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   Chapter 8 Hero Rescuing The Beauty

Love Order From CEO: Stay With Me By Qing Cheng Characters: 6575

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"M city" was the largest and latest bar in city A. It was divided into two places. One was A music bar, and the other was a regular bar. The quiet and elegant classical music was in sharp contrast to the lively and novel DJ.

Wearing a purple tight strapless dress and a pair of eight centimeter high black high-heeled shoes, Shelly Gu walked into the "camouflage city" with sexy steps.

The noisy music made Shelly Gu a little depressed. She didn't like noisy places. In fact, she hated bars very much. Some people got drunk here, and some people indulged themselves here. Shelly Gu didn't like to see people depraved. She waved her big waves and walked to the bar counter.

"Hi, Joey." Nana popped out from behind.

Nana was dressed in red shorts, showing her snow-white and delicate legs. How many men would covet her beautiful legs! Just like Shelly Gu, Nana didn't like to wear heavy makeup even when she came to the bar.

Nana, when did you come here?" Shelly Gu said loudly. The music in the bar was too noisy.

Nana put on an exaggerated expression and said, "about ten minutes ago."

"Are you going to the bar counter for a drink?"

"Why do you drink at the bar counter like a fool? Let's go to the dancing floor and dance. " Nana said with a bright smile.

"I don't like the dance floor. It's too chaotic there." Shelly Gu shook her head and refusedNana's invitation.

Nana looked at Shelly Gu as if she was looking at a fool and said, "well, I'm going to dance by myself. Look, the handsome man over there is flirting with me!" As soon as [郁菲菲] finished her words, she ran into the dancing floor.

Shelly Gu smiled helplessly. She sat alone at the bar counter and said to the bartender, "five glasses of Manhattan."

The bartender looked at her strangely. She looked like a thin woman. She didn't have any friends with her, so she ordered five glasses of Manhattan at once. Ordinary people would order one first.

Shelly Gu understood the doubts in the bartender's eyes and said, "I'm the only one here. Can you drink?"

The bartender didn't say anything and soon brought five glasses of Manhattan to the bar counter.

Shelly Gu stood with her hands on her head, staring blankly at the five glasses of wine in front of her. Her aunt's plan had a successful beginning, but why was she so sad? Her aunt wanted to revenge on Harry's parents. Harrywas innocent, and he was kind-hearted to find a house for her today. Shelly Gu really didn't have the heart to hurt the person she loved. She didn't understand why people would drag innocent people in for hatred. Unconsciously, she had drunk five glasses of Manhattan. When she stood up and wanted to go to the bathroom, she bumped into a person in a daze.

"I'm sorry." Shelly Gu apologized immediately.

"Damn it!" The man wanted to continue swearing, but he took back his dirty words after taking a look at Shelly Gu

"I didn't mean it." At this moment, Shelly Gu felt dizzy, although she was still very clear minded.

"You just hit me and apologized?" The man looked at Shelly Gu's figure rascally.

"Sorry, I really didn't mean it." At this moment, Shelly Gu felt very helpless. If she hadn't been drunk and dizzy, she really wanted to show her fist. She knew that the man had deliberatel

y made things difficult for her.

The man snickered, "little sister, how about this? Have a drink with me." The man grabbed Shelly Gu's arm and tried to drag her away.

Shelly Gu struggled to escape, but found that she couldn't use all her strength.

"Little sister, let's go. Follow me. You will be happy." The man dragged Shelly Gu hard.

A man in an Armani suit was sitting on the sofa not far away. He crossed his legs and stared at Shelly Gu He stood up slowly and walked steadily to Shelly Gu He pulled Shelly Gu into his arms.

Before Shelly Gu could react, she fell into a familiar and strange embrace.

"Fuck off!" Harry stared at the rogue man and said fiercely.

The man looked at Harry and took a deep breath. "You Who do you think you are? How dare you meddle in my business? " Although she was scared, she still pretended to be tough.

Harry hated it the most when others went against him, especially those incompetent people who had to be tough there.

"Ahhh!" The man shouted.

Harry didn't talk to him anymore. Instead, he stretched out his long leg and kicked the man at an amazing speed.

The man fell to the ground in pain, and his face was ferocious. It could be seen how painful he was.

"Get out of here!" Four cold words came out of Harry's sexy thin lips.

The man struggled to stand up, stared at Harry fiercely as if he was a gentleman, and then turned away with resentment.

"Li Harry, why are you here? " Shelly Gu said drunkenly.

Harry glared at her, "didn't I say that I wanted you to come with me? You refused me."

Embarrassed, Shelly Gu lowered her head and said like a child who had done something wrong, "I I... "

Harry gave her a hard pinch on the face and said in a tone of lesson, "it's dangerous for girls to come to a bar. Do you know?"

"I'm not coming alone." Shelly Gu retorted.

Harry's eyes narrowed dangerously and said, "what's the difference between you and a person? You even drank five glasses in a row. Do you think it's beer?"

Without saying a word, Shelly Gu knew that it was not good for her to go on talking. She had already known what kind of person Harry was. He hated others to talk back to him.

Harry's anger subsided when he saw the obedient girl.

All of a sudden, Shelly Gu threw her bag to Harry and ran towards the toilet. Oh my God, she was suffocating to death.

Looking at her running, Harry couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth, and then it expanded.

This girl was so funny. Harry thought to himself, 'she was so stupid when she was a child, and her appearance was also ordinary. Although she had a beautiful face and a charming figure when she grew up, her nature could not be concealed. She was so careless, maybe in another word, she was generous.'.

In the past few years, he had never met a girl more stupid than [顾允蜜]. Although she was stupid, she was a woman of flesh and blood. She didn't have so much hypocrisy and bad intentions.

A vibration pulled Harry back to reality. It was from Shelly Gu's bag. He took out his mobile phone and looked at the name on the screen: Jay He seemed to have seen this name somewhere. He thought for a while and found that it seemed to be the manager of the company's design department. Yes, it was him.

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