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   Chapter 79 Disable Him Directly

Marry A Naughty Sweetie: Can't Stop Loving You By Gu Mumu Characters: 9802

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:02

It was the first time that Emily had seen Linda's ferocity, and she would remember it carefully. It was too shocking.

Linda stepped on the man's lower body. If she was wearing high heels, the man might be crushed.

But it was almost the same now. The man was not trampled to death, and he almost fainted because of the pain.

"It's useless to keep it. You should thank me. I let you use it again before it's useless. It's worth it." Such words were said in the dark night, making people feel creepy. With a charming smile, Linda gently smoothed her messy hair like the thatch, not caring about the dirt on it at all.

When Linda talked to the man, her voice was light and ethereal, as if she would disappear in the next moment.

"You! You are such a vicious woman. I should have killed you if I knew it earlier." The mask on the man's face had been removed. What an ordinary face it was. If it was thrown in the crowd, no one would come back to have a look.

It was s

nderstood what Linda meant.

"You just did what you thought you should do."

"Miss Linda, I have to go to the hospital. If you are in a good mood, please take care of the two children." When Emily spoke, she was straightforward.

"Don't worry. I can handle it." An ugly woman's smile and cry would be more devastating when she did it. But when an attractive woman did it, that kind of beauty was indescribable.

There were a lot of people in the hospital every day. When Emily met someone, she couldn't imagine turning around and going out.

"Emily, you come to the hospital? Are you not feeling well?" In the Peace Hospital, Adam happened to come here for an inspection tour today. He didn't expect to see Emily. Was this an unexpected harvest?

"Mr. Adam, thank you for taking care of the two children." Emily had to meet him.

"Is your mission successful?" With a mask on Emily's face, Adam couldn't see her face clearly, and the thought in his eyes deepened.

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