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   Chapter 16 His Temperature

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"Why don't you tell me?"

Harry looked intently at her back and said, "the ghost of the fisherman is right behind you. He is slowly walking towards you."

Shelly Gu was so frightened that she threw herself into his arms.

Harry patted her on the back and said, "it's okay. Don't worry."

Three seconds later, Harry burst into laughter.

Shelly Gu realized that Harry was playing a trick on her. In a panic, she escaped from his arms.

She stared at him, very angry. She was a coward, but he still frightened her.

Seeing that she didn't say anything, he said, "I just want to ease the atmosphere and scare you. Who knows you are so afraid of ghosts?"

I'm not afraid of ghosts, but you. Shelly Gu thought to herself.

She still didn't say anything. Harry was a little anxious and said, "Hello, Shelly Gu, are you scared silly?"

"No, I'm going back." In a fit of pique, Shelly Gu took off his coat, threw it into his arms and left.

Harry strode to catch up with her and said, "it's okay for you to be angry with me. It's my fault to scare you, but don't embarrass yourself. It's cold at the seaside. It's not good for you to catch a cold."

His tone suddenly became very gentle, and the heart of Shelly Gu suddenly softened.

It was said that a woman's coquetry could melt a man's heart. She felt that Harry's gentleness could melt the iceberg.

"Okay." Shelly Gu didn't know what to say for a moment. She had been quiet all her life without any perfunctory meaning.

Harry gently put his coat on her again, which made her heart beat faster.

On the way back, the two of them didn't say anything and just walked home awkwardly.

Harry walked back and forth in his bedroom and looked at the clock on the wall. It was already half past nine. He didn't know if Shelly Gu had gone to bed. Thinking of how scared she was today, Harry's heart trembled. He wanted to say sorry to her, but he found that he couldn't keep his face. Damn it.

Just as he was hesitating, his phone rang.

Harry answered the phone unhappily.

"Hello, cousin."

"Yes. What's wrong?"

Your voice sounds unhappy."

Harry rubbed his temples and said, "I scared Shelly Gu

Bella almost jumped up from the sofa, "what? What did you do to her? "

"Who on earth is your cousin brother? I feel that your relationship with her is better than mine. Do you have a conscience?" Harry said with dissatisfaction.

"All right, cousin, I love you the most, okay? But I like her, she is my idol, and I think she is a good person, so I like her very much."

"Sure enough, women are the same." Harry said with contempt.

"What on earth have you done to her?" Bella came back to the point.

Harry was not interested in telling her the whole story.

Your EQ is really low. But it's not your fault. You haven't been in love before? You're 24 years old, but you haven't been in love. I think you'd better make do with it. " Bella smiled.

Harry thought disdainfully.

Before he could answer, Bella continued anxiously, "in fact, women were easy to coax. You just need to send me something. Perfume, chocolate, clothes, and bags are all okay. Remember to be sincere."

Perfume, chocolate, clothes, bags, women were all the same vulgar. Where could he find these things in the middle of the night?

After hanging up the phone, Harry walked a fe

w circles in the living room, annoyed. At last, he stopped in front of the storage cabinet. He didn't like chocolate, which was sweet and greasy, so he didn't have chocolate at home. But last month when he went to the United States on a business trip, he bought a limited edition of Dior perfume. He had planned to give it to Bella. But Bella was allergic to perfume, so he didn't send it out. The perfume had been kept at his house.

He picked up the perfume, walked back and forth a few circles, and finally pressed the doorbell of the Gu family.

Shelly Gu hurried to open the door. She was wearing a bathrobe, and there were still a few drops of water on her sexy shoulder that hadn't been wiped clean. Her hair hadn't been wrapped up with a bath towel, and water dripped down from her hair to her collarbone.

Harry couldn't stay calm anymore. Should Shelly Gu seduce him so directly?

"Why are you here?" Shelly Gu said coldly.

"If I say I'm coming to apologize, do you believe me?" Harry pressed forward step by step, stepped into the door of the house aboveboard, and closed the door at last.

Shelly Gu knew that Harry was a gentleman and would not take advantage of her, so she was not afraid at all.

"Oh? Is it? Tell me. " Shelly Gu sat on the sofa leisurely, crossed her legs elegantly and leaned slightly.

Harry was a little annoyed. Now Shelly Gu looked as arrogant as he was in the office during the day.

After thinking for a while, he said, "it's my fault for what happened tonight. Please accept this bottle of perfume as my apology."

"What happened? Why didn't I know?" Shelly Gu said innocently.

This woman was really an angel with a devil's heart. She deliberately made things difficult for him.

But it was all his fault. If he hadn't scared her at that time, she wouldn't have been in such a miserable situation. The boss apologized to his subordinate. This should not have happened in Harry's world.

"It's just that I scared you." Harry felt like a primary school student now. If he made a mistake and apologized to the teacher, he had to tell the whole story in detail. Everyone knew it clearly, so why did he bother?

Seeing that Harry's face darkened, Shelly Gu knew that he was about to explode, so she accepted the gift smartly.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief. He was really not good at apologizing.

"Have a seat." Shelly Gu said. She knew what she was doing at the moment. In fact, she was seducing Harry. Although she was unwilling to do so, in order to attract Harry's attention, she had to choose some special means.

"No, thanks. It's late now. Go to bed early. You have to go to work tomorrow."

"OK." Shelly Gu stood up and made a mischievous move. She tripped over the sofa on purpose and fell to the ground.

Harry caught her quickly and held her in his arms. When the two four eyes met, the ambiguity in the air instantly soared.

Harry felt very hot. Although the air conditioner was on in the living room, he was still very restless.

Shelly Gu stood up quickly and thanked him.

He glanced at her and said, "be careful next time."

After he left, Shelly Gu went back to her room. Every scene of her and Harry still flashed through her mind. At this time, her aunt called.

"Hello, aunt. I've been doing great recently. And I've made 1/3 of the progress."

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