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   Chapter 14 The Rabbit Bites People

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"Don't let them leave here. Stop them!"

"Are you all dead? Don't you hear me? Hurry up and stop them from leaving the yacht."

The playboy was completely annoyed. At the last glance, it seemed to laugh at himself and mock himself. It was saying that he was incompetent.

The playboy jumped his feet and raised his voice. In order to show his manliness and boldness, he commanded the bodyguards who came with him to stop Adam and Elise, and pulled Elise away from Adam with brute force, revealing a smile of victory.

It was normal for the playboy to steal other people's girlfriend, because he was rich and powerful. There was no need to be afraid of losing face. Or he would beat others.

"Let me go." Elise struggled hard and glared at the playboy, wishing to slap him.

"Let you go, right?" The playboy grinned and gritted his teeth, "It's not that easy. If you don't serve me well tonight, don't leave here. Do you think you will have a good end if you offend me?"

With a sinister smile, the playboy pulled Elise's hand and was about to leave.

"What do you just say? Can you say it again?" Adam took off his suit, rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt, unbuttoned the shirt on his chest, and slowly walked over.

The three bodyguards who stood in front of Adam all moved aside to stop Adam. Adam dealt with one bodyguard with one hand and threw them into the sea like chickens.

The speed of Adam's move was extremely fast, and the movement quickly affected the surrounding area. Many men and women who were immersed in the hot dance came to their senses, staring at what was happening in front of them. What on earth happened here just now?

After settling three bodyguards, Adam strode over, grabbed the playboy's neck and pushed him to the ground again.

"Repeat what you just say." Adam asked calmly, but his face darkened. A storm was about to break out.

"I... I..." Adam's serious expression showed on his face. The playboy was very scared. What on earth did he do to irritate the man in front of him?

"Adam." Elise rubbed her aching hand and walked quickly to Adam.

"Elise, what are you doing? The man is the son of the Ye family in the capital. If anything happens to him, I will see what you will do." The woman was also stunned, but she quickly reacted and pointed at Elise's nose.

"Are you the son of the Ye family in the capital?" Adam didn't know what the Ye family in the capital was capable of doing to him. It seemed that they almost forgot him because he didn't go to the capital for a long time.

Adam let go of the playboy's neck, put down his rolled up sleeves, took out a clean handkerchief to wipe his hands, threw it on the playboy's face, grabbed Elise and stood back.

Hearing what the woman said, Elise was not only worried about their safety, but also wanted to ask Adam if they had the confidence to leave here safely.

Noticing Elise's worry, Adam whispered in her ear. Elise immediately raised her eyebrows and smiled.

Now that she didn't have to be afraid, it was time to deal with the strange woman who had been making noise in front of her.

Elise's mood suddenly changed. She didn't care about others' opinions.

Although she didn't say anything all the time, it didn't mean that she was really easy to be bullied. For so many years, the only thing she hated was that Cherry asked her to surrogate the child for Adam.

"Miss, I have always wanted to ask you, pointing at other people's face and swearing. Is it because of your good family education?" With a smile, Elise relied on Adam's body and asked the woman who cared about the playboy, who was lying on the ground and couldn't get up.

"Elise, don't think that you can forget what you have done before after you leave the capital. I won't forget it. You are wrong that year." Elise still didn't remember. Her innocent expression hurt the woman's eyes again.

"So what? I meet you now. So you must apologize for what you do wrong that year, you are a thief." The woman roared at Elise with all her strength. Her beautiful makeup cracked and became ferocious because of her roar.

"Miss, do you think it's appropriate to say that at this moment? And I don't know what you are talking about. Are you sure you don't recognize the wrong person?" What happened to this woman? The woman said she didn't know her or remember her, and now she said she was a thief. Was she so easy to be bullied? Why?

"Do you need my help?" Adam didn't worry about Elise. He knew his little thing's fighting capacity well. On the contrary, he looked interested.

"No need. I'll fix it in minutes." Her ambition to fight had been ignited. Elise strode towards the woman.

"May I know your name, Miss? Why don't you tell me your real name? Are you afraid of my revenge? You are really good at slandering me like that." Elise raised her head, straightened her chest, crossed her arms, and glanced at the woman's breasts, jaw, waist, abdomen, and all kinds of places where knives could be moved a few times.

"Is a beauty who has

been through a knife qualified to satirize me here? There must be evidence for satire. Now there is no evidence. I have the right to find a lawyer to sue you."

"But now, I think we'd better use the most direct way to ask for compensation for reputation loss."

Unexpectedly, this thin woman, Elise, pushed the woman into the sea in the blink of an eye. At the same time, she kicked the playboy who had already climbed up and kicked them into the sea together, letting them be a drowning couple.

She didn't say anything, but it didn't mean that she was easy to be bullied. She just wanted to tell them that a woman like a white rabbit would bite people if she was anxious.

The woman who made Daniel feel familiar really broadened his eyes!

Now looking at her again, he had already known what was going on. He really didn't expect that.

The Ye family and that woman didn't waste their time in the sea bath tonight.

If the playboy hadn't been soaked in the sea, he would have forgotten that there were other clans in the capital, especially the Feng family.

"Go and pull the son of the Ye family up." With a glass of wine in Daniel's hand, he walked up to Elise and Adam.

"I'm really sorry. It's my fault that I don't entertain you well tonight. I'll punish myself with three glasses of wine." The waiter stood aside with a tray in the hand, on which there was an unopened bottle of liquor.

"No, it's none of Mr. Daniel's business. We'd better leave now. As for the Ye family, I'll handle it myself." Adam didn't feel sorry for him at all, and he wouldn't offend Daniel in public. After all, he knew the family behind Daniel.

"Okay, but I have to do what I say. I must drink three glasses of wine." The waiter poured the wine quickly, and Daniel drank it up without a frown.

On the other side, the playboy and the woman who had fallen into the water had been saved. They were in a coma because they had been soaked in the water for a long time.

The onlookers kept whispering to each other. They looked at Adam and Elise with scornful eyes.

"Send Mr. Adam and Miss Elise away." After drinking the wine, Daniel ordered the bodyguards beside him, and then glanced at the crowd with gentle eyes.

"Yes, Mr. Daniel."

"No, don't let them leave. She is a thief, a thief..." The woman had just been squeezed out of her stomach. When she woke up and saw Elise leaving, she shouted with a pale face and staggered to catch up with her.


"Is that enough?" Daniel gave her a slap on the deck.

"Cindy Qin, don't think you can do whatever you want as long as you have connections with the son of the Ye family. Remember what happens today." After saying that, Daniel warned the people around him again and announced that the yacht was going back.

When Adam and Elise got back to the yacht, they set up the automatic navigation system to return to the place where they had been parked. Elise sat in her room, feeling a little depressed and afraid.

What she had just done was very satisfying, but after thinking about it, she was still impulsive.

If the two people couldn't swim and no one came to save them immediately, they would die there.

When Adam went back to the room and saw Elise, he guessed the reason.

His little thing was still so considerate even if she turned into a biting rabbit.

That was why he liked her so much.

"Little thing, you don't do anything wrong. Don't be sad. I'm always in front of you." Holding Elise's cheek in his hands, Adam kissed her pink lips affectionately and tossed and turned. All the unnecessary words and depression in the heart were soothed by passion.

The moment Adam kissed Elise's lips, all Elise could think of was Adam's face and every expression on Adam's face.

She was immersed in Adam's tenderness. In this calm sea, they once again tried to get close to each other with their affectionate love.

The full moon hung in the starry sky, and a small yacht was floating on the sea. The two people in love were doing the most shameful thing in their rooms.

When the sun rose from the sea horizon on the second day in the west of the full moon, Adam was already busy cooking in the kitchen. Elise was sleeping sweetly under the quilt. Her shoulders were exposed outside the quilt, and there were traces of love on them.

"Hello." When Adam's phone rang, he was flipping through the eggs in the pan.

"Mr. Adam, I'm Daniel. I want to talk business with you. Are you free this Friday?"

"What business?"

"If you are interested, come to HY International Hotel on Friday. I will ask someone to send you an email about the business."

"Let's talk about it later." The eggs in the pan were ready. After hanging up the phone, Adam put the eggs in a beautiful shape on the plate with a beautiful smile and was about to call a lazy pig to get up for breakfast.

Adam called Elise in a special way. Without saying anything, he kissed her until she woke up.

"Hmm... Adam!" Elise gradually woke up and patted on Adam, unable to breathe.

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