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   Chapter 20 Bella's Birthday (Part Three)

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Sure enough, Bella was also a canary trapped in a cage. All of a sudden, Shelly Gu felt lucky that she was not born in that kind of family. Although her parents had left her a long time ago, for a moment, she felt a little sorry for Harry and Bella

The birthday party started at two o'clock in the afternoon. At about half past one, all guests arrived one after another.

Bella was busy greeting the guests, and Harry was nowhere to be found.

Shelly Gu stood in a corner of the hall. In fact, she didn't like this kind of occasion. She always felt that she didn't fit in, so she slowly tasted the red wine in her hand.

"Uncle, aunt, you are here." Bella's voice suddenly sounded in Shelly Gu's ear, and the crowd immediately quieted down, and Shelly Gu's gaze was naturally shifted. A middle-aged couple came over, and the man's face was serious, but very handsome. It reminded her of Harry, yes, he must be Harry's father. Judging from the woman's figure, she was very slim and beautiful. Her skin was white, tender and smooth. She was more than 40 years old and take good care of herself. After looking at them carefully for a while, Shelly Gu quickly looked away.

happy birthday. It's my gift." Said Harry's mother.

Bella took the gift happily and hugged her warmly. "Thank you, uncle and aunt."

Harry's father didn't say anything more. After saying happy birthday, he smiled faintly.

"Brother, sister-in-law, you are here." Another middle-aged couple came over.

Bella called in a sweet voice, "father, mother."

"Look at you, getting more and more beautiful." Said Harry's mother.

"So does he. He's getting more and more handsome. He came here today. I saw him just now, but I don't know where he is now."

Bella tugged at her mother's dress anxiously, "mother, what are you doing?"

"Brother, sister-in-law, why are you doing this? After so many years, what kind of deep hatred could not be resolved? We two can't interfere with your family affairs, but I'm a straightforward person. It's not easy for him to be outside. I also feel sorry for him. "

The atmosphere in the air suddenly stiffened, and Bella seemed to see that anger was about to burn.

Her mother had loved Harry since childhood and treated him as her own son.

"Uncle, aunt, father, mother, it's almost time. I'm going to the stage." Bella smiled politely.

Bella walked onto the stage, motioning for the band to stop playing. The light was dim, and she gracefully picked up the microphone. All eyes were immediately attracted by her, and everyone was explaining her.

"Thank you for coming to my birthday party today. I know you are all busy, so now that we are here, we should be happy. We break the boring games in the past birthday parties. Today ould be my lead, but later I will come up with an idea. We'd better choose a man and a woman randomly on the spot, The two men and women with the number 5 formed a team to lead the dance. What do you think? "

"Okay." The atmosphere began to boil.

"Now you can go to the waitress's glass to draw out a piece of paper, the female friends go to the waitress's place, and the men go to the male waitress's." As soon as Bella finished, ten waiters came up with large goblets in their hands. The crowd rushed to them.

Bella stood on the stage and saw Harry standing not far away, who stood t

here expressionlessly, motionless, and beside him stood Diana. Bella tugged at the two pieces of paper in her hand and she really didn't like Diana, because Diana was more ambitious than the sky and always looked self righteous. Such a person didn't deserve to stand beside her cousin at all.

At last, Bella decided to implement her original plan. She slowly walked down the stage and came to Shelly Gu's side.

are you bored?"

"It's just that this kind of occasion is not suitable for me. But as for your birthday, I'm also very happy."

"Do you like my brother?" Bella pointed out what was on Shelly Gu's mind.

However, Shelly Gu looked calm. Only she knew how flustered she was now. Over years, whenever others mentioned the name of Harry, her heart would beat faster, but she never let others see through her, pretending that it was none of her business.

"Not really. It's just a kind of appreciation. Women like Mr. Li Shelly Gu was telling the truth, but she didn't dare to tell Bella that she liked her cousin.

With a disappointed expression, Bella said, "it turns out that you only appreciate him. I thought you like him, but it seems that I think too much. But, please do me a favor. I want you to lead the dance with my cousin. Don't you object?"

"Okay, but isn't this a draw?" said Shelly Gu with a smile

Bella snickered, "I've prepared. Look." She reached out her hand and two pieces of paper appeared in front of Shelly Gu. It turned out that Bella had already prepared! !

Shelly Gu was a little flustered. It seemed that she hadn't danced with Harry yet. Her heart beat fast at the thought of the intimate contact between him

"That's settled then. I'm going to see my cousin."

Before Shelly Gu came to her senses, Bella had disappeared from the crowd.

On the other side, Diana followed Harry closely without leaving.

let's not draw lots, okay?" Holding Harry's arm, Diana said coquettishly.

Harry certainly knew what Diana was thinking. He nodded and didn't say anything, indicating that he acquiesced in it.

At this time, Bella walked over and held Harry's left hand intimately. The two women were holding Harry's left hand and right hand. People who didn't know them might think that the two women were fighting for a husband.

"I'm sorry, today is my birthday party. I have the final say on all the rules. If you are not satisfied with it, you don't have to stay here. You have decided to draw lots. Now I have something to talk with my cousin. I'm sorry." Bella's frivolous smile seemed to be a demonstration.

Diana wanted to explode, but she remembered her father's words that she needed to have a good relationship with Bella, so she endured it. Humph, it wouldn't be too late to teach her a lesson after she married Harry

Bella took Harry's hand and walked to Shelly Gu. "Here you are. I've already made a deal with her. She generously agreed to my request. You have to agree, too."

Harry thought for a while and knew what the request was. He was leading the dance with Shelly Gu. Somehow, he wanted to flirt with Shelly Gu now.

"Oh, Miss Gu, you want to dance with me so much. Since you are so sincere, I will mercilessly agree."

Looking at his smug face, Shelly Gu really wanted to beat him, but sometimes she just liked his smug face. Men were not bad, women did not love.

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