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   Chapter 27 The Woman In The Photo

Love Order From CEO: Stay With Me By Qing Cheng Characters: 6771

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"Not your boyfriend? Oh, little girl, he hasn't got you, has he? " The doctor said.

"Doctor, why are you so gossipy? Not to mention gossiping, but guessing something impractical." Shelly Gu glanced at Harry helplessly, but he looked slovenly and complacent.

"Yes, doctor. This lady is very difficult to catch up with. I'm still working on it." Harry said, lying comfortably on the bed.

"Well, I understand. Girls nowadays are all like this, very cunning." Although the doctor said so, his face was full of happiness.

Shelly Gu couldn't stand it anymore. It was so greasy.

After the nurse bound up Harry's wound, the two of them left the hospital.

In mansion No. seven, Diana was sitting on the sofa, drinking coffee elegantly and reading a magazine.

The black dragon came in gingerly.

Out of the corner of her eye, Diana caught a glimpse of the person. She smiled and thought, 'Oh, finally here.'.

"How's it going?" Diana put down the magazine and asked.

"Miss Failed. " The black dragon lowered his head, not daring to look at Diana's wrinkled face.

"What?" Diana patted the sofa hard, and the whole living room was surrounded by black.

"My lady, there is a worse news. I don't know if I should tell you or not." The black dragon bit the bullet and said.

After adjusting her mood, Diana said, "tell me."

"Mr. Li was hurt because of saving Shelly Gu."

"What did you say? Say it again! Where did he get hurt? Is it serious? Which idiot of yours hurt him? Send him to feed the dogs. "

"Mr. Li was slightly injured. He went to the hospital just now. He is probably discharged from the hospital now."

"Who did it this time?" She wouldn't let go of the person who dared to hurt Harry. Even if it was her father's man, so what? She had to torture him to death.

"It's Tony." The black dragon faltered.

"Drag him to the prison."

What was that? That was the hell the Gong clan used to deal with their enemies. As long as they entered, they couldn't come out.

The black dragon had worked hard for Nathan Gong for the rest of his life, who was cruel and merciless, but he was also loyal to his brothers. He would never let his brothers die.

The black dragon suddenly knelt down in front of Diana and said, "Miss, the black dragon didn't beg you for anything. Please let go of Tony this time. He didn't mean to do that. It's all Shelly Gu's fault. She is the one to blame." The black dragon cleverly shifted the target. In fact, Diana hated Shelly Gu to death. Being instigated by the black dragon, she hated Shelly Gu even more.

Shelly Gu, why? Why do you come here to snatch Harry from me?" Excited, Diana knocked over everything on the tea table. A photo frame with her mother's photo was knocked over to the ground. The frame was broken, and the photos inside were revealed.

How could there are two photos? Diana stared at the photos on the floor in confusion.

She picked up two photos. One was her mother, and the other was a woman she didn't know.

The woman in the photo was wearing a Ballet Dress and standing elegantly in the dance room.

Just then, Nathan Gong came back.

With two photos in her hands, Diana slowly walked up to Nathan Gong and asked, "father, who is this woman?"

Nathan Gong was shocked, but then he pretended to be calm and said, "she was my younger sister when I was young."

Her si

ster, ha ha, even her father began to lie. Diana was good at gauging people's words and expressions and could notice the subtle expressions on people's faces. Her father had been guilty just now.

"Then why did you hide this photo in mom's photo? Is Dad's sister so shameful?" Diana said sarcastically.

"You..." Nathan Gong was so angry that he almost slapped on Diana's face.

But Diana looked at him fearlessly because she knew that her father wouldn't beat her.

"What? Dad wants to hit me? "

"Black dragon, take her to rest. She is not allowed to make trouble without my permission." Nathan Gong said as he grabbed the photo.

"Dad, are you going to put me under house arrest? You have never been so angry with me since I was a child. Are you going to put your daughter under house arrest just for the woman in the photo? " Diana shouted excitedly.

Since her childhood, Diana had been the apple of Nathan Gong. She was not happy today, and now her father was going to put her under house arrest for an irrelevant woman. She felt that she was going crazy.

With a headache, Nathan Gong waved his hand and said, "don't come out until you figure it out."

This time, Diana was even more anxious. "Father, what did I do wrong? Tell me, what's wrong with me? If it's really my fault, I'll accept the punishment. But now I don't know why you are angry.

The black dragon sighed helplessly and said, "Miss, please don't say anything more."

That woman had always been Nathan Gong's weakness. For more than 20 years, every time Nathan Gong thought of her, he would be very painful. The black dragon had watched him all the time, so he naturally knew everything.

Without saying a word, Diana silently followed the black dragon upstairs.

"Uncle black dragon, do you know something?" Diana just wanted to get close to him and know who that woman was.

"Miss, please don't ask anymore. I won't say anything, but I believe that one day boss will tell you everything. Although the secret is hidden, it will be discovered one day." The Black Dragon said meaningfully. There was no expression on his face, and she couldn't get anything.

Since Diana was a child, she didn't have a mother, and she didn't have the concept of a mother when she was a child. Later on, when she went to kindergarten, the children laughed at her for not having a mother. When she went back home, she cried loudly. Nathan Gong told her that her mother died of difficult labor when she gave birth to her, and she would never feel inferior again. It was not that she didn't have a mother, but that her mother had just left her very early, and she still had a mother. Her father, who loved her so much, was stronger than any other mother. On her seven year old birthday, Nathan gave her all her mother's photos. When she was sad, she would take out her mother's photos to see, and sometimes she would complain why her mother left so early.

"I see. You can leave now. I want to have a rest." She opened the door tiredly and fell on her big bed.

She took out her phone and wanted to call Harry, but she was afraid of exposing her weakness, which was really annoying.

After thinking it over, she dialed a number.

Joey, it's me." Diana said coldly.

On the other end of the phone, Joey was so scared when he received the call from her that he said in a trembling voice, "yes

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