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   Chapter 19 Bella's Birthday (Part Two)

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Harry helped her take out a big gift box from the trunk and handed it to her.

Seeing her silly look, Harry put his arm around her shoulder and dragged her forward.

Embarrassed, Shelly Gu could do nothing but let him hold her.

As soon as the two entered the hall, they saw Bella, who was commanding the servants to place things.

"Hey, be gentle. This flowerpot is very expensive. Why is this tulip? Didn't I say that I want a hyacinth? " Wearing a pair of slippers, Bella straightened her waist and gave command in a funny way.

Shelly Gu couldn't help laughing.

Harry and Bella looked at her at the same time.

The former was sharp but a little funny, while the latter was completely confused and surprised.

why are you here?" Bella strode over.

"What else can I do? Of course I came here for breakfast. Shelly Gu, make breakfast for me. " Harry said while walking and he sat on the sofa leisurely.

"Why me?" Shelly Gu was not convinced. There were so many servants here, and any of them could make breakfast. Why should she? He really treated himself as a boss

"You knocked at my door so early in the morning, which disturbed my sleep. I'm your driver. You have to repay me."

How shameless you are! You have already got up when I knocked on the door. You look so energetic in the morning. What else do you mean by being my driver? You dragged me into the car, but I didn't beg you. Humph! Although thinking for a while, Shelly Gu didn't say that, because she knew that Harry was a narrow-minded man. If she didn't meet his requirements, he would definitely take revenge on her. Perhaps he was taking revenge on her now.

"Okay. I'll be right there." Shelly Gu said in a very funny tone.

Bella, however, stood aside and watched, grinning from ear to ear.

Please take Miss Gu to the kitchen." Bella said considerately.

Bella, this is my birthday gift for you. Happy birthday to you." Shelly Gu handed the gift to her.

Bella said happily, "Wow, this is the first birthday gift I've received this year. I want to see what it is."

She opened the package unhurriedly, only to find a skirt inside.

Bella took out her dress and looked at it. "There is no logo. It must be made by you, right?"

Shelly Gu smiled sheepishly, "I don't know what I should give you. I think you don't lack those precious things, and I can't afford any luxuries. This dress is a token of my love."

Shelly Gu, I'm so happy. This is definitely the best gift I've ever received. Thank you. Can I put it on now?"

"Okay." Shelly Gu smiled with satisfaction.

Then, uncle Jiang took Shelly Gu to the kitchen. The kitchen of Bella's family was really big, comparable to that of a five star hotel, where there were all kinds of tableware, ingredients, and tools.

do you know what Harry likes to eat?"

He likes sandwiches the most, but this one is a little difficult to make. Let me teach you."

"Okay, thank you

There were only two people left in the huge hall, Harry and Bella. The servants were all sent away by Bella

uncle and aunt will come here today. Aren't you going home yet? Do you really want to fight alone outside? "

"I've been too cruel to him. I can't do anything if he doesn't admit his fault." Harry said resolutely.

Alas, how can father apologize to son in this worl

d? What's more, he was not an ordinary man. The pride of Harry was completely inherited from his father. Like father, like son, like son.

"Well, it's up to you. I have persuaded you for so many years, and blood is thicker than water. Think about it again. Is it good for you to be so stubborn?"

Harry didn't say anything. He also knew what would happen after he left the family. Everything that could have been handled simply would be complicated, but he didn't believe in this evil. He believed that he could make a difference.

In the kitchen, Shelly Gu made sandwiches in a hurry. What kind of flavor does Harry have? 'it's so picky and troublesome to have a sandwich. The egg must be scorched outside and tender inside, egg yolk can flow, the cheese must be authentic Swiss Army cheese, and the meat pieces must be cooked with fire chicken.' Shelly Gu thought to herself.

"Breakfast is ready." Said Shelly Gu, holding a tray.

Harry took a look at the sandwich and milk. In fact, he didn't have much appetite, but when he saw the innocent face of Shelly Gu, Harry suddenly wanted to eat.

"Cousin, I'm going to change clothes. Shelly, come with me." Bella said.


Bella's room was in the middle of the third floor of the castle, decorated in a European style, a white tripod piano by the window.

take a seat. I'm going to change my dress." Bella greeted warmly.

Sitting on the sofa and looking around the luxurious layout, Shelly Gu suddenly thought of a question. Could a princess like Bella choose the life she wanted? As for Harry, they had been the focus of attention since childhood. What kind of world did they live in since they were pampered by so many people?

When she was about to be in a daze, Bella put on dress and came out, which fitted her very well. She was sweet, and this dress made her more obedient and elegant. Shelly Gu smiled at her with satisfaction.

what a beautiful dress! Thank you. I like it very much." Bella sat beside her like a docile cat.

Bella, do you like piano?"

"I began to play the piano when I was three years old. At first, I liked it very much, but later, I was tired of it and wanted to give up. Once, I couldn't play well the song 'memory of the Tang family', so my mother locked me in this room and didn't allow me to go out. Later, my cousin came to me. He told me that not everyone could learn the piano, and some people couldn't even afford it. We were born to be successful. We are not born queens, but we have the genes of queens. We have to try our best to achieve our parents' expectations. In the eyes of outsiders, we are cold, noble and difficult to approach, so I rarely have true friends. Since childhood, my cousin has been the best to me. We are just like biological siblings. In fact, I admire my cousin very much, because he is braver than me. When he was in high school, they quarreled with each other because of one thing. After graduation, my cousin went abroad alone and didn't depend on his family. It was not easy for him to be alone all these years. Today's birthday party, his parents would come. In fact, my aunt missed him very much and tried to persuade him to go home many times, but he was stubborn, and I couldn't persuade him. " Bella's beautiful face kept changing and she frowned and looked worried.

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