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   Chapter 18 Bella's Birthday (Part One)

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In mansion No. seven.

"Dad, I'm back." Seeing Nathan Gong sitting on the sofa, Diana greeted him.

"Did you succeed?"

"Dad, you really made me lose face, but only once. He agreed. If it weren't for your trick, I'm afraid it would take a long time."

Harry agreed to let Diana be his girlfriend, which meant he agreed to let her be his wife.

"My dear daughter, I'm defeated by you. You must like Harry. Although he is talented, he is not a good person." Nathan Gong patted the back of her hand and said.

"Dad, don't say that. I just like him. I won't marry anyone except him."

"Okay, okay. It's up to you. As long as he treats you well, if he dares to betray you, I won't spare him."

"Thank you, Dad." Diana said with a sweet smile.

Nathan Gong picked up the invitation on the tea table and said, "a few days later is Bella's birthday. This is the invitation. That girl has a good relationship with Harry, more intimate than ordinary cousins. If you want to be his wife, you have to make good contact with her. Haven't you met her before? Anyway, it's good to have a good relationship with her."

"I know, Dad."

On the night before Bella's birthday, Shelly Gu had finally finished the dress she had designed. She planned to give it to Bella as a gift. Shelly Gu had spent a long time and thought about it for three days. The dress was mainly pink with sky blue as the theme, and the waist was specially designed with a belt. The hemline of the dress was in the shape of a lotus leaf fish tail. The whole dress looked very romantic.

"Ha ha, it's done." Shelly Gu looked at the dress happily

On the second morning, Shelly Gu got up early to pick up clothes for herself and dress up, who planned to go to Bella's house early. The party would begin in the afternoon, but Shelly Gu wanted Bella to wear the dress made by herself. She was sure that Bella would like it. Oh, she forgot to ask where Bella lived. She only knew where Bella was studying. On such a day, she would definitely not be at school

Harry came to open the door in a neat suit. Shelly Gu glanced at him and found that he also got up so early.

"What's up?" Harry looked her up and down and said crossly. Shelly Gu was so scantily clad that a large part of her waist was exposed and the hemline was so high that she could walk naked in the wind.

"Where is your sister's home? I have something to give her. "

"Why don't you call her and ask her?"

"Then there will be no surprise." Shelly Gu silently added in her heart, "do you understand!

But to her surprise, with his arms crossed, Harry looked down at her and asked, "what about the invitation? Isn't there an address on it? "

Yes, there was an address on the invitation. Shelly Gu, you are such a fool and forget such a thing. Now you are going to be laughed at by Harry

In order to save her face, Shelly Gu said, "I lost it when I was cleaning house a few days ago."

Harry looked at her for a while, as if thinking about the authenticity of her words.

Shelly Gu didn't feel guilty at all. Yes, she just lost it. I just asked for the address It was troublesome to be indecisiv


"Let me take you there. With your intelligence, I'm afraid you won't be able to find the address. Besides, you can't get in without the invitation." Harry said coldly.


What do you mean by 'Oh'? ? ? Harry hated it the most. He was the only one who could say "Oh" to others. How could anyone say "Oh" to him?

Forget it. Just ignore. There were plenty of opportunities to cure her.

Holding a big gift box, Shelly Gu opened the trunk of her car, but was stopped by Harry

"What are you doing?" Shelly Gu asked sourly.

"Get in the car with me." Harry didn't say anything more, just took away the big gift box and put it into the trunk of his car.

"Do you want to come in by yourself or should I invite you?" Harry leaned against the car window with one hand and held the steering wheel with the other.

Seeing the gift box with her own eyes, how dare Shelly Gu ask Harry to invite her to get in the car? She might be stuffed in by him, so she'd better sit on it herself.

Shelly Gu shook her hand and smiled, "thank you. I can do it myself." She opened the door gracefully and got in. She had to admit that the feeling was good.

Harry glanced at her, and she also glanced at Harry, thinking, 'what are you looking at? I must be very beautiful.

Seeing that she didn't fasten the seat belt for a long time, Harry got impatient. Why was this woman so stupid? She also has a car, doesn't she? She didn't fasten the seat belt when she got on the car.

"Fasten the seat belt." Harry said coldly.

Embarrassed, Shelly Gu turned around and fastened seat belt. What happened today? She had made a lot of mistakes, which embarrassed her.

As soon as she came to senses and sat down, Harry stepped on the gas and sped forward like a rocket.

"Ah, slow down, 130 yards. It's not high-speed. If the camera takes a picture of you later, you will be fined." Shelly Gu said anxiously.

Harry was calm and played music. He knew clearly what she was worried about and where there was a camera. 130 yards was nothing.

Seeing that he ignored her, Shelly Gu didn't want to make a fool of herself. What Harry hated most was that others were talking not nutritious in his ears. Bored, she looked around and saw a delicate gift box. Was it a birthday gift for Bella? She didn't ask more, lest he would dislike her later. In this way, the two kept silent all the way.

The car slowly drove into a maze like manor, with neat trees on both sides. At last, it stopped in front of an old castle

Shelly Gu was stunned. She had only seen such a magnificent castle in TV dramas, and never seen such a magnificent castle even when she had gone abroad. It seemed that Bella was really a princess.

The grand iron gate was opened soon, and Harry stepped on the gas.

Two rows of servants stood in front of the car

"Hello The servants greeted

Shelly Gu had never seen such a scene before. She took a deep breath and felt so embarrassed that she didn't know where to put hands. Although she was rich, she really couldn't compare with Bella

"Get off the car." Harry said.

"Okay." Shelly Gu got off the car gracefully.

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