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   Chapter 9 Harry Changed His Face

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Harry had never been a curious person, but this time he slid on Shelly Gu's phone.

"Hey, honey, are you done?" Said Jay softly.

Harry felt annoyed. Damn it! How could this man talk to Shelly Gu in such a gentle tone? He turned off his phone and put it back into his bag.

Not far away, Shelly Gu came out with a serious face. After going to the bathroom, she felt much better. Although her face was still red, she was not dizzy and her will was clear.

Without a guilty conscience, Harry grabbed Shelly Gu's hand and said, "let's go. I'll drive you home."

Shelly Gu broke free and said, "my friend is still here. I have to find her and say goodbye to her before I leave."

Women are really troublesome, Harry thought.

Although he thought so, he followed Shelly Gu obediently.

He was afraid that Shelly Gu would meet another rogue. Anyway, he thought all the men except him were rogues.

He wondered why he cared so much about Shelly Gu. They just met today

No, the woman in a black dress in the elevator of "sky city" last time was exactly Shelly Gu

The scene of that day flashed through Harry's mind quickly. That day was the birthday of Diana, who invited him to dinner in the Sky City.

The "Sky City" was his favorite restaurant in A city. Harry had always wanted to take his beloved woman to have dinner there. He didn't know why his beloved woman knew that he liked the "sky city", so he insisted on taking her there. The "Sky City" was the highest revolving restaurant in the A City, which could view the scenery of A city from all directions. Every time he stood in the "Sky City" In the crystal restaurant on the top floor of the city, people would relax themselves wholeheartedly. Especially at night, the night scene was very beautiful, from which they could see the sea clearly.

I'm a little drunk today. My friend is waiting for me outside. I'm leaving now. Be careful and send me a message when you get home." Shelly Gu found Nana at the bar counter, who was drinking with a handsome man.

Nana glanced at Shelly Gu and said with a smile, "don't worry. I can handle it myself. Tell me when you get home that you are safe."

"OK." Shelly Gu made a gesture and left with a smile.

Harry knew that Nana worked in his department, so he didn't follow her. Instead, he stood not far away and waited for Shelly Gu

Shelly Gu saw Harry leaning against the wall and looking at her with ease.

'what's wrong with him? Why is he looking at me as if I won a lottery?'.

She walked over and took her bag from his hand.

"Hey, why don't you say thank you?" Harry protested discontentedly.

"Oh, thank you." Shelly Gu walked ahead smartly.

Harry caught up with her and said, "are you thanking me? You are so perfunctory. " Harry decided to let it go.

"Thank you, Mr. Li."

Shelly Gu felt a chill in her heart. She even felt that what she had just said was so disgusting.

Without saying a word, Harry strode forward.

Shelly Gu hesitated for a few seconds and followed him immediately.

The two came to the parking lot.

Shelly Gu walked towards her car.

When she was about to open the door, Harry stopped her.

"What are you doing?" He looked at her seriously.

"Go home." As a matter of fact, Shelly Gu didn't feel anything wrong.

Harry was a little angry. Was she deaf? She turned a deaf ear to his words! The more he thought about it, the

angrier he became.

"You want drunk driving?" He said with a fake smile.

Shelly Gu looked at him with amusement. What was he angry about now?

"No. someone will pick me up." Said Shelly Gu

Harry sneered, "ha ha, is it Jay?"

Shelly Gu's heart skipped a beat. How did he know? ? ?

Seeing the guilty look on Shelly Gu's face, Harry got even angrier.

"Do you know your expression now? His tone instantly dropped to below zero.

Looking at his unhappy face, Shelly Gu asked guiltily, "what are you doing?"

Harry really wanted to say that she was like a wife who was caught cheating on her husband.

He didn't know why he was so angry. He was not a person who was easy to get angry. Ordinary people would not irritate him. It should be said that people who irritated him generally had no good end.

Shelly Gu was not in the mood to guess what was on Harry's mind. In a panic, she took out her phone from her bag and unlocked it, only to find that the screen was still black.

Is it out of power? That's impossible. Before coming to the bar in the evening, it still had eighty percent of the power. Shelly Gu decisively pressed the power on button, and sure enough, the screen lit up.

She looked at Harry, who had nothing to do with her.

Shelly Gu's sixth sense told her that this must have something to do with Harry, or he wouldn't have known about Jay

She looked at the call log and found that Jay had made a call at ten o'clock and was answered.

"Don't look at me. Yes, I answered the phone. You were in the bathroom at that time, and I turned your phone off." Harry not only didn't apologize, but also said righteously.

"Why did you turn off your phone?" Shelly Gu asked.

"Are you questioning me?" Harry was furious.

"Yes." Shelly Gu said boldly.

"I can do whatever I want. What's wrong?" Harry looked down at her with his arms crossed.

Shelly Gu hated it the most when others refused to admit their mistakes even though they had done something wrong. She was speechless and didn't want to say anything.

Seeing that she didn't say anything, Harry asked, "what's your relationship with Jay?"

Raising her eyebrows, Shelly Gu looked at his exasperated face and said, "are you questioning me?"

This girl used what he had just said!

"Yes." Harry was even more confident.

"Do we have anything to do with each other? You are just my boss and subordinate. Oh, and a primary school classmate. " Shelly Gu said fearlessly.

Shelly Gu, you are so arrogant!

Harry found that he was in a bad mood and would explode at any time. He stared at Shelly Gu motionlessly.

A piece of music suddenly rang in the suffocating air. Shelly Gu picked up the phone.

"Hello, Jay Her tone softened at once, which was exactly that kind of tenderness.

Harry stared at her angrily. There seemed to be a fire burning in his heart, which could erupt at any time and anywhere, while Shelly Gu was dancing beside the volcano. It was not dangerous.

"Well, I'm going home. Have you arrived?"


"Okay, I'll wait for you at the door."


Harry couldn't hear what Jay was talking about. He only knew that the relationship between Shelly Gu and him was unusually good.

"Good night, Mr. Li." Shelly Gu said casually, locked the door and left.

She left!

Harry was really pissed off. He strode forward and grabbed Shelly Gu's white and thin arm.

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