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   Chapter 5 An Invitation From Harry

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"Don't you want to know what happened to you when you were a child? You were so stupid that you were a math idiot and failed in math in grade three and applied problems were your Achilles' heel. You always wanted to peep at my answer before, do you remember?" Harry's sharp tongue directly attacked Shelly Gu

As soon as he mentioned something, Shelly Gu wanted to get angry. Although she still remembered it, she had to pretend that she knew nothing. She really didn't know why she did so. Perhaps she had never been really confident in front of him, so she wanted to pretend that nothing existed, just an illusion. She remembered everything clearly.

"Mr. Li, just as you said, I have changed a lot. My poor grades in my childhood didn't mean that I have always been so stupid. I'm very good now. And I don't want to know those boring and childish primary school days either." Shelly Gu's words implied that Harry, you'd better give up. I won't go to the bar with you.

"So, are you rejecting me? No woman has ever refused me, and I never invite anyone else. It's always someone who comes to me voluntarily. " Harry said arrogantly.

"Mr. Li, you said it was someone else, not Shelly Gu. I won't be a woman who comes to you." Shelly Gu said with a sneer.

'This girl has become more eloquent, 'Harry thought to himself.

"If you still want to work here, you can go to the bar with me. We can take it as a gathering of primary school classmates. By the way, do you know that the gathering will be held in two months?"

The primary school classmate reunion Harry mentioned was actually a gathering of close friends and prestigious classmates. Shelly Gu knew that she would not be invited and she did not like to enter the world of the rich. Although she was also moving towards this goal, it was better for her to stay away from those powerful people.

"I don't know." Said Shelly Gu expressionlessly.

Harry had meant to mock her, because you didn't study hard when you were a child, and now you are looked down upon. When he was about to speak, his mobile phone sent a message from his private detective.

He swiped the screen and saw a photo. In the photo, Shelly Gu was wearing a sky blue dress and standing on a podium. Behind the photo, there was a text: the golden prize winner of the 2013 Milan fashion design exhibition.

It turned out that Shelly Gu was the designer of the golden Michael, which had caused a sensation all over the world last year. Harry had a cousin who studied piano since childhood. Last year, she performed at the Golden Hall of Vienna, and then went to Milan to visit the fashion design exhibition. After returning home, she had been talking to Harry about the golden Michael. But he didn't care about fashion design.

"Are you the designer of the golden Michael?" Harry looked at her in disbelief.

Shelly Gu didn't answer him, but thought about how Harry knew it. Last year, she used her English name at the fashion show in Milan, and the media also reported her English name, so few people in the country knew that she won the prize. Shelly Gu deliberately wanted to keep a low profile, but he didn't expect that it was still known by Harry.

"Yes, sir." Shelly Gu replied decisively.

"You are just a designer. Why do you work as my assistant?" Harry l

ooked at her deeply as if he could see through her.

It was over. Harry would definitely get to the bottom of the matter. The brain was running quickly, thinking about how to round up the lie. Sure enough, if you told a lie, you had to use one thousand panic to cover it up.

After thinking for about three seconds, Shelly Gu decided to play the sympathy card. She put on a sad expression and said, "I have a cousin who studies design the same as me. Her family has always liked to compare me with her since childhood. They are much more than her, and I'm tired, so I don't want to compare anything. I do love design, but I value family affection more. My cousin works harder than me, and I won a prize just because I'm lucky." Shelly Gu admired her acting skills. It was a pity that she didn't enter Hollywood.

Harry didn't say anything but stared at her. About five seconds later, Harry took out a piece of paper and the expensive pen and handed them to her.

"Sign your name in English. My cousin likes your design very much."

Shelly Gu was so surprised that she almost dislocated her chin. Was there any mistake? Harry actually asked her for an autograph.

Looking at her surprised expression, Harry joked, "I just asked you to sign, not to sell your body."

Shelly Gu smiled sheepishly, "no, I'm just a little surprised."

After saying that, Shelly Gu quickly signed her name on the paper, Anne.

"My cousin really likes you. Would you like to have a meal with me?" Harry didn't know why he said that. He was never a person who would take the initiative to invite others. But today, he had invited Shelly Gu two times. Yes, it was because his cousin liked her, but why did he invite her for the first time?

Shelly Gu nodded in agreement.

"See you tomorrow night at eight o'clock in the sky city." Harry smiled handsomely.

The staff canteen of the city was on the top floor. It was a buffet.

Shelly Gu picked up food on the plate, and Jay had already been waiting for her in his seat.

"Honey, how's your work going? Why did you have lunch so late? Did your manager make things difficult for you? " Jay asked a series of questions.

"I'm fine. Everything goes well. Thank you for your help, Jay. Our manager talked to me about a few things this noon, so it was a little late for lunch."

Hearing what Shelly Gu said, Jay was relieved.

The two of them lowered their heads, eating and talking from time to time.

"Do you have any plans tonight?" Jay looked at Shelly Gu gently and said expectantly.

A high school classmate happened to be in our department. I'm going to the bar with her tonight." Said Shelly Gu

"Can't you two girls go to the bar?"

Shelly Gu looked at him with a smile. Jay still treated her as a little girl. Now that she could protect herself, it was no problem for her to go to the bar.

Jay, I'm not a high school student now. I've graduated and worked. I won't be eaten in a bar."

"Then call me tonight and I'll pick you up home." However, Jay didn't allow Shelly Gu to refuse.

Shelly Gu pretended to be happy. In fact, she didn't like others to care about her so much. Moreover, Harry would go to the bar at night. What if the two met each other? She didn't want Harry to know her relationship with Jay "Okay, I'll call you then."

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