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   Chapter 12 Harry's Cousin (Part Two)

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Bella thought for a while and said, "you and my cousin were classmates in primary school, so you must be older than me. I'll call you sister, okay?"

Shelly Gu smiled and said, "Okay, I don't mind treating you as my little sister. You are really cute. Mr. Li, you are so lucky."

"What? Mr. Li? Why did you call my cousin Mr. Li? " Bella asked in confusion.

"She is my assistant now." Harry explained.

It was said that three women made a play. Why didn't he have a chance to speak at the dinner today?

"Oh, I see. Shelly, why don't you be a designer? What a pity! There is no designer in the design world. " Bella sighed.

"Although I am not a designer anymore, I will still design some works in my spare time. If you like, next time you come to me, we will discuss it together." Seeing the disappointment on her face, Shelly Gu comforted her.

Bella liked fashion clothes and jewelry very much, but she was not vulgar at all. She just liked them.

"Great!" Bella was happy again.

Suddenly, something occurred to Bella, so she turned to look at Harry

Harry looked at her strangely and asked, "Why are you looking at me?"

"Ha ha, cousin, you just said that she is your secretary, so you must take good care of her and don't be rude to her. Shelly, if my brother dares to bully you, you can tell me and I will help you teach him a lesson." Bella said like an adult.

Hearing Bella's words, Harry's heart sank. He kindly arranged today's banquet to introduce Shelly Gu to his cousin, but he didn't expect that he was courting death. Sure enough, women were ungrateful.

"Okay." Shelly Gu said in cooperation.

can you tell me the origin of the golden Michael? Last year, you only said that you wanted to design beautiful dresses for the most beautiful musicians in the world. Many people want to know your design inspiration. " Bella asked curiously.

"Last summer vacation, I went to Vienna alone for a vacation. Vienna is a kingdom full of music. The air is filled with musical notes. One afternoon, the sun was shining brightly. I walked on the street alone and felt the foreign charm. In fact, I had some inspiration at that time. On the second day, I went to the golden hallAfter the concert, when the performers were celebrating, my inspiration came. Many designers designed clothes for models, and I respect them very much, so I especially wanted to design dresses for them. After I went back, I designed six sets of dresses with blue as the main theme, and then matched them with broochs. The broochs were also highlights, and they were all designed with blue as the themeSome musical symbols. "

Bella listened carefully and asked, "then why not call it a blue one, but a golden one?"

"Blue gives people a sense of sadness, but gold, like the sun, shine. And this is the inspiration in the golden hall. I prefer blue, so it is called golden Michael." Shelly Gu explained.

Harry pretended to look at the scenery outside the window casually, but in fact, he listened carefully.

"I see." Bella sighed.

Tonight, Shelly Gu and Bella talked a lot. The two of them were in a very good mood. With a wide appetite, Bella ate a lot, because she knew that h

er cousin would pay the bill. The two siblings had always been like this and her brother would pay the bill Every time Harry asked her to pay the bill, he would always pay. How could Harry let a woman pay the bill?

When the three of them were about to leave, Harry told Bella that Shelly Gu was living next to his house, which meant that they were neighbors. Bella pestered Shelly Gu and said that she wanted to go to her house to see the design and talk with her for a long time. Shelly Gu wanted to agree, but Harry couldn't stand it anymore. Since they met, the two women had talked from eight o'clock to ten o'clock, he felt that they talked more in the past 2.5 hours than he had said in his life. Harry didn't like boisterous people either.

At last, Harry dragged Bella into the car. Bella had to go back to school with the driver.

Shelly Gu and Harry drove home one after another.

Two cars were parked in the underground garage of No. 320 Haibin road.

The garage was very quiet and empty.

The sound of Shelly Gu's high heels echoed in the air.

The two walked awkwardly for a while. At last, Harry asked first, "do you like the apartment?"

"Yes, you are right."

"Well, as long as you like it." Although Harry said so, he was very unhappy in his heart. He didn't like others to share an apartment with him, and he was used to living alone. When he moved into the apartment of the company, his request was not to live on the same floor with others, so the boss agreed without hesitation. But yesterday, he didn't know why he was willing to share it with others this time.

The two entered their own apartment and didn't say anything.

Shelly Gu took out her phone and sent a message to Harry, "thank you.".

Harry rubbed his temples wearily and found that his mobile phone in his pocket vibrated. He took out his mobile phone and found that it was a message from Shelly Gu

thank you? Why should she thank him? What was she thanking for?

He quickly replied, "are you thanking me for inviting you to a big meal tonight?"?

After reading it, Shelly Gu really wanted to reply: go to hell. But she didn't reply him in this way. Instead, she replied him with two words, "hehe".

Harry looked at the phone expectantly, but only saw two words "Hehe", and his face suddenly darkened.

After a comfortable shower, Shelly Gu received a call from Jay. She had lost contact with Jay for the whole day. She didn't look for him, nor did he look for her.

"Honey, what are you doing?" His voice sounded tired.

"Yes, I just took a shower and am going to sleep."

"It's so late

"Well, what are you doing?"

"I didn't go to work today. I just came back home and my phone was out of power. I'm sorry, so I didn't contact you. My friend had something urgent this morning, so I went to help." Jay's voice was full of apology.

Shelly Gu wanted to ask whether a man or a woman, but later she felt that her relationship with Jay was fake. They were just at the beginning, and she didn't want to ask too much.

"Well, you must be tired. Go to bed early. Good night." Said Shelly Gu considerately.

"Okay, go to bed early too. See you tomorrow. Good night."

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