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   Chapter 9 The Mo Family Takes Action

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The topic was very serious. Why did it change?

Elise stole a glance at Adam. He didn't look like a Joker at all.

It was a common saying that, 'A man should not be judged by his appearance!' Adam was a lady-killer.

However, Adam was good at massage. At last, Elise was so weak that she fell asleep.

Before Elise fell asleep, she was still muttering, "Beast, lady-killer, cheat..." Some words liked these.

After Elise fell asleep, Adam fetched the spare medicine box at home and helped Elise to pick out the blood blisters and apply medicine on her feet. Every movement of him was very gentle. If Elise felt a little pain, he would blow it for Elise, and his heart would also feel pain.

After helping Elise deal with the blood bubble, Adam was ready to go to bed.

Just then, a phone call came in. In order not to wake up Elise who was asleep, Adam went to the study to answer the phone.

'Does she almost have a miscarriage?

Cherry, you are really something!

Now that you can't wait to marry Colin, then I will help you, otherwise I'm really sorry for the title of "husband".'

Adam made several phone calls and left the study.

The expression flashed by the light was like a devil from hell, which was so evil and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The sleeping woman was like a caterpillar, covered with a quilt.

When Adam left, she was still sleeping soundly on her side. When he came in, she had already approached his side.

Obviously, Elise was looking for him. Adam smiled knowingly.

'Little thing, don't worry. No matter how many obstacles there are in front of you, I will help you clean them up, so that none of those annoying things will appear in front of you.'

Adam stroked Elise's smooth face with tenderness.

This was a gift from the god and the god sent to him in person. He would definitely protect it well.

In the Mo mansion, Jacob Mo, who got up early in the morning to exercise, was holding an envelope that had been opened with a dark face.

"Good morning, Dad." Gary Mo greeted his father.

"Gary Mo, come to the study with me." Jacob Mo walked steadily ahead.

"Close the door and come here to see these."

Putting the photos on the desk, Jacob Mo sat on the cane chair with his eyes closed.

"These... These..." Gary Mo looked at the photos in horror.

"You ask Adam to come back. As for Cherry, forget it." Jacob Mo's voice became weak. He had never expected that such a thing would happen in the Mo family.

"Okay, I'll call Adam later." Gary Mo also knew how serious the situation was.

"Gary Mo, tell your wife about it. You don't have to be specific. It's up to you."

"I'm tired. I won't go downstairs for breakfast."

"Well, I'll ask Rose Lin to prepare some light food for lunch."


It seemed that Gary Mo had come to exhort his wife. The Mo family didn't need Cherry. As for the Mu family, they had to think about it carefully.

"Wow... Elise, Elise..."

"Come and have a look. It's the biggest gossip in the world! It's so powerful!"

Holding a piece of newspaper in her hand, Grace was dancing excitedly. The whole office floor could hear her shouting. All of a sudden, all people's focus was focused on Grace and Elise.

Being stared at by so many people, Elise felt a little embarrassed and pulled Grace's sleeve.

"Keep your voice down." Elise said, gritting her teeth.

"Oh, okay... But I'm too excited." Grace nodded, but her voice was still loud. "Elise, look here."

Grace, who had just been ignited, was nervous and excited.

"What?" The newspaper was wrinkled by Grace. It took Elise a while to read the content.

Entertainment gossips, headlines, and long winded photos attacked. Although the definition was only thirty or forty percent, Elise recognized the person in it at the first sight. She had a feeling that she was struck by lightning.

There were two people in the newspaper. One was Colin, and the other was her senior, Cherry. She could recognize them even if they turned into ash.

As the picture lengthened, Elise slowly discovered something that she hadn't seen before.

'Does Cherry love Colin?' This shocking discovery was like a seed in Elise's heart.

She recalled that every time she was with Colin, Cherry would go with them, so she didn't have a real date with Colin, only after Cherry got married.

What about Adam? Did he see these photos? What would he think when he saw these?

One was his wife, the other was his wife's secret lover, and at the same time the secret lover was also Elise's ex-boyfriend.

The four of them, like a hemp thread, were pulled together.

Now, Elise really wanted to know what was on Adam's mind. She still remembered what Cherry had said in the coffee shop, she loved her husband very much. But her husband was Adam. So what was the news on the newspaper?

Was it true or not? She wanted Adam to tell her in pers

on what was hidden in it?

Elise was a sensitive girl. Even if she didn't think about what she had ignored, it didn't mean that she hadn't noticed it. When she really realized it, they would become questions that kept lingering in her heart.

"Elise, watch TV. Hurry up." Grace pushed Elise, who was lost in her thought, and Grace's voice became long and shrill with excitement.

"Good afternoon, audience friends. I'm the host. Now I'm playing a news released by both the Mu Group and the Han Group."

"The engagement ceremony of the third daughter of the Mu Group, Eve, and the eldest son of the Han Group, Colin, will be held in the evening of 26 this month in the JH International Hotel."

As soon as the host finished speaking, the photos of Eve and Colin were played on TV on a large scale. Some of them were alone, some were shopping hand in hand, and all the angles were complete.

"Oh my god! Elise, look, Colin is the man on the newspaper, right?" It was no wonder that Grace had such a guess. When she compared the photos on the newspaper and TV, she found that they were surprisingly similar. Even if these photos were blurred, so what?

"I don't know." Elise said calmly.

Looking at Colin's photos, Elise felt that she didn't like and miss him so much. What she only had was the friendship between her and Colin.

On the contrary, she missed Adam so much when she heard his name.

Although she hadn't figured out what that kind of missing meant, it didn't hinder her from caring about a person.

"Aha... It's so boring. I go to gossip by myself." Seeing that Elise didn't want to talk to her, Grace had to take the newspaper and leave.

Cherry had sex with Colin. Cherry had a fight with Eve. Cherry was sent to the hospital to keep the baby. Eve and Colin's engagement was exposed.

A mocking smile appeared on Elise's face. This was the most ridiculous thing this year.

What about Cherry's 'love' for Adam?

Elise was in a good mood again! It must have some secrets!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz...

'Have you seen the newspaper and TV report?' Adam sent a message to Elise.

'Don't think too much. I'll explain to you when we get home tonight.' Adam continued.

'Little thing, why don't you reply to my message? Are you angry?' Adam asked.

'Where are you? I'm in the parking lot downstairs. You come down.' Adam kept sending the messages.

'If you don't come down now, I will go upstairs to look for you.' Adam continued.

There were five messages in a row, but Elise finally saw them. The first one was when Grace said she wanted to read the newspaper for her, and the last one was a minute ago.

God! He was down there.

Elise quickly packed up her things and ran downstairs with her bag. She didn't forget to ask for half a day's leave from the group leader.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, was this man launching a sudden attack?

However, Elise felt sweet in her heart.

"Why don't you text me back?" As soon as Elise ran to the parking lot, she was directly pulled into the car by Adam who got off the car.

"I, I don't see the messages just now. I come down as soon as I see them." Lying on Adam's stomach, Elise was out of breath. She opened her mouth wide and spoke intermittently.

"It's so ugly." Adam pinched Elise's nose and said with a little disgust.

"Do you like?" Elise asked like a puppy, taking a deep breath. Her eyes were shining.

"Yes, I love you the most." How could Adam not like Elise? Unconsciously, Elise was melted into the Adam's bone marrow and integrated with the blood.

"I like you, too. I love you the most." Elise kept kissing Adam, like a puppy. She was eager to do something to calm herself down.

"Adam, Adam... We..." Elise hurried to touch Adam.

"I'm here, I'm here..." Adam answered Elise and helped Elise.

"Adam... I like you, I like you very much..."

At this moment, no one cared whether they were in the parking lot or in the car.

They enjoyed themselves for a while, Elise leaned against Adam.

Their hearts were also tightly together at this moment.

The two of them kept silent and enjoyed the present warmth. They didn't drive back until their stomachs were growling.

There was a document in front of Elise, which was shown to her by Adam.

Elise didn't immediately reach out for it. Instead, she asked, "What's this?"

Elise thought it was about her document. She was nervous and disappointed.

"You will know everything if you look at it by yourself." Without any explanation, Adam stroked Elise's hair and left the room for Elise.

Hearing what Adam said, Elise picked up the documents one by one and opened them one by one. The more she looked back, the more shocked she was. At the same time, she was secretly happy, and the smile on her face was even bigger.

The document was not about her. It was about Cherry and Adam's marriage.

But why did they sign this agreement?

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