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   Chapter 5 We Break Up

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Adam was not a gentleman. How could he refuse "the delicious food"?

Kissing the woman who was half-drunk and half-awake under his body, a wild evil smile appeared on Adam's cold handsome face.

Her mouth with the smell of alcohol was so tempting that Adam couldn't wait to taste it.

The two of them were like beasts fighting.

The enthusiasm that had been accumulated for a long time was burnt out of the cocoon, which completely burned the sanity of the two people. Finally, they were naked, doing the most primitive movement.

The morning sunshine fell on the man and woman entangled in the room. The woman was beautiful and lovely, the man was handsome and elegant, the woman was pressed against the man's chest, and the man was holding the woman wholeheartedly. They were so intimate that it was impossible to see that they were just familiar strangers before this.

After last night, when they signed the contract, when they met for the first time, many things had changed. Their relationship would be like what they were now, tightly intertwined, inseparable and constantly torn.

"Hmm... Hmm..." Elise's hairs were short and fluffy, she was wriggling in the man's arms and making the comfortable and painful sound.

The moment the woman made a sound, the man opened his eyes. Looking at the woman's action, the satisfied and indulgent smile at the corners of his mouth did not disappear.

Adam had to admit that this woman was tailor-made for him and he deserved to have the woman.

"Ouch, it hurts..." When the woman was about to wake up, the man closed his eyes again and slowed down his breath.

Elise opened her eyes. The room was in a mess. When she woke up, she was still in a daze. They really had sex. The pain all over her body told her that she could never go back.

Elise stood up slowly. Her crushed body made her desperate for hot water.

She didn't look back at the man sleeping there. Instead, Elise went into the bathroom and lay in the bathtub.

After Elise got up, Adam also stood up and left the room.

Since that night, they had sex again and again. In the middle of that, Cherry took Elise to the hospital for a routine examination, but there was still no reaction to her belly.

As for the connection with Colin, Elise was also trying to avoid it.

She and Colin should have broken up. She couldn't drag Colin down like this. Colin should get a better woman to love. She didn't deserve it.

What should she do to make Colin give up her?

While stirring the soup in her bowl, Elise didn't notice that the soup spilled out.

Adam sat opposite Elise and ate quietly until he couldn't help but move the bowl of soup away with displeasure in his eyes.

"What happens? You don't have the food seriously."

"I... I'm sorry. I'll eat right now." No matter how many times she had sex with this man, Elise was still afraid of him and didn't dare to face him.

Because this man was Cherry's husband, and this reality kept telling her all the time.

She was just a surrogacy woman and couldn't make excessive demands.

"Speak it out. Maybe I can help you." Adam just couldn't bear to see her frown, especially when she was thinking about someone. His heart was full of pain.

Elise wasn't sure if she could speak it out, but in the end, under the gaze of Adam, she spoke out.

After saying that, Elise felt unprecedentedly comfortable. Half of the stone in her heart was moved away.

Adam thought for a while and nodded.

Elise couldn't believe that Adam would agree to help her.

With the help of Adam, Elise made an appointment with Colin. She was afraid that if she missed the opportunity, she would be afraid and never dare to mention it again.

At eight o'clock in the evening, in the Ellie Western Restaurant, Colin had been waiting for Elise in his seat early. He kept sending messages with his mobile phone in his hand.

Colin was a little nervous tonight because he was afraid of losing something.

After receiving Colin's message, Elise and Adam were on their way here.

The bustling street was the peak time for dinner. Looking at the blurry world outside the window, Elise felt that she didn't fit in.

The decision tonight was right or wrong, and it was destined.

At eight fifteen, the car stopped in the parking lot outside Ellie Western Restaurant. Adam got off the car and held Elise's hand.

"No matter what decision you make, you have to remember that you are Adam's woman, no matter who I am." Adam put his arm around Elise's shoulder and whispered in her ear.

"You should know the relationship between you and me." Elise struggled. How could he say that? Who on earth did he think of her as?

"No matter what our relationship is now, you are my woman." Adam stopped and let Elise look into his eyes. Adam said word by word, "Okay, let's go inside."

Adam wouldn't explain the relationship between him and Cherry, at least for now.

Elise took a deep breath. She didn't w

ant to be influenced by Adam. She just ignored his words.

From beginning to end, Elise had never thought of going further. She would leave after she completed the requirements of the contract.

With this thought in mind, Elise gave herself some psychological guidance, and then she became dispensable.

For a moment, Adam sensed the change in Elise, as if a person was slowly changing. He was happy, but at the same time he sensed that something was about to change, and it was impossible to get it easily.

"Elise, I'm here." As soon as Colin saw Elise, he waved excitedly.

"Colin." Elise walked slowly towards him. Adam held Elise's waist tightly and didn't allow her to take a step backward.

"Elise, have a seat."

"Who is this?" As soon as Elise came in, Colin noticed the man who couldn't be ignored near Elise. Who was he?

"Colin, he is my boyfriend." Elise put their tightly held hands on the table.

"I don't make it clear to you before. Colin, you misunderstand me. I'm sorry. Now I have a boyfriend I love. I want you to let go of me." This was the first step as a bad woman. After saying the first sentence, Elise said the following words smoothly.

"What?" Colin asked in surprise. He thought he had misheard. Shouldn't Elise agree to his proposal today? Why did they break up? When did Elise have a boyfriend in love?

"Hello, I'm Elise's boyfriend, Adam. Elise tells me about your relationship with her before she comes here. I don't mind it, because she doesn't know what love is before she meets me. Now she knows. So you are still her senior." Adam's words were more hurtful than Elise's words, and also more protective of his own interests.

His woman deserved him to cut off those unnecessary flowers and plants, especially this one who had been with Elise for the longest time and had sprouted, and he should uproot it.

"Elise..." Hearing this, Colin felt as if a knife was piercing his heart. He looked at Elise sadly.

He didn't believe that his relationship with Elise was like a game of house. He wanted Elise to tell him the reason in person.


"Don't you even call me Colin?"

"Senior, Adam's words are what I want to say. Please don't disturb me again. I love Adam very much. If you are willing to bless me, we are still schoolmates, if..." At the same time, Colin was stung by the pain, and Elise was almost out of breath. But she held it back and hoped to get blessings.

"I hope you can understand the love between Elise and me." A kiss from Adam fell on the corner of Elise's mouth. It was soft and gentle.

Then Adam grabbed her lips and kissed her passionately.

"Hmm... Hmm..."

Elise clutched at Adam's clothes tightly. She couldn't say a word.

The scene in front of Colin deeply hurt Colin's eyes, but he couldn't move away.

Had Elise ever shown such an expression in front of him? Elise was so intoxicated and gave off a charming and spiritual aura.

Sure enough, he was the man she loved, so Elise devoted herself to him!

He shouldn't have come. If he didn't, he and Elise would still be lovers, so he still had a chance.

And now?

Colin stumbled over a chair and smirked. Then he walked out of Ellie Western Restaurant and disappeared in the darkness.

Watching Colin's receding figure, Elise couldn't help but burst into tears.

Adam said angrily, "This is the last time you cry for him. From now on, your tears will be mine, for the rest of your life!"


Adam held Elise tightly in his arms and clasped Elise's head, as if in this way, he could embed Elise into his body and make her integrated with him.

It was rare for Adam to want a woman, so he would never let her go.

With her head against his chest, Elise felt difficult to breathe. Besides, she was kissed by him just now, so she felt a little dizzy.

Couldn't she escape?

Since she couldn't escape, she would sink into it. Anyway, she had fallen into the abyss, why should she be afraid of falling into it again?

She would never have any relationship with Colin again.

But the man in front of her, who was holding her, would have a close relationship with her for a period of time. Even if she didn't want to admit, as long as there was a connection between them.

Elise gently touched her belly and clenched her fists. The pain and firmness in her heart were also buried by her.

The streets at night were more beautiful than the streets of the same color in the day.

Colin ran on the busy street and hit someone. He apologized and continued to run. He didn't know how long he had run and how far he had run. He only knew that his heart was hollowed out.

It hurt... It hurt...

Elise, Elise... If Elise left him like this, they would never have any relationship in the future.

Why? Why? Why did Elise want to break up with him? Who was that man called Adam?

Did they really love each other?

Colin stopped running and looked at the bright moon in the sky sadly.

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