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   Chapter 6 Having Sex

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Too much alcohol couldn't make Colin get drunk quickly, but the more he drank, the soberer he became. The past between him and Elise was like an old movie, constantly playing in his mind.



"How can you be so cruel to me?"

"Well, Elise, you are lying to me, aren't you? It must be a lie."

"Who is that? Adam? It must be you who hires the actor. You are angry with me. You are angry that I don't tell you in advance that I will make a proposal, and you are angry with me..."

Colin was lying on the bar counter, drinking and talking to himself. His usual warm image of a man suddenly became decadent, but it attracted a group of people deeply.

"That man is mine tonight. Don't compete with me."

"Put this in and I'll give him to you."

Surrounded by a large group of beautiful women, they all wanted to have Colin tonight. After all, a good prey would not appear all the time.

"He is mine." As soon as Cherry received the notice from the detective agency, she rushed over and announced proudly like a queen, squeezing out the women surrounding Colin.

"Why do you say he is yours?" The woman, who had drugged to Colin, didn't want her man to be taken away by Cherry tonight. She stood angrily in front of Cherry with her round chest.

"That's it." Cherry held Colin's lips and kissed him in front of everyone.

Colin belonged to Cherry, and no woman could take him away from Cherry.

After the kiss, with a triumphant posture, Cherry supported Colin to walk past the woman arrogantly.

Tonight, Cherry must make Colin to be her own man.

"Damn it!" The lost woman gritted her teeth and cursed Cherry. Then she went back to look for her prey again.

"Well, if I'm not mistaken, that woman should be..." In a dark corner of the bar, the two men were drinking. Everything happened in the bar was seen by them, especially the scene of Cherry and Colin, which made their eyes more interesting.

"It seems that we have to get in touch with our good friend." The man drank it up.

In the nearest hotel, Cherry took Colin in and checked in. What would happen next seemed to be much more reasonable. As for the follow-up in the bar, she didn't know at all. Even if she knew, she didn't care.

"Where are you taking me?" Elise put the wrist grabbed by Adam and kept stepping back.

"Don't let me carry you. Follow me." Adam raised his eyebrows and said wickedly.

"I..." Elise was afraid that Adam would do that. The deeper she got in touch with him, the more she knew about this man's arrogance, presumptuous, and self-centered desire, as if he wanted to control everything.

"I'll take you to a good place, honey."

Cold winter nights were always a little bleak and cold, especially when they came to mountains at night.

Adam rolled down the car window and saw thousands of pairs of eyes twinkling in the sky.

"Look up there." Adam took out a folded blanket from the back seat, shook it off and wrapped it around the two people.

"That's... It's so beautiful." Elise had never seen such a starry sky before.

"Countless stars gather together and spread all over the night sky. If you look carefully, you will find that there are all kinds of patterns in it."

The man's low and magnetic voice rang in her ears, carefully telling the story about the starry sky. Some were aesthetic, some were sad and beautiful, some were familiar, and some were rarely known.

Elise listened carefully and sometimes she would fall into those stories, tears, laughter, heartache and happiness.

Elise seemed to have forgotten what had happened in the restaurant. She only remembered the story of the stars, and the man beside her.

The man used his own way to make her forget those unhappy things. At this late night, he planted a seed called star in her heart, waiting to sprout and grow.

Elise didn't know when she fell asleep. She rested her head on the man's shoulder and listened to his voice as thin as the wind. On the top of the mountain where the cold wind was blowing, she slept soundly with stars all over the sky. A smile of dimples appeared at the corners of her mouth.

When she fell asleep, a light kiss fell on Elise's cheek. At this moment, Adam's face was so soft that it could spill water, and he had never shown it.

He held Elise in his arms, and the two of them were wrapped in a blanket. Even if the cold wind outside poured in, he still felt warm, as if his heart, which had been empty for thirty years, was suddenly filled.

But in order not to catch a cold tomorrow, Adam closed the car roof.

Their steady breath flowed in the quiet car. The two people leaned against each other and fell asleep, embracing each other.

Would there be a meteor shower in their dreams?

The sky drew a silver light line, which slowly became wide until the light covered the whole world.

In the bright suite of the hotel, Cherry and Colin sat on one end of the bed, each holding a quilt.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry..." Colin kept apologizing with his eyes closed.

"Why should you apologize?" Cherry asked, covering the pain in her eyes.

"Colin... Open your eyes and

look at me."

"Hey, you don't dare to look at me. Even if you have sex with me, you don't dare to look at me."

"Colin... Compared with Elise, is it so easy for you to avoid me?"

Since they had woken up, they had been so far away from each other. At the beginning, Cherry persuaded herself that it was normal for a normal person to do this action.

However, one action lasted more than two hours. No matter how persuasive it was, it couldn't make Cherry continue to deceive herself.

Colin recognized her at the first sight, so he tried to escape.

Was their relationship so bad? Didn't he recognize her?

"In that case, you can pretend that nothing has happened. I'm leaving now."

Cherry took a deep breath, put on her clothes and left.

She knew that sometimes the best hunter didn't have to guard against the prey all the time. After being marked, the hunter could have a good rest first.

Cherry wouldn't give up. Colin must be hers.

Cherry was like a goddess of war, full of fighting spirit.

As soon as Cherry left, Colin fell on the bed with all his strength.

Colin's eyes were fixed on the sheet with dried blood.

He had sex with Cherry. Cherry was...

With his hands in his hair, Colin was in a mess now. He felt that everything had become out of track since he came back.

"Ah..." Colin couldn't control himself anymore. He was on the verge of breaking down.

Colin wanted to vent his inner hesitation and pain with a roar.

Outside the door, Cherry was leaning against the door. She bit her lips and looked up at the ceiling. Tears were rolling, but did not fall.

In the Mo Group, on the thirty-five floor, the meeting had been held for a whole day. The people attending the meeting were all exhausted as if they were on the battlefield.

"If there is no good proposal, the meeting will be continued tomorrow." Adam glanced at everyone present with his sharp eyes.

The development plan in the east of the city should have been planned a month ago. Today's meeting was just to give a key point. Unexpectedly, the following people's work completely overturned the expectations of Adam.

The whole plan was in a mess, so Adam made them to tell him the reason. All the people couldn't get the key point, so Adam was so angry that he directly scolded the group leader of the planning department.

Facing Adam, all the people present held their breath and listened to the training silently. They would work overtime to make the plan after the meeting.

"It's over." Adam left with heavy footsteps, and then the people walked out of the meeting room one by one like quails.

When Adam got back to his office, he texted Elise and asked her to prepare his dinner.

Since they came back from the mountain, the relationship between Adam and Elise had changed.

When Adam was about to go back, he would send a message to Elise first. When he was on a business trip and worked overtime, he also told her in advance. Elise would also inform Adam when she went out. The two of them were getting closer and closer.

"Wow, you smile so sweetly. Who are you texting?"

"Ah, am I blind? How can a person who doesn't know what a message is send a message to someone?"

"Oh my god! It must be the wrong way I go out. Let me repeat it."

A voice of fuss rang out in Adam's office without being informed.

"What are you doing here?" Adam frowned and didn't raise his head.

"What? Can't I come here?" Mark Li, who was dressed in fancy clothes, sat cross legged on Adam's desk. His feet trembled as he looked like a gangster.

"Go down." Adam seemed to want to drive Mark Li away.

"Hey, don't drive me away! I'm here to bring you something. I won't come here in usual even if you invite me." Mark Li shook the envelope in his hand and winked at Adam.

"There are good ingredients in it. Do you want to have a look?" Mark Li shouldn't have come here alone. He didn't expect that Kevin Xue had something urgent to deal with, so he had to come here alone.

Adam didn't take it. The gifts Mark Li sent him were nothing more than some gossipy photos.

Because Mark Li had a gossip magazine, he could get all kinds of gossip news as soon as possible.

"Are you sure?" Mark Li didn't believe that Adam was not curious at all.

"This is related to whether you are cuckolded or not!" Mark Li reminded Adam. He could still hear the swishing sound when he shook the envelope.

"Why don't you look at it?" Adam ignored Mark Li.

"The photos show that Cherry is with other man." Mark Li had no choice but to answer the mystery.

"Give it to me." Adam grabbed the envelope and looked at the photos one by one.

In the photos, Cherry kissed Colin passionately in the bar and took Colin away. Then she went straight to the hotel to check in. At eight or nine o'clock on the second day, she went out of the hotel. What happened the whole night was presented in the photos.

There were photos from all angles, with the sharpness of ninety-nine percent, and the photos were true.

After watching the photos, Adam put them back into the envelope.

Now, Adam finally knew Cherry's purpose.

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