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   Chapter 6 Attending The Banquet (Part one)

Love Order From CEO: Stay With Me By Qing Cheng Characters: 6831

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After lunch, Shelly Gu sat in her office, idly browsing the website and reading design drawings. In fact, she liked design very much. Being a designer had always been her dream.

"I see. Wait for me in the parking lot. I'll be right downstairs." Harry's voice came to her ears all of a sudden, who was walking towards her with a document in his hand and a phone in another

"Miss Gu, this is the work report of this month. Please write the outline in the afternoon." Harry put down the documents and left.

Seeing his unhappy face, Shelly Gu looked at his back in confusion and then buried herself in work. Harry was so unpredictable.

In the parking lot.

Wearing a straight suit, Harry walked towards a red Bentley sports car.

A beautiful woman in a strapless dress was sitting on the driver's seat of the sports car. When she saw Harry, she took off sunglasses and smiled happily.

"Harry." Diana asked Harry to get in the car.

Harry opened the door of the passenger seat elegantly and got in the car expressionlessly.

"Harry, my father said he had something to talk with you tonight and invited you to my house for dinner." Diana went straight to the point. She had known Harry for seven years, so she knew him didn't like others to beat around the bush.

Diana's father was the biggest dealer in the city A. when Harry was in college, he was at odds with his father. In A fit of anger, he went to America to study, so he didn't enter the family business. Anyway, he didn't care about any family business. He just wanted to work hard.

Diana was optimistic, confident, beautiful, smart and knew Harry very well. The two of them were high school classmates. She had good grades and often discussed some academic problems with Harry. At the first sight of Harry, she fell in love with him. In high school, Harry had already been the prince charming in the hearts of countless girls. Very few people could not fall in love with him. It was just that she couldn't get it. The love letters of Harry's high school could be filled up every day, but she had never written any love letters to him. On the one hand, it was because of her pride that she was the apple of his eye since she was a child, and she was also a person loved by everyone. Objectively, Diana was the same as Harry, so no one knew his world and his thoughts better than her. On the other hand, Diana didn't like chasing after boys, unless she really loved them to the point that she couldn't extricate herself from

"Okay, I know. I happen to have something to tell Uncle. But my cousin has something to talk to me tonight. She will be there after nine o'clock." Harry didn't forget that he was going to the bar.

"Then I'll tell my father to have dinner in advance tonight." A sweet smile appeared on Diana's face, which was enough to make man fall in love with her.

Harry looked at phone and said expressionlessly, "I should go to work. I have a meeting later."

Diana knew what kind of person Harry was. Since he had asked her to leave, of course she had to let him go, although she really wanted to talk to him.

"See you at my home at six o'clock." Diana said with a charming smile.

Harry glanced at her and said politely, "well, I'm leaving now."

Looking at his receding figure, Diana seemed to be thinking about something. Diana was determined to marry Harry

When Harry returned to his office, he s

aw that Shelly Gu was concentrating on typing on the keyboard. A smile appeared on his face unconsciously. He didn't realize that she had really changed a lot. She used to be an innocent little girl, but now mature and charming. He didn't know why he felt so good when he saw Shelly Gu again. He felt that Shelly Gu was different from other women, who had an attraction that made him feel comfortable.

Seeing that Shelly Gu was working so hard, Harry didn't interrupt her. He walked past her and entered his office.

Harry took off his suit jacket and sat on the sofa, thinking with his eyes closed.

Diana's father was a shrewd businessman. Harry had been doing business since he was a university student. Thanks to her, Harry had made a lot of money. Knowing that she liked him, Harry kept in touch with her, but she was really not his type. It was good to be friends

When Harry was a sophomore, he met the CEO of the Hui Pu Group by chance. They talked for the whole afternoon. The CEO appreciated Harry very much, so he invited Harry to work in the Hui Pu Group after graduation. Harry agreed. Although he wanted to work hard, he had to have capital. Harry left the Hui Pu Group after half a year and started his own business. Now he had enough money and power, and his group could soon rise.

In order to make money in the past few years, Harry had racked his brains. He sold jewelry and did anything to make money. It could be said that he had done a lot of bad things. Harry, who was only twenty-four years old, had become well-known in the business world. He knew not only businessmen, but also many officials. Every step he took was so difficult. After returning home, he had gone through so many hardships. His mother had tried many times to persuade him to go home, but Harry refused. No one could change his decision, unless his father bowed to him first.

As time went by, Shelly Gu heard by accident that Harry lived in the apartment for the senior executives. Shelly Gu knew how big his family business was, but she couldn't figure out why he didn't work in the family business? Should she learn from a foreign-funded enterprise? It seemed impossible, so the only possibility was that Harry had broken up with his family, so he lived outside.

When it was half past four, all the people in the office left one after another. Seeing that Harry hadn't come out yet, Shelly Gu deliberately hesitated for a while. About ten minutes later, he came out, closed the laptop and began to sort out her bag.

"Miss Gu hasn't left yet?" Harry walked up and looked at her.

"Yes, I have something to do. I want to stay in the company for a while." Shelly Gu looked up at him sincerely.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked with concern.

Shelly Gu pretended to be fine and shook her head.

Seeing her like this, Harry knew that something must have happened. He was not a nosy person, but today he chose to get to the bottom of it. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Miss Gu, we are boss and subordinate in the company, but after work, we are classmates. If anything happens, tell me and I will try my best to help you."

Shelly Gu looked at him gratefully, and then opened her mouth slightly, "the house I rented last month will expire tomorrow, and the new house has not been found yet. Recently, I have found a lot of houses, but they are not very satisfied. It's too far from the company

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