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   Chapter 15 Shame On You

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Elise had a good time travelling on the sea. Except for the little flaw that happened on the luxury yacht that night, Elise felt that as long as she was with Adam, she would be happy and free from any trouble.

When the sun rose, they cooked in the kitchen, went fishing and played on the island.

At sunset, they went back to the cabin to cook, watch a movie and make interesting things.

Every day they spent on the sea, they didn't waste it. They lived a full and happy life. Elise didn't want to go back to the city, and then she lived a life of only the two of them on the sea. However, reality did not allow it!

Adam's company had a deal on Friday, and Elise only asked for a week's leave.

Therefore, on the last day on the yacht, they crazily explored each other's bodies. They didn't return to the port by yacht until night came.

It was a sunny day. In the morning, Adam sent Elise to work in the tourist company. Elise arrived on time.

A busy day was about to begin. Before everyone was here, Elise took out the breakfast prepared by Adam and ate it.

While Elise was eating with relish, a cloud covered her head. She raised her head with a mouthful of fried dumplings.

"Grace!" Elise's voice was a little vague, but fortunately, the person could understand her.

"It smells good. It looks delicious." Grace's nose wriggled, and the saliva in her mouth was constantly secreted.

She got up late in the morning and didn't have time to go to work, let alone buy breakfast. When she came to the company, she saw Elise eating delicious breakfast here.

Grace said that as a good colleague and sister, how could she not share with her? With this in mind, Grace shamelessly stood beside Elise.

Elise understood what Grace meant. After swallowing the dumplings in her mouth, she picked out four more dumplings and pushed the rest of the dumplings in the box to Grace. Then she took the pumpkin porridge aside and began to eat.

"Really?" Grace blinked her eyes. She wanted to eat some, but she didn't expect Elise to be so generous.

If she didn't guess wrong, the breakfast was made by Elise's mysterious boyfriend!

"I'm enough. You can eat." Elise smiled. Adam prepared a lot of breakfast for her every day. It was a shame that she couldn't eat it up by herself. She might as well share it with Grace.

"Elise, you are so happy. You have breakfast with love every day."

"I'm so envious of you." While eating the dumplings, Grace still couldn't stop her talkative mouth. She joked with Elise.

"Then you can also find a boyfriend." Elise smiled happily.

"It's not easy to find a good man." Grace sighed.

"Then just wait. What belongs to you will definitely come." Elise didn't know how to comfort her. After all, she didn't know what kind of person Grace used to be. Fortunately, she had finished her breakfast and almost everyone in the company had arrived. It was time for her to work.

"Yes! It will come." After finishing the last fried dumpling, Grace swore to herself.

"Yes." Elise nodded perfunctorily.

The busy morning was finished soon. Elise didn't ask Adam to bring lunch here this noon. She was going to find something to eat outside.

Elise looked around and found that even Grace had gone out for lunch. She also cleared up the table and went out.

The sun in April and May was scorching. Especially when Elise walked outside at noon, she couldn't help holding an umbrella.

It seemed that she was much more delicate than before!

When Elise saw a northwest cold skinned shop, a faint smell of cucumber came out of her mouth. She was so greedy that she immediately decided to finish today's lunch there.

The shop owner was very kind. Elise got a large bowl of cold skin, and there were enough ingredients. Elise wanted to eat another bowl of cold skin.

"Hey, who is this? Do I see her wrong?" Elise didn't remember the familiar voice, so she didn't raise her head to look at her.

"Hey, Elise!" Cindy Qin banged her handbag on the table. The loud noise attracted many guests' attention. As if she hadn't heard it, she looked at Elise, who was enjoying her meal.

This feeling of being ignored again and again made Cindy Qin feel very uncomfortable.

"Who's that?" Elise put down the empty bowl, wiped her mouth and looked at the woman in front of her. Judging from her figure, she had an impression, but who she was on earth?

"I haven't seen you for a few days, Elise, you don't remember who I am. I've tried to come to you from the capital." Cindy Qin said to Elise with a fake smile.

"Oh... It's you!"

"How is the sea water bath that day?" Elise remembered who she was. The woman who wronged her and then was taught a lesson by her. She didn't expect that she would come to Y City. She was haunting!

"Elise, you are such a shameless woman. How dare you say what happens that day..." Pointing at Elise's face, Cindy Qin wished she could tear it into pieces.

After getting off the yacht that day, not only the Ye family, but also the Feng family were also blamed her. As a result, her family had been squeezed into the second tier compa

ny, and fell back to the third tier. Her father, that woman, and that little bastard had been unkind to her all day long.

In a fit of anger, Cindy Qin ran out of the capital and bought a ticket to Y City. She didn't expect to meet Elise on the street.

It was all because of Elise and that man. Without their appearance, the Ye family and the Feng family wouldn't have blamed her, and she wouldn't have lost support from the son of the Ye family. Her father, that woman and the little bastard didn't dare to do something to her.

Therefore, Elise, the ugly woman, had to pay for all the consequences.

"Miss Cindy Qin, please watch your mouth. Don't say something like that in public." Elise put down her chopsticks on the table. She stood up taller than Cindy Qin in high heels, which made Cindy Qin feel stressful, especially when Elise looked cold.

"What... What are you doing?" Suddenly, Cindy Qin took a few steps back and stammered.

"I don't want to do anything. Miss Cindy Qin, please apologize to me for what you just say."

"You'd better not use such words 'shame on you' in the future." Elise stared coldly at Cindy Qin's long eyelashes, which made Cindy Qin avoid eye contact.

"No. You are shameless. You are a thief. If it weren't for you, James Mu wouldn't have gone abroad at all. It's your fault. You are so shameless. You are a thief..." Cindy Qin yelled at Elise, venting the grievance and anger in her heart for more than ten years, completely ignoring that this was a public place. She just wanted to let people know that Elise's true face was so bad.

In the face of Cindy Qin's accusation, Elise was like looking at a madman. Who was James Mu she referred to? She didn't know him at all.

Again and again, Cindy Qin pushed Elise in front of everyone. If Elise felt that her endurance was beyond that of a holy being, then she was totally wrong.

In the face of the criticism, Elise slapped directly on Cindy Qin's face.

"Enough? I can take it as you have mistaken me for someone else. But this time, you are framing me again. Do I still have to endure you? Wait for the next frame up, right?"

"Cindy Qin, I don't know who you are talking about 'James Mu'. About what happens more than ten years ago, I don't remember the capital city you mention at all. I am born in Y City and have been here since childhood. Please remember." Elise pushed away the stunned Cindy Qin and strode out of the shop.

If she stayed with that crazy Cindy Qin, she was afraid that she would go crazy instead of just giving her a slap to wake her up.

"She slaps me! She slaps me..." Cindy Qin's voice sounded very aggrieved. Covering her red face, she fell into the chair.

She didn't do anything wrong. Elise was a liar, a thief, and a shameless woman. Elise had done all these things, and she just said them out. Was it wrong?

Cindy Qin's eyes were full of resentment. She wouldn't let Elise go.

Cindy Qin wiped away the tears on her face and made a phone call. She wanted to know everything about Elise. She wanted Elise to remember everything. Why could only she remember James Mu? But Elise forgot him...

Elise had to pay for everything she had done.

"Mr. Adam, someone is investigating Miss Elise's past." Adam's assistant, Mason Li, stood in front of Adam's desk and said.

"Who is it?" Adam lowered his head to sign the documents.

"Cindy Qin, she is from Charm Company of the capital."


"Keep an eye on her and report to me at any time. Send more people to protect Miss Elise."


After Mason Li left the office, Adam put down the documents in his hands and sneered in his heart.

Was she Cindy Qin? Was she from Charm Company of the capital? She stretched out her hand too long.

Did she think this place was still the capital? Y City was his territory. He, Adam, was the owner.

"Are you tired from work today?" At dinner time, Adam was cooking in person, while Elise was helping him.

"You mean what?" Elise knew that Adam had sent bodyguards to protect her, so Adam must have known what had happened at noon as soon as possible.

"There is no need to do something like slapping the bad woman. If such a thing happens again, let the bodyguards do it." Adam put down the vegetables he had washed and pinched Elise's hand, feeling sorry for her.

Elise felt warm in her heart. This man was always caring about her even if he was no longer by her side. It was lucky for her to have this man!

"Nothing." Elise shook her head.

"I do it very quickly at that time, so the pain is mostly on Cindy Qin's face." Elise was a little embarrassed.

"Silly girl, no matter whether your hand hurts or not, remember not to do it easily in the future. I feel sorry for you."

"Okay." Elise nodded.

"As for Cindy Qin, I will get her back to the capital as soon as possible and she will never appear here again. So don't take her words seriously."

"And do you really don't know James Mu at all?" Adam rubbed Elise's hand and said jealously.

"Yes, I only know Adam. I don't know anyone else." Elise giggled. Adam was so cute when he was jealous.

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