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   Chapter 78 Go And Rescue Linda

Marry A Naughty Sweetie: Can't Stop Loving You By Gu Mumu Characters: 10256

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The dense forest was quiet. Emily had been hiding in the high grass for more than ten hours, and the blood in her body had begun to flow. Especially in her legs, there seemed to be some bugs crawling there.

If Emily moved a little bit, all her efforts would be in vain.

Three days ago, she was still in the capital city with Celia and Kent. The shameless man, Adam, had been around her all the time. She didn't know what to do.

Only one day later, she received a task assigned by the organization. She led the team to rescue Linda, because they had found out that the last place where Linda was taken away was a tropical area.

They always knew that the disappearance of Linda had something to do with Grant. But since Grant didn't take any action, they couldn't know where Linda was hidden in the end. So they could only wait.

In this area, Emily and other people didn't dare to use equipment like wireless radio. They knew that Grant was no longer the playboy who was a spendthrift. He had his own little intelligence, especially in this aspect, which was incisive.

There were devices around them that could detect the fluctuation of wireless waves. They could only use the most primitive and safest method to make gestures.

One hundred meters away from them, there were many wooden houses, in which Grant's subordinates and Linda lived.

The people in the log cabin were very cautious and wouldn't come out easily, but they would change shift every four hours and come out of the log cabin, which was also a phenomenon that they lurked here to observe.

Their men had added colorless and odorless purgatives and knockout drops in the food when the people inside were not paying attention to them. These were made by the professional doctors of the organization in person, and it was difficult for the people outside to get such good medicine. This time, they had spent a lot of money to save Linda.

After all, Linda was one of them. Even though she was not pleasant and proud, she was not evil enough. Even though she was involved the envelope matter in the hospital after Barry got injured, they would try their best to save her before things were clear.

The people in the room had changed shift, and the people who sent food from the kitchen had also sent the food into the wooden house. After a while, Emily made a gesture and was ready to move.

They quickly came out of the grass like shadows. It was dark now. Even if there was an infrared monitor, so what? As long as the people inside were restricted in movement, they would be able to save Linda soon. This was the confidence of Mysterious Organization.

They were killers in the dark night. After entering the night, they were the masters, and it was possible for them to kill everything with their hands.

The people inside didn't have any reaction. After they entered, they knocked them out one by one. There were seven people in the room, and they were quickly killed. The number of people outside the room was two times the number of people in the room, and the patrols were

ortunately, they were not far away from the tree forest. After dispersing, she quickly hid into the tree forest. A guerrilla battle distanced the distance between the two sides, and the seesaw battle also gradually lengthened.

"Let me go." Hearing the gunshots many times, Linda came to her senses and saw at a glance that the person beside her was Emily. She didn't thank Emily or have any other emotions, as if Emily was a complete stranger to her.

With hatred in her eyes, Linda stared at the man in front of her. He had been wearing a mask all day long. After she was brought to this damned place, he had been tormenting her in different ways. At the beginning, she could still be hypocritical and aggrieved. But as time went by, that man no longer limited himself. He even let others to play with her. She was like a broken toy, being constantly bullied.

"Give me a gun. I'm going to kill him." Linda reached out her hand to Emily. She had to avenge herself.

"Are you sure?" A gun was already in Emily's hand.

She knew that Linda was like a fox. Even if she was seriously injured, as long as she didn't die, she would stand up and kill her enemy.

"Try it." Linda grabbed the gun and pointed it at Emily's temple.

"I see."

"You have become a human being, Emily."

The two didn't talk anymore and began to fight back against the man. Just now, Linda and Emily had been in a state of being hit, and Emily had been dodging everywhere.

If the two of them worked together, the firepower would be unbearable.

Even if this man had three heads and six arms, without any help at this time, he would only die, not to mention that Linda want to kill the man.

The man was able to dodge the shot of Linda, but he couldn't dodge Emily's. One shot was on his leg, and the other on his abdomen. Linda happened to hit the man's hand holding the gun.

Men were men, but what they did was worse than pigs and dogs.

"We have met before." Emily and Linda stood in front of the man. This mask left a deep impression on Emily.

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