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   Chapter 82 The High-level Male Servant Is So Considerate (Part Two)

Marry A Naughty Sweetie: Can't Stop Loving You By Gu Mumu Characters: 5631

Updated: 2020-09-25 00:02

Even she!

"Emily, I know you are allergic, and you're not used to such a party. But there's someone you have to see tonight, because she can bring you some information you want to know." Barry had always indulged Emily. If it weren't for her, Barry wouldn't have brought her here.

"Who is it? I know it?" Emily was intrigued and asked Barry.

"You will know when you get in." Barry kept her in suspense.

"Guests, please wait here for a moment. I'll go in and inform them." The waiter led them to a bead curtain.

The beads of the bead curtains, one by one, were like crystals, running from top to bottom, or crystal clear raindrops. As the wind blew, the bead curtains collided with each other, making a crisp and pleasant sound, like a melody. It attracted people's heartstrings and made people immersed in this natural and beautiful music.

The gauze lantern hung in the room and looked obscure from a distance, which added a lot of artistic conception to the room.

If it had been brilliantly lit here, the effect would have been a little worse. But now, such a hazy beauty made people like a lot.

In the innermost room of the cruise ship, a woman in a silk robe was half lying on the chair of a noble concubine, and with a sandalwood cigarette spear and rising smoke.

Her long white legs, silky red robe, white and red, were absolutely dazzling.

"Boss, they are here." The previous waiter bowed and whispered to the smoking woman.

"Oh... Really?" The woman changed her posture on the chair. Her fair long legs slipped out of her robe, and there was a gold leaf tied with a red rope on her ankle, sticking to her skin.

"Let them in." The woman said lazil

r bad?'!

Wasn't it good to be cool and forthright? After being tainted with more smoke and flame, Emily would only become more charming, making it impossible for anyone to take their eyes off her.

"Miss Emily, I invite you here today to tell you something. As for what it is, you have to exchange a considerable amount of things for it." Amanda Yun was an antique businesswoman. Her attainments in cultivation were all on antiques. As for the ways of the world, she had always been forthright and self-centered.

In fact, the reason why she wanted to help Emily this time was because someone had given her a hint. After all, if it were her, she might not have said that.

"Miss Amanda Yun, what do you want? Tell me." Emily didn't know what was going on. Based on her intuition, she was sure that it must be very important. What happened to her recently might be closely related.

"All right! I'm also a straightforward person. You can think about it yourself. If you can't figure out what I need, I'll just tell you." With a faint smile of Amanda Yun, Emily seemed to see the beauty hiding behind the surface.

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