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   Chapter 22 Drink With Harry

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Harry His mother called him.

"Mom." Standing still, Harry just called his mom from a distance.

come home." Mrs. Li couldn't bear to see her son being alone. She felt sorry for him and persuaded him a lot over years But she didn't success

"Okay, as long as he apologizes to me." Harry didn't call him Dad

Blue veins stood out on his father's forehead, who pointed at Harry and said, "you are such an unfilial son. You didn't even call me father. It's a waste of money to raise you. If you have the ability, never come back."

"Don't point at me with your finger, because you are not qualified. Don't worry. I would rather be homeless than step into the Li family." Harry said with a straight face.

"Don't think I can't do anything with you. I have a lot of evidence of your arms smuggling and diamond smuggling. As long as take any of them to the police station, you will immediately lose everything." He was really angry.

"Father, when did you become so noble? It seems that you haven't broken the law. What? Are you going to sue me? Just go ahead. Tiger poison doesn't eat its cubs. " Harry's face darkened. Although he called him father, it was ironic. It was better not to call him. Harry used to call him father, but since then, he had never called him father.

"Enough! Don't argue anymore. Every time we meet, you start to quarrel with each other. Do you really want your family to be destroyed?" Mrs. Li couldn't help but think that the father and son were really enemies

As soon as Shelly Gu was about to go upstairs to have a rest, she heard the quarrel between Harry and his father. She had been eavesdropping at the stairs.

It turned out that this was the reason why Harry didn't take over the family business. What kind of deep-rooted hatred could make the father and son quarrel like this? In that case, Harry was innocent. Shelly Gu felt a little sorry for Harry. Although she had lost her parents a long time ago, how happy would it be if she quarreled with them every time they met?

It was not until Mr. Li and Mrs. Li left that Harry entered the lounge.

Shelly Gu walked towards Harry's room with heavy steps.

She hesitated for a long time and finally decided to knock on the door, because she wanted to comfort him.

"Come in." Harry said in a low voice.

Shelly Gu walked in cautiously. Harry was sitting on the blanket, drinking alone and looked up at the her and asked, "Why are you here?"

"Sorry, I saw it just now." Shelly Gu walked up to Harry and said.

did you see that? It's okay. I won't be angry. Why are you so serious? I'm used to it for so many years. Don't make fun of me. " Harry said with a bitter smile.

Shelly Gu couldn't bear to see him so depressed and sat down and said, "it's boring to drink alone. Let me drink with you."

However, as soon as she sat down, Harry hugged her and said, "let me hold you for a while

Harry's tone was like begging. He was usually arrogant, but now he was begging others.

He smelled like a mature man. Smelling his scent, Shelly Gu leaned on his shoulder and put hand on his back to feel his temperature quietly.

After a long time, Shelly Gu really hoped that time could stop at this moment. This was the first time that Harry took the initiative to hug her, and she would never forget this hug for the rest of her life.

He gradually calmed down and let go of her. He looked at her quietly.

Shelly Gu felt uncomfortable again, "is there anything on my face?"

He smiled and said, "no, your hair is messy." Then he reached out and tucked he

r hair behind her ears.

Her heart thumped wildly. It turned out that Harry was also so gentle. Unfortunately, this kind of tenderness did not belong to her, but to that woman.

"Thank you." She said politely.

Shelly Gu, can you drink?"

What did he mean? After all, she had been to the bar and asked her if she could drink. Shelly Gu smiled at him and said, "of course I can. It's just that I can't drink much."

"That's good. Drink with me." Harry said sadly.

"Okay." Shelly Gu agreed without hesitation.

Harry was extremely fragile now, and it was also a good time for him to fall in love with her. She really hoped that she could stay with him all the time and do anything.

When she came back to her senses, Harry had already poured her a glass of wine.

"The 06 year old Matt." He raised his glass and said.

She took the wine from his hand and said, "Cheers."

After clinking glasses with her, Harry drank the wine in one gulp and then poured some into the glass.

"Let me tell you a story." Then he drank another glass of wine.

Shelly Gu had a hunch that Harry was going to tell his own story, because story usually developed in this way. After drinking, true words speak.

"There is a boy, who has a family that everyone envies since he was a child, and he has excellent grades. He passed the college entrance examination with full marks and entered Demin University. Harvard University also sent an invitation, but he wanted to stay here and refused. That day, he couldn't wait to tell his parents the news, but he was pulled to a KTV by a group of classmates. They had a good time. That day, he drank a lot and went to the bathroom. When he came back, he went to the wrong room. Accidentally, he saw his father holding another woman, and beside him there was a boy of his age. He clearly heard the boy call his father father. Under his pressure, his father said that the boy was his half brother and that woman was his mother's best friend Harry smiled and continued to drink a glass of wine.

At this moment, Shelly Gu's heart was incomparably heavy and she quietly listened to him.

"Later, the boy's mother knew that her best friend had affair with her husband, under too much mental pressure and was hospitalized. His father decided to solve the problem. After all, his family knew it. He decided to take the woman and son home to make up for the hardships they had suffered outside these years. The boy's grandfather was very angry and strongly opposed, But his father insisted. Three days later, the mother and son were picked up. From then on, this house was not like a home. Their mother had been staying in the hospital all the time and the family members seldom talked. At that time, the most authoritative grandfather in the family did not like the illegitimate child because the illegitimate child often contradicted him. There was once a quarrel between the two, and the illegitimate child pushed his grandfather. His grandfather had a cerebral hemorrhage, so he died on the spot. Since then, he began to hate his father. It was all his fault. Once, the woman took his son to go shopping and had a car accident on the road and they died. The family finally calmed down, but it was difficult to get back together. His mother recovered and left the hospital. For the sake of the dead, he forgave her husband, but the boy won't forgive his father no matter how hard his father tried. Unless his father apologizes but his father won't yield. So, he went to Yale in America in a huff and stayed there for four years. "

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