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   Chapter 80 I Will Take Care Of You If You Are Allergic

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When Emily went to which department to have a check-up, Adam followed her closely. As soon as he moved, the doctors and nurses who knew Adam in the hospital followed him closely. The scene was so spectacular.

Emily couldn't stand it anymore and went straight into the ladies' room. Now with the help of the nurse, she had applied medicine on her body. It was cool and comfortable.

She didn't know if it was her illusion or not. She always felt that her allergic symptoms were much better than before she came to the hospital.

She had done similar tasks before, but why didn't she do it this time? Did she forget that feeling because she had been spoiled for a long time?

Emily sneered at her messy thoughts. She had never been like this before?

"Hi!" A woman doctor in a white coat came in. She was beautiful. At the first sight, she was not a doctor. At the second sight, her hands were very beautiful. Only a doctor with scalpel deserved such beautiful hands.

At the third glance, did she know this woman doctor? Emily just looked at the woman doctor quietly, without any relevant impression in her mind.

"My brother likes you very much. Otherwise, he wouldn't have run up and down for you and even alerted the doctors in the hospital." Emily didn't know her brother. But after thinking, she felt that it may be Adam.

Then she looked at the woman doctor's face. The details were really similar. Was she Adam's sister?

The woman doctor's eyes and brows were curved, as happy as the crescent moon. Especially when she spoke, two small dimples at the corners of her mouth moved.

The woman doctor's tone was very warm, but not annoying.

There was a distance of four or five steps between the woman doctor and Emily.

"Hi, what's your name? I'm Ron Mo, 24 years old. I'm a doctor here. I'm in the obstetrics and gynecology department. If you need any help, you can call me." Ron Mo took out a business card from her pocket and handed it to Emily.

"Emily." Taking over the business card, Emily just glanced at it briefly. Facing the enthusiastic Ron Mo, she didn't know how to respond, and her tone became somewhat perfunctory.

"The name is so simple, but it's easy to remember." As a member of the Mo family, Ron Mo had learned to observe people's expressions. She knew that Emily was wary of her, so she didn't say anything more. There would be ample time for her.

Ron said, "Well, my brother is waiting for you outside. Don't treat him as a monster, especially when you are allergic now. You'd better not touch water or something like that. You can totally let my brother do things."

"I will think about it." Emily nodded earnestly.

"Well, I'm going to work now. Don't stay too long in the bathroom, or my brother will break into the lady's room." Blinking her eyes, Ron Mo smiled mischievously and cutely.

Obviously, the reason why Ron Mo went to the washroom was that she was the reinforcements sent by Adam.

This man was really...

"Mr. Adam." Emily

ou!" When the girl raised her head, she was completely stunned. This man was so handsome, even more handsome than her prince charming, which made her heart beat fast. It would be wonderful if she could hook up with such a handsome man. The girl would start to fantasize with her starry eyes.

Today, she had just been fired. And because of her emotional excitement, there was a sign of miscarriage, so she came to the hospital to have a miscarriage.

After that, she felt empty in her heart. But she had broken up with her boyfriend and now she was unemployed. Why did she still keep it? She was in an extremely bad mood. When she met Emily, she cursed Emily indiscriminately.

But when she saw such a handsome man, the girl felt that what she had done was worth it. Her face turned red and she was so shy that she wanted to say something more.

"Miss, if you have nothing else to do, get up quickly!" The old men around couldn't stand it anymore. Girls nowadays were so impetuous!

"Yes! Miss, did you do this because other people's boyfriend is good-looking? What a foxtrel!" A middle-aged woman hated foxtrel the most in her life. She had encountered them in her family when she was young, so when she saw the expression on a girl's face, she cursed shamelessly.

"Honey, you are allergic now. Don't act rashly. It's my duty to take care of you. My sister said that just now."

"Look at you. You are so shy that you run around. If you meet such a blackmail, I will see if you can remember it in the future." Instead of looking down at the girl indifferently just now, Adam spoke to Emily affectionately.

As soon as Adam finished speaking, the crowd began to clamor. Emily was so shy that she was about to squeeze into a crack in the ground. Was this a turning point?

"You, you... You are shameless. You bullied me and hit me, but you didn't admit it. You are from the capital." When the girl saw that the situation was over, she cried, got up from the ground and ran away quickly.

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