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   Chapter 2 Meet Again

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In the evening, a Porsche sped through the roads of A City. Shelly was sitting inside in an elegant black dress that made her look like a rich socialite. Considering that a bomb⁠—the news that she was to be engaged⁠—had just been dropped on her hours ago, she looked surprisingly calm.

The Porsche slowed to a stop in front of Sky City, which housed the most posh revolving restaurant in A City. Before entering the hotel, Shelly stared up at the restaurant that sat atop the tower with an indiscernible look on her face.

When Shelly and Coco entered the restaurant, they were immediately ushered to Room 1028, where the Luo family was already waiting for them.

As soon as Jay set his eyes on the young woman who stepped into the room, his face lit up.

"This must be Shelly. She has grown into a beautiful young woman! It's been so long since I saw her that I can't even recognize her," Jay's mother told Coco as she walked forward. She put her hands on Shelly's shoulders and flashed a satisfied smile.

"Auntie, it's nice to see you again after so long. You seem to be getting younger and younger," Shelly said. "Coco, look at her.

She is such a sweet talker," Jay's mother smiled. It was obvious from her expression that she was beyond pleased with her future daughter-in-law.

Jay took the opportunity to compliment Shelly as well. "You look really beautiful tonight." Dressed in a silver-gray suit paired with a sea-blue tie, Jay was the image of an accomplished man. He was also very handsome, with his straight nose, pink lips, and excellent features. Although the Luo family was not an aristocratic family, they were well-off, so Jay had received an excellent education in all aspects. In addition, he was a reliable and easy-going man. Needless to say, he was as popular with women as Shelly was with men. The two of them were a good match.

"Thank you, Jay. You look very handsome tonight. The suit and tie match well." Shelly had majored in fashion design, so she had good taste.

After exchanging pleasantries, the two families had dinner in an amiable atmosphere. While eating, they agreed on an engagement date for Shelly and Jay, in May the following year. Thus, Shelly unofficially became Jay's fiancee.

After finishing their meal, Jay offered to drop Shelly home. As they walked out of the private room, he held Shelly's hand just like he had when they were children. Memories of her childhood immediately flooded Shelly's mind. She remembered the old man who had lived opposite their house. The old man had made his own bread and candy, which he often gave Jay and Shelly because he liked children very much. At that time, Jay would give all his candy to Shelly to make her happy.

Since the two of them were going to be engaged now, it was natural for Jay to hold Shelly's hand. She had never been in a relationship before, so she didn't know how it was supposed to feel. However, having her hand held by Jay made her feel at ease.

When they reached the elevator, Jay pressed the button, and soon, the elevator doors opened, revealing two people inside. One was a man dressed in a wine red suit and a pair of sunglasses. Although his eyes were covered, his perfect face was striking. Shelly immediately recognized him and felt her heart skip a beat. It was her childhood crush, Harry.

Next to Harry stood a tall beauty with fair skin, a standard oval face, a pair of charming eyes, and a very straight nose, which seemed to be the result of plastic surgery. This beauty was wearing the latest autumn gauze dress from Chanel, and she was holding Harry's arm. Judging by their demeanor, the relationship between them was intimate.

Shelly and Jay walked into the elevator hand in hand. She knew that Harry wouldn't recognize her, so she walked in with a cold expression on her face. Then, she turned her head gracefully, leaving Harry with a view of her perfect back.

But as indifferent as she looked on the outside, Shelly felt her heart churning with emotion. It had been eleven long years since she had last seen the man of her dreams. Of

course, she had been reading newspapers and keeping up with updates about him on the internet, but this was the first time she had seen him in person again. However, she was no longer the little girl who had followed Harry around in the third grade. Now, she was a confident young woman who could hold her own.

Finally, the elevator stopped at the underground parking lot. Shelly's heart surged like the violent waves of the sea, but she calmly walked out with Jay, not daring to look back at Harry.

Then, Jay dropped her home, bidding her farewell after their pleasant car ride.

At eleven o'clock that night, Shelly was preparing to go to bed when she heard the sound of something being smashed in Coco's room.

She immediately rushed there and saw shards of broken glass scattered on the floor.

"Aunt Coco, what's wrong?" Coco was staring at the table and breathing heavily with a look of utter hatred in her eyes.

"Do you still remember your primary school classmate, Harry?"

Normally, the mention of Harry's name would have sent Shelly's heart soaring. But now, all of a sudden, she had a bad feeling. "I do. Why?"

"Two years ago, Jack stole my company's design drawings, but I never found out what he did with them. Well, now I finally know. It turns out that he handed the design drawings to the Li Group. The Li couple must have been the ones who orchestrated the downfall of my company." There seemed to be a fire burning in Coco's eyes. If it hadn't been for that incident, her company would have been doing fine now. Unfortunately, she had been betrayed by a man she trusted.

Shelly looked at Coco sadly. Over the years, her aunt had shouldered too much burden on her own.

She took a deep breath and said, "Aunt Ccoo, is there anything I can do?"

Coco raised her head and looked straight into Shelly's eyes. "I want you to get close to Harry, make him fall in love with you, and then slowly destroy the Li Group." Every word Coco had said kept echoing in Shelly's ears.

Haunted by Coco's unwavering voice, Shelly couldn't bring herself to close her eyes the whole night. She opened her desk drawer and took out the photo of her primary school graduation. In the photo, Harry stood beside their teacher with a cheerful smile on his face. Sometimes, she really missed being in primary school, when she had been able to see him every day.

Back then, the boys in school had used to play cards and trade animal erasers. Every time Harry played, he would win the game and get a lot of animal erasers. After class, the girls would surround him and ask him for an eraser. The truth was, they had no interest in the animal erasers; they just thought that it was an honor to get one from him.

Shelly was no exception. "Harry, can you give me one of those animal erasers?" She played with her two pigtails as she looked at Harry expectantly.

"Okay, you can choose one by yourself." Harry was always generous.

The other girls had already picked up all the beautiful animal erasers, leaving only a few ugly ones on Harry's table.

Shelly picked a small green dinosaur, because Harry had a pink one, and she wanted them to have matching erasers.

Harry had a bad temper when he was a child. When he was in a good mood, he was easy-going and willing to share everything, but when he was in a bad mood, he always took it out on Shelly. He would just focus on his homework without bothering to talk to anyone else. Sometimes, when Shelly peeked at his homework notebook, he would glare at her. "What are you looking at?" He would snap at her before firmly covering his homework notebook with his hand. He could be stingy and uptight depending on his mood. He could also be very domineering. Harry always liked to stretch his feet under Shelly's desk, leaving her no room for her own. Sometimes, when Shelly couldn't stand it anymore, she would pinch his thigh hard. Of course, Harry wouldn't let her go. He often bullied others.

That whole night, Shelly lay in bed thinking about Harry. It was four o'clock in the morning when she finally fell asleep.

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