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   Chapter 10 Husband And Wife

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Since she couldn't figure it out, Elise didn't want to waste her time. She asked Adam carefully and expectantly.

"Adam, do you make an agreement to marry Cherry? Is that true?" Elise grabbed Adam's sleeve and looked at Adam nervously.

With a smile, Adam nodded and said, "Yes. The engagement will be automatically settled in three years." This lovely little thing was so sweet even at this time. Adam really wanted to crush her.

"Don't you have sex with Cherry? Even a kiss..." Elise continued to ask. Every time she got an answer, she wanted to jump with joy.

"Not once."

"I've been living here since the day we got married until you show up. And you are the hostess of this house now." Holding Elise's face in Adam's hands, the two of them looked at each other directly. There was no deception, but some sincerity and confession.

"Am I the hostess of this house?" Elise murmured and repeated Adam's words.

She thought she was... But to her surprise, the plot was reversed. There was only one marriage relationship between Cherry and Adam, and nothing else.

Tears of joy rolled down Elise's cheeks.

"Silly girl, don't think too much." Adam held Elise in his arms and put her face in his chest, letting her hear his healthy and powerful heartbeat.

"After I divorce from Cherry, I will marry you and let you be the legitimate Mrs. Elise. Are you willing?" Adam was a little worried. Although he was confident, he was not conceited. His voice trembled when he whispered in Elise's ear.

Outside, Adam was the cold-blooded, ruthless and merciless CEO of the Mo Group.

In this house, he was just a man called Adam. He would be nervous and disappointed in front of a woman he wanted to have for the rest of his life.

"Can, can I?" Was she really qualified to be Adam's wife? Elise flinched.

"You can do it." Adam grabbed Elise's shoulders tightly to stop her from flinching.

"Only you can do that. Adam's wife can only be you, Elise." Adam didn't want to hear anything suspicious from Elise's mouth. So he kissed her.

This little woman was very happy just now, but now she flinched, making him fear. He really wanted to catch her up and beat her bottom.

But he was reluctant to do that, so he could only punish her in this way, letting her know that her position in his heart had already reached an unimaginable level.

However, their wedding...

'Elise, wait a period of time. I'll give you a grand wedding. One wedding will belong to us.'

"Am I dreaming?" After the kiss, Elise leaned on Adam's shoulder, feeling happy and giggling.

"Don't worry too much." How could Adam make her disappointed?

"Adam husband!" All of a sudden, Elise's head went blank and she called him in a sweet voice.

"Elise wife!" Adam replied frankly.

"Husband." Elise kept shouting.

"Wife." Adam was happy to go with her.

The two people were shouting happily and sweetly.

"Little thing, keep this document for me temporarily. No matter who asks you to take it, you say you don't know, remember?" The two leaned against each other intimately. Adam said.

"Yes, I won't even give it to you." Elise giggled.

"Well, you won't even give it to me."

"Purr, purr, purr..."

"I'm hungry." Elise rubbed her belly and felt embarrassed.

"I'll cook the pasta for you." After massaging Elise's body for a while, Adam cooked by himself.

"You..." Elise's round eyes widened.

How could Adam cook? Why didn't she know? Looking forward to it!

"Put the document away and take a shower before eating." Adam had stayed abroad before. He disliked the food there was not clean and delicious, so he learned to cook according to the cookbook and visited famous cooks.

His cooking skill was not bad.

With expectation, Elise took a quick shower and waited downstairs.

Adam was busy in the kitchen. His action of scooping noodles and his apron made Elise happy like an anthomaniac.

Who would believe that? As a CEO, Adam even cooked in person. Elise really fell into a honey jar.

"Yummy, yummy..." Elise kept praising him.

"Eat more if you like."

"Slow down. No one will take it away from you." His cooking skills were praised by Elise, which made Adam very happy. However, the way she ate was like a refugee, which made Adam worried about her. He was afraid that she would choke when she ate too fast.

"I just want to eat it as soon as possible. Don't worry about me. Eat it quickly." Elise argued, holding the plate and eating.

"Be careful." Adam shook his head helplessly.

Elise ate two large dishes of pastas, and her belly was round. She lay on the chair and groaned.

"I'm so full, so delicious, so full..." She rubbed her belly, savoring the

taste of pasta.

"Do you eat too much? Take the medicine." With a glass of water in Adam's hand, he took two pills.

"You feed me." Elise said lazily.

"Open your mouth."


"Hawthorn flavored, appetizer."

"I'll take you for a walk later. We haven't gone to the seaside yet." When Elise was full, she looked like a lazy cat. Adam helped her rub her belly.

"But it's cold." It was still winter. The wind was strong at the seaside. Elise shivered.

"Wear thick clothes. It's not far, just nearby." Adam pulled Elise.

"Okay." Elise nodded in agreement.

Life was peaceful and warm. Elise was full of energy every day. Adam was happy to see Elise like this, which always made him feel relaxed.

However, there were some things that had to be solved as soon as possible. If they were delayed too long, they would go bad.

On a date, Adam drew a circle in red, and his eyes darkened.

"I'm pregnant. The child is yours." After lying in bed for half a month, Cherry finally got the doctor's approval to get out of bed and move a little.

The baby in her belly was hard to get. In order to keep the baby, Cherry was willing to do everything.

Today was the engagement day of Eve and Colin, so Cherry had to come to stop them with her weak body.

"Abort the baby." Eve had been keeping a close watch on Cherry all the time. She didn't expect that she would only go to the bathroom and come back, then Cherry was standing next to Colin.

Colin turned his head away from Cherry. It was a mistake for him to have sex with Cherry, and this child should not stay in the world.

"Do you also think I should have an abortion?" Cherry stared at Colin unblinkingly, dragging her belly.

Cherry's stomach began to ache again. Did even the baby know that his father didn't want him? So...

No, Cherry wouldn't allow it, absolutely not.

"The doctor says that if the baby is gone, I will never have a baby again." Cherry said quietly. She wanted to see clearly Colin's reaction. Her heart was no longer painful as it was torn apart, but swollen and about to explode.

"Then you don't give birth! You don't like kids. You have been married to Adam for more than a year, but you haven't even a baby. So you come out and have sex with another man." With a sneer to Cherry, Eve stared at Cherry's belly.

There was a little bastard there. She would never let Cherry give birth to the baby.

Last time, Eve didn't know that she didn't lose this little bastard at once. This time, she would definitely get rid of the baby by herself and never have any future trouble.

Seeing a triumphant smile on Eve's face, Cherry's eyes were blind at one point one.

"Colin, you say something." She was still so gentle and her voice was not domineering.

"Cherry, you are still..." Colin didn't know what to say next, but he had to say, "You go to the hospital and have an abortion!"

It was painful for a woman not to have a baby. But this child shouldn't have come to this world and was not blessed.

"Even you..." Knowing the answer, Cherry still wanted to hear it from Colin.

Her heart hurt so much.

Her belly hurt so much.

But her eyes were dry.

Cherry just looked at Colin, as if she wanted to remember Colin forever, or as if Cherry was fighting Colin.


"Cherry, you are bleeding."

"Doctor, doctor..."

The engagement was suspended temporarily because of the appearance of Cherry, but the part that should be completed was completed smoothly.

Lying in the hospital, Cherry was immersed in her own thoughts.

"Doctor, she... What's wrong with her?" Today, Elise went to the hospital for a routine examination. She knew Cherry's ward number from Adam, so she came to have a look.

"The baby is saved this time. Next time, the baby will be completely lost and she will not have children in the future." As the attending doctor of Cherry, he shook his head and sighed. He had never seen such a capricious and stubborn pregnant woman.

"Thank you, doctor." Hearing the doctor's words, Elise felt sad. She felt sorry for Cherry, but when she thought of her own experience, she only felt sad.

"Are you here to laugh at me?" Cherry stared at Elise, with her eyes glassy.

"I'm just passing by." Cherry was no longer the friendly senior.

"You are very happy, aren't you?" Cherry asked.

"You must be very happy. A man like Adam will fall in love with a woman. He must be good to her very much."

"Elise, why are you always so lucky?"

"Look at my marriage, it's just an agreement."

"My love blooms, but it does't work. In the end, it is taken away."

"My only child, he..."

Elise's eyes flashed as she listened to Cherry quietly.

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