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   Chapter 15 Take A Walk With Harry

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After dinner, Shelly Gu was bored and drew designs at home.

Suddenly, Bella called her. Shelly Gu lay on the sofa and chatted with her for a while. Shelly Gu liked Bella very much, who was sincere and lovely.

when are you free? Can you go shopping with me? " Bella said coquettishly.

Any time after work." Shelly Gu smiled gently and she took Bella as her sister.

Hearing that, Bella was happy at once. "How about tomorrow night?"

"Okay, I'll treat you to dinner tomorrow night." Shelly Gu said cheerfully.

You are so kind. My tutor is here and I have to go play the piano. Bye."

"Okay, bye."

After hanging up the phone, Shelly Gu was in a daze for a while. She missed her college a little. At that time, she had a good time. She had a carefree day, went shopping with her roommates in her spare time, watched movies and chatted with them. She really missed the comfortable time.

Another familiar music sounded. Shelly Gu picked up the phone and looked at the screen: Harry

How could it be him?

What happened to them? As soon as she hung up the phone, her brother called.

Shelly Gu cleared her throat and answered the phone, "Hello, Mr. Li."

"Don't call me Mr. Li after work." Harry's voice sounded quite pleasant.

Why not? Or call him Harry Although the caller ID was Harry, it was strange to call him in this way. After all, she was his assistant now.

"Okay, Mr. Li."

Harry felt as if a flock of crows were flying above his head. Couldn't Miss Gu understand human language? I've told you not to call me Mr. Li. It's definitely a IQ problem.

"What are you doing?"

"I just called your sister."

"Really? What did you talk about? " Harry asked closely.

"You won't be interested in the topic between women." Shelly Gu refused calmly.

Unexpectedly, Harry became more interested. "Who says I'm not interested? Tell me quickly."

At this moment, Shelly Gu felt a group of crows overhead. Was Harry bored and wanted to talk to her on the phone?

"Let's go shopping tomorrow."

"As the saying goes, two people accompany each other, and three people seek pleasure. Let's go together."

"Are you lonely now?"

"Sort of. Or you can go out with me. I have been working at home today and have never gone out."

Shelly Gu felt that Harry was a little cute and shameless at the moment. She smiled silently and said, "okay."

"Okay, see you at the elevator door in five minutes."

After hanging up the phone, Shelly Gu rushed to her room and opened the closet. Was this a date with Harry? She looked at her chiffon dress and was not very satisfied with it and changed into a sleeveless dress with a thousand bird pattern. The neckline was designed with water drops, which made her sexy. Standing in front of the full-length mirror, she looked at her figure. With this dress, she was really slender. She smiled with satisfaction, picked up a pair of black high-heeled shoes and put them on. She picked up a chain bag of black classic style, looking very capable.

When she walked out of the door, she saw Harry standing in front of the elevator with his back to her. Harry was also wearing the thousand bird pattern, which made Shelly Gu chuckle in her heart.

"Mr. Li." Shelly Gu walked gracefully to Harry and said.

Harry glanced at her, and then his eyes were filled with shock. She was also wearing t

he thousand bird pattern!

"You also like the thousand bird character?" Harry asked.

"Yes, I like it very much."

Harry smiled faintly, "you have a good taste."

Of course, I have studied design for four years. How can I have a bad taste in design? "You're welcome, Mr. Li."

"It's not far from the sea. Are you interested in going there?"

"What?" Shelly Gu was dumbfounded. She shouldn't have come out in high heels. She looked at the high heels and smiled sheepishly, "wait a minute. I'm going to change a pair of shoes."

When she came out in a pair of flat shoes and stood beside Harry again, she found herself much shorter. She looked at him and found that he was about 185 in height, while she was only 165. Without high heels, her height was immediately exposed, and her head was in his chest.

"Let's go."

"Okay." Shelly Gu followed him quickly. Harry had long legs. If she was not quick, she would be left behind.

Harry took her to a shortcut. After three streets, they arrived at the sea.

"Mr. Li, how do you know there is a shortcut to come here?" Shelly Gu asked curiously and she always felt that people like Harry didn't like to walk and should drive his flamboyant car at any time.

"I found it myself."

"Oh, there is no one here." Looking around, Shelly Gu found that there were only two people here, Harry and her.

"See? There is a light tower over there." Harry raised his neck and pointed to the light tower.

Shelly Gu looked around and found the light tower was white, which was built on a large reef and looked very beautiful.

"Wow, it's so beautiful here." Shelly Gu smiled brightly and looked at Harry

Unexpectedly, Harry looked at Shelly Gu a few more times. He hadn't seen such a beautiful smile for a long time.

It was getting dark. There were so many stars on the beach tonight. When Shelly Gu found that Harry was staring at her intently, her heart beat faster and faster. She felt hot on her face. Fortunately, it was dark and he couldn't see it, or she would be embarrassed.

She hurried to the light tower and went upstairs. Harry followed her.

The wind was strong at night by the sea, and Shelly Gu felt a little regretful that she had worn so little. It was really cold. It was autumn now, and the temperature varied greatly between day and night. It was not cold to wear a dress at noon, but the wind at night blew, and Shelly Gu was not weak at all.

She held her arms and looked into the distance at the sea.

Suddenly, a familiar heat came from her body.

It was Harry's coat. She took a look at Harry, who was standing next to her. He was handsome, with his hands in his trouser pockets, and his eyes looking ahead. His profile was clear, as if he was a man walking out of a statue. For a moment, she was fascinated by him.

"Am I handsome?" Harry's magnetic voice echoed in Shelly Gu's mind.

"Don't be so narcissistic." Shelly Gu said calmly.

"Let me tell you something about this sea. It didn't have a name before. Later, a fisherman took his wife to live in a small wooden house by the sea. One day, the fisherman went out to fish, and he never came back. His wife waited here for years until she died. So people called this sea the soul sea. It was said that the soul of the fisherman would come back at night to keep his wife company. " Harry stopped abruptly.

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