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   Chapter 11 Harry's Cousin (Part one)

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Crossing her arms, Shelly Gu stared at Nana with her beautiful almond eyes and said, "I didn't say that you are not friends. Why are you blushing?"

"Ah, I'm going to hit you." Nana pretended to be angry.

"Come on, come and catch me. If you catch me, I'll let you beat me." Shelly Gu said with a snicker.

Nana really went to chase after Shelly Gu. The two of them chased after each other in the office. Since it was still early and Harry hadn't come yet, and other colleagues were also sparse, the two of them were more unscrupulous.

Suddenly, Shelly Gu bumped into a strong embrace.

She raised her head and saw Harry

"Mr. Li." Shelly Gu stammered nervously.

"Are you playing hide and seek or chicken?" Harry scolded.

"Mr. Li, this is for you to run away and I'll chase after you."

Harry's face darkened at the mention of this.

Nana, why are you still standing here? Go to work now. Don't think you can play here for a long time. This is the office, not the amusement park." Harry said in a serious tone.

Shelly Gu glanced at him and didn't dare to say anything.

"Miss Gu, come in with me." Harry walked into his office with a perfect figure.

Shelly Gu felt like weeping but had no tears. Every time she talked to Nana, Harry would call her into his office. Although this time not only talked, but also expressed her feelings physically.

She entered Harry's office with a dirty face.

Alas, they are going to be criticized again.

"This is the key to the apartment." Harry threw a bunch of keys and a door card to Shelly Gu

"Thank you, Mr. Li."

"The apartment is at 320 Haibin road. You can move there after work."

"Okay, I see." Shelly Gu replied respectfully.

A scene flashed through her mind. Harry, in a Dragon Robe, sat solemnly on the throne, while she, a servant girl beside him, was worried that his Majesty would be angry and lose her mind at any time.

"Don't forget to have dinner at eight o'clock in the evening in the sky city. And, wear formal clothes, just like when I met you in the elevator last time." Harry said expressionlessly.

Shelly Gu was so excited that she even remembered it!

"What?" Although she was excited, Shelly Gu still pretended not to know.

"A few days ago, when you went to the Sky City, I saw you in my elevator. You are wearing a black dress. Am I right?" Harry grinned, still wearing a serious expression.

"Yes, that's true." The smile on her face froze.

"Go to work."

In a bad mood, Shelly Gu walked out of the room. She had always thought that Harry was supercilious and would not notice her. She didn't expect that he would recognize her. Then what about Jay?

The day passed quickly, and Shelly Gu finally got off work.

She rushed to her aunt's house. This time, she didn't have many things to move, so she didn't ask to move to the company. She knew that she wouldn't live there for a long time.

When Shelly Gu arrived at No. 320, Haibin road with her luggage, she was stunned.

It was an independent apartment and looked very high-end.

When she pushed the door open, she was shocked by what she saw.

How could an apartment arranged by the company be so luxurious?

She took the elevator to the 18 floor. There were only two doors on such a big floor. Shelly Gu opened her door, which was decorated in a very modern way.

Shelly Gu walked around with satisfaction. The room was clean and

tidy. It seemed that someone had come to clean it yesterday. Harry was a reliable man.

The night life began at eight o'clock. Shelly Gu drove to the city of sky. It was the second time she came here this week. In fact, she liked this revolving restaurant very much.

Shelly Gu wore a white lace dress tonight, looking very slim. She took the elevator to the top floor, which was thirty-two floors.

The revolving restaurant of the Sky City was built on the first floor. The first twenty floors were all ordinary themed restaurants, and the first twenty-one floors were revolving restaurants. The higher the floor was, the more expensive the food would be. Normally, a meal would cost fifty thousand or sixty thousand dollars. The thirty-second floor was a crystal restaurant, and the top of the crystal restaurant was made of glass. The materials of these glasses were different from ordinary glass materials, making them look likeAs the name suggested, it was crystal restaurant.

Shelly Gu gracefully walked into the crystal restaurant. There were only two people sitting there. It seemed that they had been booked. The business here had always been good, and many people couldn't make an appointment to come here for dinner.

Bella sat beside Harry in a pink dress. Shelly Gu saw her from a distance.

Shelly Gu walked over. Seeing her, Harry stood up and moved the chair on the opposite seat.

"Anne, you are Anne!" Bella stood up excitedly, as if she had seen a star she had chased for many years.

"Are you Mr. Li's cousin?" Said Shelly Gu with a smile.

"Yes, I am." Bella stared at Shelly Gu with a smile.

Shelly Gu felt a little uncomfortable and smiled awkwardly.

A very magnetic voice rang in Shelly Gu's ear, " what are you doing? Let Anne sit down first!"

Bella smiled sheepishly. Realizing that she was impolite just now, she sat down immediately and looked at Shelly Gu with a smile.

"Cousin, why didn't you tell me that Anne would come tonight! It's so annoying. I was not mentally prepared. Just now you said you would wait for someone. I was wondering who it was! " Bella pouted and complained. She was very cute.

Shelly Gu sat opposite to Harry. They looked at each other and a smile appeared on his face.

"Your idol, Anne, is my desk mate in primary school. Her name is Shelly Gu Harry said with a warm smile.

Shelly Gu hadn't seen such a warm smile on Harry's face for many years. For a moment, she was somewhat absent-minded.

"Wow, cousin, you are so bad. Why didn't you tell me last night? Why didn't you tell me! I hate you! " Bella said coquettishly.

Looking at Bella], Shelly Gu also liked her very much. What a vigorous girl.

Seeing that she was smiling at her, Bella immediately changed the topic and began to introduce herself, "my name is Bella, and I'm twenty-one years old. I'm a student of the second year of the top two music school. I saw you at the fashion design exhibition in Milan last year. At that time, you stood on the stage. I like you very much. I have your photo in my phone! I didn't expect you to be my cousin's primary school classmate. The world is so small. Oh my God, I'm so happy. "

Your cousin must haven't told you that I'm his assistant now, Shelly Gu thought to herself.

"you can call me honey from now on. You don't need to call me Anne. I feel a little strange, and my Chinese name is familiar." Shelly Gu said.

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