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   Chapter 10 Moving Out

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After all, Shelly Gu and Harry had been at the same table for three years, so she naturally knew how to irritate this man. The best way was to ignore him. Her trick was called playing hard to get. She just didn't expect that Harry would fall into a trap so soon.

She looked straight into Harry's eyes, which were so beautiful, even though he was angry. They were so deep that Harry felt like a European man.

"You hurt me." Shelly Gu frowned and said unhappily.

Harry didn't let go of her, as if he hadn't heard what she said. He continued to hold her with all his strength. When Shelly Gu tried to get rid of him, it was in vain.

The two of them kept silent for a while. After a long while, Harry said slowly, "what's your relationship with him?"

He is my fiance. Do you believe it? Shelly Gu thought with self mockery.

Of course, Shelly Gu was not that stupid. She would not tell Harry that Jay was my fiance. If she told him, how could she continue to seduce him?

"He is my cousin." She said softly.

Harry relaxed at once, as if he had won without a fight.

He also let go of her. Looking at Shelly Gu's arm, four blood red marks appeared.

Harry also looked in the direction of her arm. The four bright red marks were shocking on her white arm.

He said apologetically, "I'm sorry."

Shelly Gu didn't expect that Harry would apologize at all, glanced at him, shook her head and said, "it's all right."

"Since your cousin is here to pick you up, I'll go first. Be careful." Said Harry

"Bye, Mr. Li." Shelly Gu smiled politely.

"Bye." There was an incomprehensible emotion in his tone.

After saying goodbye to Harry, Shelly Gu got on the Audi A8.

As soon as she got on the car, Jay asked her softly. Shelly Gu answered in cooperation. In fact, her mind was in a mess today.

"Honey, where is your classmate?"

"She is still playing. It seems that she has got a handsome man."

"How much wine did you drink?"

"Not much. Just two glasses of Manhattan."

She had drunk five glasses of wine, but she lied to him. She didn't know why, but maybe she didn't want Jay to worry about her.

Shelly Gu felt a little sleepy while chatting with Jay, so she took a nap.

When they were about to get home, she was woken up by Jay.

In a daze, Shelly Gu opened her eyes and rubbed her temples.

"Honey, we are home." Jay's gentle voice echoed in her ears.

"Thank you for sending me home."

"You're welcome. We're engaged. You don't have to be so polite to me. I'll support you. By the way, I called you at ten o'clock today. Why did you turn off your phone later? I thought something happened to you and I was worried about you for a while. " Jay looked at her intently, his long eyelashes trembling.

Shelly Gu really didn't want to lie, but she had to. She couldn't say that it was because of Harry.

She said calmly, "I don't know. This phone is always crazy. Sometimes it will turn off automatically, and it will take a while to turn it on."

"Oh, I see. You can change a phone."

"Well, I'll change another one next time when I'm free."

The two chatted for a while before Shelly Gu entered the house.

"Aunt." Called Shelly Gu

Sitting on the sofa and reading a magazine, Coco heard the voice of Shelly Gu and she raised her head and said, "you are back."

Knowing that her aunt was waiting for her to

report the situation, Shelly Gu put down her bag and sat beside Coco

"Everything went well today. I pretended that I didn't know Harry. Besides, I lied to him that the house I rented outside will expire tomorrow and I need to find a new house. But he arranged an apartment for me in the company. He also lives in the apartment. I want to move out, so it will definitely be further from the plan."

"Okay, I support you. But you have to take good care of yourself when you live alone, okay? Remember to come back to see your aunt when you are free. " Coco said happily. It was indeed a wonderful beginning.

The wind was still warm in the late summer night. Standing on the balcony, Harry looked at the lights of thousands of families in the distance.

He took out his phone and called his cousin.

"Hello, cousin. What can I do for you?" Bellar's sweet voice came through the phone.

"I have Anne's signature. Do you want it?" Harry said calmly while taking out the paper from his pocket.

"Wow, really?" Bella raised her voice.

Bella had been fond of Anne since she saw her work at the Milan fashion design exhibition. Anne was her goddess. How could she not be excited?

"When did I lie to you?" Harry never lied to his cousin. He loved her very much since childhood and treated her as his own sister.

"Hiram, when are you free tomorrow? I'll treat you to dinner. How about this? I'll come to you after class tomorrow. What do you think?" Bella couldn't hold back her excitement.

Harry knew that the reason why she invited him to dinner was for the signature, wasn't it?

"Then book it in the crystal restaurant of the Sky City" Harry said with a smile.

Bella was unhappy. Her cousin demanded an exorbitant price!

Harry implied that you would book a crystal restaurant tomorrow night!

She gritted her teeth. She had no choice. It was for Anne's signature that she had agreed.

"Cousin, you are so open-minded. It's getting late. Go to bed early." After saying that, Harry hung up the phone.

On the other side, Shelly Gu was busy packing up. She was going to move tomorrow. She had lived with her aunt for such a long time and was reluctant to leave all of a sudden.

When she was busy packing up, her phone rang.

She put down her work and looked at her phone. It was a message from a strange number. "Are you asleep?"?

It was already half past eleven. Who else would send her a message? Did she send it wrong?

Confused as she was, she asked, "who are you?

Soon enough, she received a reply from the other end of the line, which read, "Harry

How could he have my phone number? Shelly Gu was even more confused.

This afternoon, Harry opened the profile of Shelly Gu and saved her phone number secretly.

Oh, I'm going to sleep. Shelly Gu replied.

After a long time, Harry didn't reply her.

"Are you crazy?" Shelly Gu murmured to herself.

On the second day, Shelly Gu came to work in a low spirit. She had a good relationship with her colleagues and everyone liked her.

Nana, when did you go back last night?" Shelly Gu made herself a cup of coffee and came across Nana

"About eleven o'clock. I'm so tired that I can't get up this morning." Nana complained.

"How's it going with the handsome man last night?" Shelly Gu asked jokingly.

Nana blushed and said, "what? We are just friends now."

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