you to drive me to the company." Harry took it for granted.

"Why? You can also drive with one hand. You are not good at driving. Do you need me? "

"Oh, someone is so heartless. If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have saved her." Harry began to sigh at the fickleness of the world.

"Well, I'll drive you to the company now." Anyway, she would never win against Harry. After all, she loved him?

At the elevator.

"You can go upstairs first. I have something else to do." Said Harry

Shelly Gu found that Harry always wore a poker face and looked very serious when he was in the company.

"Oh, I see."

Harry went to the security room. The people inside looked at him as if he was their Savior.

"Mr. Li, you are here." The leader of the security guards said.

"What do you think? Have you found your phone? "

"Yes, I've found them. Have a look. Are these two books?" The leader of the security guards carefully took out his mobile phone from his pocket and put it on the table.

Harry looked at his phone. It was indeed theirs, but the screen was broken. It should be pressed by the car tires.

He put down a check and left with his phone.

After he left, there was a commotion in the security room. One hundred thousand? Mr. Li actually gave them one hundred thousand. It turned out that they could take one hundred thousand with two broken phones.

Harry returned to his office and made a phone call.

"Hello. Last time I saw a designer in Italy who specialized in customized mobile phone called basil on the magazine. Contact him immediately and ask him to send the mobile phone to me in the afternoon. Remember, you need a couple's mobile phone and a positioning function."

"Okay, Mr. Li."

Angel was a capable woman. Four years ago, Harry saved her by accident. At that time, she was pregnant, but she still wanted to jump into the river to commit suicide. After he saved her, he comforted her. Angel was grateful. After giving birth to her son, she had been working for Harry. He was preparing a company, and Angel helped her with a lot of things.

"Yolanda, someone is looking for you outside." A colleague in the office said.

"Oh, I see." Shelly Gu stopped what she was doing. Who could it be?

When she walked out, she saw that Jay was standing outside anxiously.

"Why are you here, Jay?"

"Honey, what's wrong with you? Your phone was turned off last night. I'm worried about you, so I come here to have a look."

"I'm sorry. I lost my phone and haven't bought it yet. I'm going to buy it after work today."

"Oh, I see. That's all right. You should go back to work now. Call me if you need anything in the future, okay?" Said Jay with concern.

"I see." Shelly Gu smiled.

She was exhausted last night. Besides, she couldn't memorize the phone number of Jay.

After watching Jay leave, she turned around and was about to go back to her office. As soon as she turned around, she saw Harry standing behind her with a gloomy face.

"Li Mr. Li. " Said Shelly Gu

"No chatting during working hours. Write a self-criticism letter and send it in before lunch." Harry said seriously.

"I wasn't just chatting." Shelly Gu


Harry smiled frivolously, "really? Is it? Tell me, what were you talking about with the manager of the design department? "

Shelly Gu was speechless. What could they talk about? Anyway, it was not a business. Well, it was her fault again this time, so she had to go back and write the self-criticism obediently.

Harry found that he hated it when there was another man around Shelly Gu. He hated it when she talked to others.

What kind of world was this? Even teachers didn't allow her students to write self-criticism. Now even the ferocious head teacher didn't allow her to do so. It was really helpless that Harry still liked this old trick. But the self-criticism was a small thing for Shelly Gu. There were many master self-criticism letters on the Internet. At that time, she could casually pieced them together and print them out. Just when Shelly Gu was about to do it on Baidu, Harry sent it to her a message was sent.

Miss Gu, remember to write it by hand. Don't think about plagiarizing on the Internet.

This message had thoroughly sent Shelly Gu to hell. Was there any mistake? Harry was so terrible that he knew her motives.

Shelly Gu had no choice but to write the self-criticism letter honestly. She had wanted to ask Harry how many words he wanted, but then she thought about what if she asked him and Harry said 1000 words. It was safer not to ask. She didn't care how many words he had written and handed it in. Will he ask her to redo it? She believed that Harry was not such a freak.

Time flied and it was noon. When Shelly Gu sent the documents, she also handed in her self-criticism. On a 1/4 size A4 paper, her clear handwriting was shown in front of Harry

Harry looked at the paper that couldn't be smaller and said, "good written, but you are lazy. Have I ever asked you to submit a self-criticism letter of fifty words?"

Shelly Gu muttered in a low voice, "you didn't say how many words you wanted. How could I know?"

"What did you say?" Harry asked discontentedly.

"Why did you ask me when you heard it?"? Do you really want me to say it again? " Shelly Gu said loudly.

Harry looked at her in disbelief, "how dare you talk back?"

Shelly Gu turned her head in disdain and looked arrogant.

"If you keep this attitude, I'll ask you to sort out meeting records of the previous ten years and write a report. What if you don't finish all the work today?" Harry sneered.

She couldn't afford to work overtime with the whole department. By that time, she would be chopped to death by those people.

"Mr. Li, I'm sorry. I'll redo it ." Shelly Gu corrected her and said with a smile.

"No, thanks. Just have lunch with me." Harry lowered his head and began to read the document.

"Okay." Shelly Gu agreed happily. It was just a meal, wasn't it? It was not a big deal. The punishment was too easy.

"Take your cousin." Harry added coldly.

"Cousin?" What cousin?


"Can I ask Mr. Li which cousin you are talking about?" Shelly Gu still didn't remember who her cousin was.

Harry's tone suddenly changed, "you ask me?"

It was Jay. She remembered that last time when she drank too much in the pub, Jay came to pick her up. Harry asked her about her relationship with him at that time, and she said that Jay was her cousin. She had casually said that she had already forgotten. She didn't expect that Harry still remembered it clearly.

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