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   Chapter 7 Attending The Banquet (Part Two)

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On the contrary, Shelly Gu directly told Harry that she wanted to rent a house. She had an idea just now and began to lie, but she didn't expect that Harry really believed her.

"The company has an apartment for senior executives, but only managers can enjoy Harry said seriously.

Shelly Gu's eyes darkened. It seemed that her plan had failed.

Looking at her disappointed expression, Harry immediately said, "since you are my primary school classmate, I will help you. How about moving tomorrow night?"

Shelly Gu immediately smiled like a child, "Mr. Li, so you agree?"

Harry nodded with a smile, "I'll give you the key to the apartment tomorrow. You can go there by yourself then." In fact, he wanted to say that I would help you move, but then he thought that it seemed to be a little out of line, so he didn't

"Thank you, Mr. Li." Shelly Gu said gratefully.

"Can you get off work now?" Harry smiled.

Shelly Gu nodded happily and said, "Okay, goodbye, Mr. Li."

Looking at her happy smile, Harry felt happy and said, "let's go downstairs together."

Shelly Gu looked at him blankly. In fact, Harry was really charming. He didn't refuse others thousands of miles away, but gave people a sense of security.

"Miss Gu." Harry waved his hand in front of Shelly Gu

"What?" Shelly Gu came to herself and looked at him with embarrassment.

"How can you go home?"

"Oh, my car is in the parking lot."

"Then let's go downstairs together." Harry wanted to send her back, and he didn't know why he had such an idea. Was it just because of his primary school classmate?


Shelly Gu and Harry took the elevator to the underground parking lot together. Harry followed Shelly Gu all the way.

Harry came to her TOYOTA and Harry glanced at it.

"Miss Gu, awesome, "I bought this car after I won a prize last year."

"good" Harry praised.

"Where is your car?"

"Over there." Harry pointed at a silver grey convertible not far away.

Shelly Gu walked over curiously. It was a Marsalati

"This car has been with me for two years. I bought it with the money I earned from stock market speculation for the first time." Harry said indifferently, showing no sign of flaunting.

Looking at Harry's car, Shelly Gu felt that she was a drop in the bucket. She used to think that her TOYOTA car, Kari, was also good, but in fact, she was quite satisfied with her current life. She bought rich clothes and food at will with her ability and famous brands, but Harry's decision always surprised her.

After saying goodbye to Harry, Shelly Gu went straight home.

Harry drove his Marsalati to No. seven mansion in the suburb.

No. seven mansion was built on the hillside near the mountains and rivers. Although Nathan was engaged in arms smuggling, he was a literary youth when he was young. He loved violin very much, and music was his life. The original music was from nature, so he chose a mansion. The mansion was filled with champagne roses and hyacinth all over the mountains and rivers Harry had been to No. seven mansion more than twenty times. Although the scenery here was beautiful, he still felt that this place was full of cruelty.

The car gradually drove into mansion No. seven. As soon as Harry got off the car, Diana came over.

Diana was wearing a long dress, with a glass of wine in her hand.

"Hi." Harry greeted.

"Darren, you came so early. My father bought a

violin from a foreign private collector last month. Guess who used it."

"Is it pagenini?" Looking at the smile on her face, Harry knew that Diana's father must have got the treasure.

"Unfortunately, I guessed wrong. My father only has one violin. This time it's from Charles. I'll take you there to have a look."

[厉冥琛] went to a room on the third floor, which was full of her father's violin collection. A violin was placed in a crystal cabinet, looking very dazzling and luxurious. The cheapest violin here was worth more than thirty million.

Harry wasn't interested in playing the violin, but he knew a lot about it because of his old fox, tan.

"Miss, dinner is ready." The servant came over and said respectfully.

"Okay, I see. Harry, let's go downstairs. " Obviously, the last sentence was said to Harry

On the standard rectangular marble table, Harry and Diana sat upright.

"Axel." He walked to Harry and patted him on the shoulder.

"Hello, uncle." Harry greeted politely.

Nathan Gong walked towards the main seat, picked up the red wine on the table, put it close to his nose, and smelled it. "It's Lafite 82 years ago. It's your favorite, Aron."

Harry took a sip of wine and said, "the taste is much better than that in the market."

"Father, Harry is very busy. If you want to invite him to dinner, you have to make an appointment." Diana made fun of him.

Turning the ring on his ring finger, Nathan asked, "Harry, how's your company going?"

"With uncle's help, everything goes well. It's estimated that it will open in five months."

"There will be a munitions transaction at the dock next Monday. The cooperative partner this time is a Russian. How about Axel come here for me?" Nathan shook the wine glass in his hand, looking like a gentleman.

Harry knew that it was impossible for him to get off the ship so easily after he got on the ship. It was impossible for him to go back now. He had too many evidences of crime in his hands, so no matter what, he could only cooperate with him and treat him as his father.

"Dad." Knowing what her father was planning, Diana tried to persuade him anxiously.

"No problem." Harry agreed without hesitation. He knew that Nathan wouldn't harm him now.

"Carl, you are so straightforward. I have handed over the arms to you, and the profit will be taken as a gift from me."

This was typical of rich people. A batch of arms could make Nathan Gong derrick earn tens of millions, but Gong derrick gave them to Harry without even blinking his eyes. Of course, he knew what he was planning.

"Thank you, uncle." Harry proposed a toast to him.

"You're welcome. I've always treated you as my own son for so many years. It's my duty to do this." Nathan Gong smiled gracefully. He had to admit that the person who played the violin had a good temperament.

"Father, I want to go with Harry."

"Where are you going as a girl?"

"No, I have to go with Harry. Either you let someone else go, or you let me go with him." There was firmness in Diana's coquettish tone.

Nathan liked his daughter very much. In the past more than 20 years, as a single father, he had raised his daughter alone, so he loved her very much.

"Okay, okay. I'll ask you to go with axel, my silly girl." Nathan was never a coward.

"Dad, I know you are the best." Diana said with a sweet smile.

After dinner, Harry went to the bar in a hurry.

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