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   Chapter 17 You Are The Mistress (Part One)

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The atmosphere in the emergency room of the hospital was very low, and the three people who followed him didn't dare to breathe.

After taking the doctor's job, Adam pulled out the thorns in Elise's arms with a distressed and remorseful look on his face. Every time he pulled out the thorns, he wished he could stab them all on the people behind him and let them have a try.

"Does it still hurt?" Adam asked gently.

"It doesn't hurt anymore." Elise shook her head, her face still pale.

There were more or less toxins on the thorns. Even if they were cleaned up, Elise's body would still be affected in a short time. Fortunately, it was not that serious.

"Hold on. We'll go home later." Adam rubbed Elise's hair and pulled out the thorns steadily and quickly.

"They..." After a long time, the two people who didn't know the truth finally understood, especially Colin. His face turned pale and his hands clenched.

"Well, I really don't believe it!" Playing with her nail polish fingers, Eve snorted with disdain.

Cherry smiled and glanced at them.

Elise saw clearly what they were doing, especially the disdainful look in their eyes, which made Elise feel even more depressed.

She and Adam just needed a marriage certificate.

She really wanted to say loudly that there was nothing between Adam and Cherry, and she was not the mistress at all...

"We'll be right back." Adam put his arm around Elise's head and kissed her on the forehead.

Elise leaned against Adam and didn't want to see other people's reaction. She just wanted to leave here as soon as possible and return to her and Adam's home.

After the last thorn was pulled out, Elise also struggled.

Colin strode to Elise, his eyes full of injury, he asked, "You are the mistress, is that true?"

The suppressed anger was about to be released in the next moment. She used to be the purest girlfriend in Colin's heart, but he didn't expect that she was like this in private.

Elise raised her head and looked at Colin coldly, as if she was looking at a stranger. The little affection in her eyes for Colin was gone.

If it weren't for Colin, she wouldn't have been pushed into the thorn bush.

"Adam, let's go home." Elise looked at Adam.

"Okay, we go home now." Adam helped Elise put on his suit jacket, carried her in his arms and walked out of the emergency room.

"Elise, you haven't made it clear, have you?" Colin followed her closely.

"Does it have anything to do with Mr. Colin?" Adam stopped and said coldly, "Mr. Colin, you'd better deal with the matter between your two women. As for Elise, I love her."

This sentence completely stopped Colin from asking. Elise disdained to talk to him. What did Adam mean by that?

With his head in his hands, Colin squatted on the ground dejectedly. Was it so difficult for him to figure it out?

A hint of displeasure flashed through Eve's mind. She walked towards Colin with her waist twisting. "Why do you ask such a question, Colin? Let's go home. Your parents have called to urge us.


"Shut up... Elise, no, no. It must be that Adam forces her. It must be..." Eve's words shattered Colin's previous beautiful dreams. He lost control and shouted, looking at Eve with hatred.

"If it weren't for you and Cherry, Elise wouldn't have left me. It's all you, all of you..." Colin was stimulated. After venting his anger, he turned around and went out. Eve followed him.

"Naive!" Cherry stroked her belly gently with a gentle expression on her face, but her eyes were cold. She walked out slowly.

Elise was frightened and had nightmares the whole night. Adam held her in his arms and comforted her softly.

In fact, Elise was not that fragile, but she couldn't help feeling scared.

And what Colin asked kept haunting her in her dream, making her unable to breathe.

"Elise, little thing, Elise... Wake up. You have a nightmare. Wake up." Adam turned on the warm yellow bedside lamp, patted on Elise's face and shook her.

Elise, who was covered in cold sweat, slowly woke up and asked in a daze, "Is it dawn? I should get up and go to work."

With her heavy body, Elise didn't get up and fell back to the soft bed heavily.

"I..." Elise said weakly.

"Drink some water to calm down. You've been having nightmares the whole night. Sleep against my chest later." Adam took good care of her and felt sorry for her.

The Mu family and the Han family must pay for this.

Half an hour later, Elise fell asleep again. After a sleepless night, Adam got up quietly, dialed Mason Li's number and gave some simple orders.

About the real estate industry of the Mu family, the luxurious villa in the Southern District, it was built with inferior materials. The news occupied the headlines of the economic page.

The primary school was run by the Han family, although it was very famous, the teachers threatened the students with valuable gifts after class. Moreover, they went to the bar to prostitute at night. These actions humiliated the teacher's title. The news also occupied the headlines of the education page.

On the same morning, the two newspapers were occupied by the Mu family and the Han family.

Elise didn't know these things yet, and Adam didn't intend to let Elise know. Or Elise would be annoyed.

"Mr. Adam, the Mu family and the Han family are looking for you outside." Mason Li held his breath and didn't dare to make a sound. He had never seen Adam so angry that he tortured two noble families at the same time.

"Drive them away." Adam said directly.

"I see." After receiving the order, Mason Li quickly went out for business.

Mason Li had learned all the methods of doing things from Adam. Although he looked gentle on the surface, he would never show mercy when he did things. It didn't matter who you were.

The Mu family and the Han family were driven out of the company, with dirty words in their mouths. But who cared about them?

As soon as they walked out of the gate of the Mo Group, the reporters surrounding them were about to poke their faces with the microphones.

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