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   Chapter 11 A Warm Moment

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"Happiness is to be held in one's hand. Don't miss it. It's too late to catch it again."

"Elise, I really envy you. After leaving Colin, you still have a man like Adam waiting for you."

"What about me? It's not easy for me to fall in love with Colin. He doesn't love me. In the end, even he is not mine. I only keep this baby." Cherry touched her belly gently.

In the belly, the baby would come out in eight months.

Cherry smiled bitterly and happily.

"Take care of yourself and the baby." Elise couldn't stay any longer. The negative emotion of Cherry made her uncomfortable.

"You can leave now! Don't come to see me again. I hope this is the last time." Cherry turned over and looked out of the window, letting the sunshine sprinkle on her cold body.

Elise just glanced at her again.

She hoped that Cherry could be strong for the sake of the baby in her belly.

She wanted to see Adam and talk to Adam. She also wanted a child, a child that belonged to her and Adam.

The sun was shining outside. The engagement ceremony of Eve and Colin was playing in the hall of the hospital. The man was gentle and elegant, and the woman was charming. They were a perfect match.

Perhaps, when she saw this before, she would feel heartbroken and difficult to accept.

Now, looking at the scene, she only felt that it was far away, it was like reading other people's stories.

If she met Colin again, she would ask Colin for Cherry, 'Are you happy? '

What a fool! Why should she meddle in other people's love? She just needed to seize her own happiness.

Knowing that Elise would come to the hospital for an examination today, Adam finished his work early and waited at the gate of the hospital.

Seeing Elise come out of the hospital, he opened the door a crack.

Why was Elise still standing at the gate of the hospital? Didn't she see him?

Adam couldn't help but want to send a message to ask, but he held it back.

Elise walked from the front door to this side, and Colin walked in the hospital with sunglasses from the side door.

The two of them were ten meters apart. As soon as they turned around, they could see each other. But Elise was looking at the sapphire SUV and didn't notice anything else.

However, Colin seemed to feel something when he walked into the hospital and looked at the front door.

Colin fixed his eyes on her.

It was Elise. How long had he not seen her? One month? Two months? It was so long that he had to forget the time, which happened in his previous life.

Colin stood there and watched Elise walk to a sapphire car. A handsome man walked out. He gently opened the door of the passenger seat for Elise, fastened the seat belt, and kissed her.

Then, the car drove out of Colin's sight. Colin couldn't come back to his senses for a long time and kept calling Elise's name in his mind.

Were they just strangers in the future? Would they go back to the past?

Colin walked towards Cherry's ward absentmindedly, heartbroken and unable to breathe.

It was the first time that he had tried his best to love a woman, and it was the first time that he had felt heartbroken.

"Miss Cherry, there is a man outside. Do you want him to come in?" The nanny hired by Cherry walked to the bed and asked softly.

"No, let him go." Cherry answered weakly but decisively.


"Mr. Colin, Miss Cherry is resting. She can't see you now." For some reason, the nanny chose to hide what Cherry had said.

"Then I'll come to see her in a few days. Take good care of her." Colin looked at the closed door and handed a card to the nanny.

"Mr. Colin, you'd better take it back!" It was hard for the nanny to accept the card. Just now she chose to help Colin, but it didn't mean that she had to get another money to take care of Cherry.

The client hired her was Cherry, so she could naturally get the salary.

"Please take good care of her. I'm leaving." Colin took back his card and stood outside the ward for a while.

Looking at Colin who was walking far away, the nanny shook her head. She didn't understand the love of young people.

In the ward, hearing the footsteps of leaving, Cherry bit the quilt and cried.

They were strangers in the future, and they would never see each other again.

"Adam, I see Cherry..." Elise opened her mouth.

"Oh, is she okay?" It was a common caring word.

"She doesn't look well. I think she can hold on." Elise recalled the state of Cherry and could only describe her in this way.

"Well, she is merciless. You should still be careful when you see her in the future." Knowing what Elise was going to say, Adam rubbed her bangs and nose to comfort her.

"Oh, my nose is about to collapse." Elise shook off Adam's hand.

"Will Cherry hurt me again?" Although Adam didn't tell her about the surrogacy, Elise knew that it must be Cherry who was behind it. Adam was just an accomplice.

Thinking of this, Elise glared at Adam.

"Watch your eyes!" Adam teased.

"I don't know if she will still hurt you.

I just want you to pay attention to her. That woman, Cherry, has a complicated mind. She is even more powerful than Eve."

"She is just falling to the bottom of the valley. When she recovers, you can watch! The Han family, the Mu family, and even the Mo family will be turned upside down." A hint of coldness flashed through Adam's eyes. He didn't care about the Han family and the Mu family, but if the Mo family was involved, he would not let it go.

This time, it was just a small warning.

"Oh, I'll be careful." Elise looked a little depressed.

"What a silly girl!" Adam rubbed Elise's bangs again and turned around to drive to a food street.

"Where are we going?" Elise looked out of the car curiously.

"I'll take you to eat delicious food. I don't want you to think too much."

"Really?" The saliva in Elise's mouth began to secrete.

"Don't go home if you are not full."

"I will eat too much."

All negative emotions and negative effects were gone.

The delicious food in front of them was waiting for Elise to come.

Adam, damn it! Damn it!

Elise poked Adam's waist.

"Stop it. I'm driving." Adam grabbed the troublemaker's hand and changed it to the automatic navigation.

"Adam, I've had a check-up in the hospital today, but I'm not pregnant." Elise touched her belly and said in a disappointed tone.

"We are still young. We will have a baby when it's time. Don't worry." Adam had just calmed Elise down, but she was worried about another thing again.

"But I want to get pregnant as soon as possible."

"Don't worry. We will have a baby as soon as we work harder."

All the comforts were false, and actions were true and practical.

"Of course not! I'm going to eat some delicious food." Elise pushed Adam away and ran towards the food street.

"Little thing, after a few days, I'll take you to the sea!" With his arms around Elise's waist, Adam asked in a low voice in the busy food street.

"What?" Elise didn't hear it clearly and asked.

Without saying a word, Adam took Elise's hand and started to eat.

"Gary, are you sure?"

"Of course."

"Will our son go to the food street with a girl? Do they hand in hand?"

"Yes, it's really, it's more real than pearls."

Since Gary came back, Rose Lin kept asking him about their son and that girl. He repeated his answer several times, but the saliva in his mouth disappeared. Now he urgently needed water.

"Who on earth is this girl? Can she stand our son's icy personality?" Rose Lin imagined curiously, 'Cute, spicy, confused, delicate...' All kinds of styles flashed by, but Rose Lin couldn't imagine what kind of girl could match her son. She was so worried about her son.

"She looks very lively and cheerful from a distance. She is a good match for her son, but I don't know her family background." Gary thought about it for a while and said some words and then talked about her family background quickly.

"Don't care about the family background. Cherry..." Rose Lin frowned, "I feel sick even when I call out this name now." Rose Lin looked as if she had eaten a fly.

"Alas..." Gary sighed.

"Gary, I don't ask for anything now. As long as our son likes her and she treats our son well, everything will be fine."

"The Mo family is so powerful that we don't need any support from other people. I just hope that our son can bring that girl home early to have a look." Rose Lin had thought it through and didn't force anything. She said in a calm tone.

"You are right. As long as our son likes the girl." Gary nodded in agreement, and the two people shook hands.

"Then, shall we call our son and ask him to come back for the meal?" Rose Lin was an action oriented woman.

"Isn't it too early? After all, our son hasn't broken up with that woman yet." Gary was a little worried.

"What are you talking about?" Jacob went downstairs. In fact, he had heard most of what they said.

"Father, Gary and I are talking about the relationship between Adam and a girl." Rose Lin said with a smile.

"Oh, I see! Then you can call Adam and ask him to bring her back." Jacob approved.

"Okay, I'll call him now." Rose Lin said the words and hung up the phone quickly without waiting for the person on the other end of the line to speak.

At the other end of the phone, when Adam was taking a shower in the bathroom, he heard the phone ring and asked Elise to answer it.

Elise was a little nervous when she answered the phone, because it showed that she was Adam's mother. She didn't know how to call her.

Before she could figure it out, the moment the phone was connected, she was overwhelmed by the news from the other side.

Was it an auditory hallucination? Was it an auditory hallucination?

Holding the phone in her hand, Elise looked at it again and again. It was indeed a call from Adam's mother.

The person on the other end of the phone said that she wanted Adam to bring his girlfriend home for the meal and let his family see.

'Is she Adam's girlfriend? Or someone else?'

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