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   Chapter 26 Cherry Goes Abroad (Part Two)

Marry A Naughty Sweetie: Can't Stop Loving You By Gu Mumu Characters: 5967

Updated: 2020-07-31 00:02

"Well, thank you, flower guardian." Elise was amused by Simon's words.

Along the way, Simon had been making fun of Elise, of course, Elise had also smiled all the way.

When they arrived at the office building of Adam, Elise went upstairs with Simon. Along the way, everyone was calling Simon 'Mr. Simon'.

According to everyone's familiarity with Simon, he should have held a lot of shares in the Mo Group.

When they arrived, Adam had just finished a meeting. He was talking about the follow-up with some managers in the office.

"We'll stop here today. You can go out now." Seeing Elise, Adam was not in the mood to work. He walked over and hugged Elise. If Simon was not here, he would kiss her.

"Aha!" Simon said, curling his lips.

"Now that you know it, get out of here as soon as possible." Without giving Simon a friendly look, Adam drove him away.

"Adam." Elise tugged at Adam's sleeve.

"It's okay. He doesn't care." Adam held Elise's hand back and asked Simon to leave.

"Okay, okay, I'm leaving now." "Give you the key." Simon took out the key from his pocket and gave it to Adam.

It was okay to drive a Maybach car occasionally. He was afraid of being reported if he drove so ostentatiously every day.

After Simon left, Adam took Elise to deal with a few more urgent emails. Then he took Elise's hand and left the company to buy clothes for the dinner party.

It was the first time that Elise had attended a dinner party with Adam. She was very nervous and worried. She didn't know that whether she went out with Adam, others would gossip about her or not.

It seemed that Adam liked Elise to wear a silver evening dress. This time, he chose a silver one, along with hair accessories and high-heeled shoes. The small items on her were silver, and there was a small black bag with silver diamonds.

Elise felt that her whole body was shining with silver, but she had to admit that Adam was really good at choosing clothes. She liked this color very much. It was neither the brightest nor the darkest.

Elise was tall enough to hold up this evening dress, and the result was satisfactory.

Elise was like a fairy at the end of the month. She was pure and lovely, which made Adam want to hide Elise and not go to the dinner party tonight.

How could a man other than him see such a beautiful Elise?

Adam's heart was filled with happiness again. This was his woman, her whole life was belong to his.

Adam's eyes were so sharp that Elise felt uncomfortable and unconsciously pulled the hem of the evening dress. When Adam looked at Elise, she felt that Adam was going to eat her up. Her skin outside the evening dress was red.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, and also the one I love most in my life." The most beautiful honeyed words were just like that. Adam came over affectionately, put his arms around Elise's waist, and whispered in her ear. The hot air he exhaled warmed Elise's earlobes. Elise lean

ed back slightly to cool herself down.

"Ha-ha, what a little fool!" Instead of bullying Elise like this, Adam took his woman to the dinner party tonight.

The party was a little far away in the suburb, so before they went there, Adam took Elise to buy something to eat in case she got hungry.

While Elise was eating, Adam went out to answer a phone call. He had been talking on the phone for a long time, Elise couldn't see his face clearly in the dark. But Elise still looked at Adam while eating.

She felt that Adam's breath seemed to become cold. She wanted to know what had happened on the phone.

When Adam came back, he wanted to say something to Elise but stopped on a second thought.

"What's wrong, Adam?" Elise finished the last bite of wonton and looked at Adam in confusion.

"Elise, I don't know if it's true or not. I don't want to hide anything from you, but after I tell you, you..." Adam couldn't continue. He didn't know how to comfort others, and now it was even more difficult to say it.

Elise was anxious. If Adam didn't tell her, she would think too much. She urged anxiously, "Tell me, what happens?"

"Cherry..." After all, she was Elise's senior.

"What's wrong with her?" What would happen if she flew abroad tonight?

"The plane is set off smoothly, and everything goes well for the next flight. But on the way, the plane crashes into a flock of birds, and then, the plane crashes and falls into the sea. They have lost contact for the time being." Finally, Adam finished his words in one breath and observed Elise who was stunned there.

"You mean?" Elise held Adam's hand tightly and asked, "Senior's plane is in danger, right? And the plane falls into the sea... But, but she comes to say goodbye to me this afternoon. How can it be possible?"

Elise couldn't believe it and kept shaking her head. She didn't believe that Cherry would be died at night, but she was good in the afternoon.

It must be a lie of Adam. Yes, it was a lie.

It was impossible for someone like Cherry to have an accident. She had to go abroad with her baby.

"Elise, calm down. Calm down." Adam held Elise in his arms. He knew that as long as he told her the truth, Elise would be sad.

After all, the relationship between Elise and Cherry had lasted for so many years. Even if the relationship between them had worsened, the friendship between them had existed since they were students.

"Adam, can I go to see her? Just one look, just one look." Elise couldn't convince herself. She could only believe it with her own eyes...

Instead of going to the party, Adam drove to the airport with Elise.

At this time, the airport was full of people, and there were cries everywhere. The police station and airport security personnel were comforting these crying people and they were busy very much.

Even the mayor had come. Such a scene once again proved that the people who survived this time were in the disadvantageous position.

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